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Get The Money NewsletterSubscribe to the MONEY newsletter to receive exclusive MONEY tips every week. Subscribe my MONEY newsletter and get exclusive money tips from my blog network every week! Print a coupon to get a free sub at Quiznos when you purchase another sub or equal or lesser value. The building on the right, formerly government offices on what is today's Downing Street, was one of the library's early homes in the 1800s.
While a situation like this may not pose much of a problem today, it was a big deal at the start of the 19th century.
Smith’s extraordinary efforts may have resulted in this story having a happy ending, as historian Marcus Langdon tells us. Reading sessions and private gatherings were organised where the settlers could come together to engage socially and share their sources of news and entertainment. First was the establishment of a Presidency Government in Penang and, later, the renewing of the East India Company charter by the British government.
Langdon, who participated in a Seberang Perai Story lecture on the history of Penang public libraries organised by the Penang Heritage Trust and Think City back in November, notes, however, that the relative population of Europeans was still small, thus limiting the entertainment avenues of the settlement.
In the run up to the expiration of the East India Company Act 1793 (Charter Act) in 1813, speculation and uncertainty were rife, which stunted the infrastructure development of the settlement even further. Every 20 years the EIC had to apply to extend its charter, which was its right to trade to India and China as a monopoly. The charter, nevertheless, was renewed for a further 20 years, which gave the EIC administration the security of knowing that ships trading through to China would continue calling at Penang.
This gives you some idea of the collections people had and the feeling of excitement and drive to start this library,” Langdon says. He adds that a set of the best globes and accompanying maps were ordered from London and donated by settlement governor William Petrie while Robert Smith, who built St George’s Church, gave one of his paintings to the newly mooted library. Although termed a “public” library, Langdon says that the new institution was rather a s u b s c r i p t i o n library where members paid both subscription and monthly fees to use the facility. Three newspapers from Britain, The Morning Chronicle, The Times and Bell’s Weekly Messenger, were commissioned, along with one paper each from Calcutta, Madras and Bombay – the three Presidency Governments of India.
On January 1, 1817, on top of the gun carriage store of an EIC armament on the southern end of Light Street, Penang’s first library opened its doors. The library would grow to encompass dozens of libraries, both large and small, along with a 12-vehicle strong mobile library service that currently plies the dusty rural roads seeking out those who pursue knowledge. Problems included getting members to pay their fees, the complacency of members returning borrowed books (the library collection was now 3,000 volumes strong) and orders of books being lost at sea. It meant that the administration would go back to falling under the Bengal government with resident counsellors and so on. Langdon says that the initial premises of the library was given rent-free until April 1829 when Governor Robert Fullerton announced that a $28 monthly rent was to be imposed.
In one way or another, he goes on, the library did manage to limp along and survive the following decades.

At this time, Langdon says, a committee was appointed to manage the library’s affairs and the Straits Settlement government began supporting the institution with annual subsidies. Andrea Filmer is a freelance journalist who has lived in the US and Australia but, for reasons unknown to herself, finds it impossible to call anywhere but Penang home. May, 2016A City For All ClassesLiveability is more than just making it to the top of a list; it is about ensuring quality of life is available to every spectrum of society. April, 2016A Sky of Stars: Penang Shines as a Sporting StateWe have more champions than we think. March, 2016Make a Date with Nature: Tourism Turns Green with AgeWith an array of outdoor activities, ecotourism flourishes in Teluk Bahang. February, 2016TPPA – The Winners and the LosersMalaysia makes a bold move in joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).
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Today’s students face not only increasing tuition costs but huge textbook prices for books that have supplemental book sections, frequently updated editions, and textbooks that include complimentary lab notes, CDs, etc. It just doesn’t seem fair that colleges and universities see it as acceptable to gouge their student body.
In fact, if you Google “rent textbook”, you’ll find numerous sites that offer rental textbooks at a fraction of the cost of buying those new editions from the campus book store.
Online textbook rentals: A student can rent a new version of a textbook for about $50, on average—that’s half off the cover price of purchasing the same book.
Pool resources: A group of students or even a class can split the cost of renting one textbook—then everyone gets a photocopied version of the text for their own reference. Free e-textbooks: The great thing about the internet is that you can find almost anything you want for free.
Swap bookshops: Taking the idea from traditional swap meets, web book swaps connect college students with other students so that you can swap textbooks free. Books were scarce to start with, especially in a tiny British colonial settlement in the Straits of Malacca. Langdon, whose two-decade study of his family history has brought him from Melbourne to Penang, notes two occurrences that contributed to the development of everyday life for the European colonists. So, I guess one can only wonder how it would feel if you were sitting here in 1812 or 1813 and you didn’t really know whether the charter was going to be extended or what the future of the island would be. In 1816, public spirit came to the fore when Reverend Robert Sparke Hutchings proposed a charitable school for the children of poor parents from all cultural backgrounds.
During the first meeting for the library on October 8, 1816, a list was tabled containing some 900 books donated by members of the public.
In June 1830 the Presidency Government in Penang was abolished, which was probably a disaster for the library because most of its main subscribers were its employees.
It remained at the Custom House building for the next half a century, after which the books spent a short stint at the Magistrate’s Court on Lebuh Light before the library moved into the newly constructed Town Hall in 1880.
The country’s first library was relocated again, first to the Supreme Court Building on Lebuh Farquhar and then, much later, to Dewan Sri Pinang. Normally, those who fall on the wrong side in the corridors of power will find their careers cut short.
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Just like your favorite movies, music and television episodes, sites like Google Books, offer thousands of scanned copies of popular textbooks in their most recent editions. Someone had borrowed the second part of the second volume of his Encyclop?dia Britannica’s supplement and it had long been missing. Any book found in Penang had been personally carried across the sea by their owners or was a long-awaited order that had arrived off cargo ships.
From The Wade Collection, reprinted from Penang Postcards Collections: 1899-1930s by Khoo Salma Nasution and Malcolm Wade. During the Napoleonic Wars, the British admiralty needed to defend the east coast of India in a far better way than they had previously, and they established Penang as a naval base. This held back the development of a lot of institutions and buildings in Penang,” Langdon says. The civil servants were being paid relatively well but those 900 books really came from probably about 10 to a dozen people from the European population. It was a way for everybody to donate their books to a central point where all the subscribers could go, be at peace and read,” he says. Membership fell from its peak of 41 in 1823 to just 19 in 1830 as some of the library’s best patrons were retrenched from public service. With the looming demotion of the settlement to a residency subordinate to Bengal, it was of little consequence to the government to donate the use of these rooms, which would soon be depleted of staff. One of the stipulations in providing this subsidy was that a public reading room be established.
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With the frequent textbook updates, which occur on just about a yearly basis, buying used textbooks from the previous years’ students or using old editions from the campus or local library is a lost cause. The $4.00 shipping cost (on average) pays for shipping to the student’s dorm room, as well as return shipping to the provider, once the student is done with the book.
So if you’re an English or sociology major you might be in luck finding popular titles and classics, however, if you study computer science, chemistry or another niche topic, you may have to stick with rentals or used books. A missing book, therefore, especially one in a collection like Encyclop?dia Britannica, was a sore loss and warranted a newspaper advertisement, which was exactly what Smith issued in The Government Gazette (a paper that was later renamed Prince of Wales Island Gazette) on May 31. All in all, things were settling down and there was a bit more security and the idea of getting things going,” says Langdon, whose ancestor, George Porter, was the third headmaster of Penang Free School. Initial subscription fees were set at $25 Spanish Dollars per person (raised to $50 after the first year) with a monthly fee of $4. The EIC’s Court of Directors in London was mildly supportive and donated $800 while the Penang Government chipped in a further $500. This last measure appears to have saved the library from collapsing under debt, but the question of how to increase the funds remained ever present,” Langdon says. From there, the library would grow to encompass dozens of libraries, both large and small, along with a 12-vehicle strong mobile library service that currently plies the dusty rural roads seeking out those who pursue knowledge. Ask your family and friends if they’d like to give away their old phones too for a bigger bucks.
Your earnings will depend on the popularity of your course, but even low attendance will let you earn some decent money. You’ll have to fill in a detailed application form, get it approved and afterwards create a professional looking profile, suitable schedule for you and different courses you offer. But by 1822, the library was just over $1,000 in debt and membership was dropping off,” Langdon says.
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