We spent 4 days in Swaziland and had a fantastic time.  Our friend and guide, Bruno (which I met during my previous trip in Southern Africa 3 years before) thoroughly drove us through the whole north of the country, showed us plenty unique places, and introduced us to many of his local friends.
If you don't understand how to do this glitch I have made another video explaining how to do this a little more clearly. Upon completion of the quest "Conjuration Ritual Spell" Phinis Gestor will give you the summon Flame Thrall spell and offer to sell you other Master level Conjuration spells!
I have a couple of eBay notifications set up, so I get emailed if specific words come up in upcoming auctions.
About an hour later, he rang back, saying that he couldn't actually find the small frame around the place, but they're on the stock list, so he'd have to wait until the bloke who normally runs the warehouse (Ray) to get back in on Monday before the order could ship.
I'm a pretty regular reader of the Cycling Plus web site, which hosts some very good forums.

The next night, I get home and found that someone from the Cycling Plus forum has emailed me, saying that they had one of the Small frames sitting around in their garage, unbuilt, slight cosmetic ding in the top tube due to storage - am I interested? This means that I have to use a certain degree of guile when performing bike-related errands. So after a wee while I had a nice set of vinyl stickers cut, and instructions on their use, while Heather was still none the wiser.
Of course, the injunction not to tell Heather is a bit OTT, since this page hasn't gone live yet. The slightly denuded package from Planet X arrives, containing stem, bar tape, and headset spacers.
Oh, and if you've got a new set of wheels knocking around, there's something you've got to do.

So the end result is a nice wee red bike that is exactly sized for Heather and set up the way she likes.
I was lvl81 when I did this so if you are a lower lvl you might not have the high master robes. And then a few things came together, and one thing lead to another, and the next thing I know I'm building her up a road bike as a training aid (if you've got a nice new bike, you want to use it) for the 2005 London to Cambridge. This is where having a largish spares box comes in handy: I reckon that major components such as pedals, seatpost, saddle, and a few other odds and sods can just come directly from the spares box.

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