According to the United States Census Bureau, college graduates earn far more over their working lifetimes than non-college graduates. Every bit of education you get after high school increases the chances you'll earn good pay.
Education beyond high school gives you a lot of other benefits, including meeting new people, taking part in new opportunities to explore your interests, and experiencing success. Last Updated on February 2, 2016 Alexa Mason Leave a Comment We may receive compensation from affiliate links in this article. If you’re feeling the pinch here are some ideas on how to earn more than $30,000 per year even if you don’t have a college degree.
Before we get into specific ideas let’s take a look at the hourly wages you’d need to earn more. Now that you have an idea of the hourly wage you need to reach your desired salary let’s take a look at some different career options. Aside from needing to get a license to sell most insurances none of these jobs require any type of college education.
Freelancing is also a great option if you have a degree but haven’t been able to line up a job yet. If you’re not above doing manual labor, trades jobs will always be a decent earning option. You may be able to increase your earning potential substantially by forming your own business around one of these rather than working as an employee. According to Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce (CEW), a college degree can really pay off. Over a 40-year career span, those who didn’t earn a high school diploma or GED are expected to bring in less than $1 million, which translates into slightly more than $24,000 a year ($11.70 per hour). High school graduates earn 33% more over a lifetime, with average annual earnings of $32,600 ($15.67 per hour). What if you go to college for a semester or two, or just take a few college-level classes, will that make a difference for your income? In another report called Hard Times, the Georgetown CEW takes a look at education, income, and unemployment.
But it also gives one very important caveat: Some majors offer substantially better pay and employment prospects than others. In fact, it noted that the difference in earnings from one major to another is as high as 300%. This is a reality that many college students often don’t discover until after they graduate, when it comes time to look for that first job.
Perhaps that’s one reason why 50% of recent college graduates are unemployed or under-employed (according to Yahoo Personal Finance). The key is to find a degree program or career field you’re passionate about, that aligns well with your gifts and talents, and that has real marketplace value. Looking at the chart above, how well does your current pay match up with the median income for a person with your level of education? In accordance with FTC guidelines, we state that we have a financial relationship with some of the companies mentioned in this website.

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Berevan Omer graduated on a Friday in February with an associate's degree from Nashville State Community College and started work the following Monday as a computer-networking engineer at a local television station, making about $50,000 a year. I have had many inquiries from students studying Geology, or those considering studying Geology, wanting to know whether it is worth their while doing a Masters, once they have completed their Bachelors in Geology. From what I can see, a Masters in Geology degree is required for major professional entry level positions, however having a Bachelors in Geology degree should be enough for certain entry level positions.
Salaries can also be dependent on this, and for graduates starting out they can find that the better qualified they are, the more they can expect to earn. So do Geologists who have completed a Master, earn much more than those with just a Bachelors? According to the data from our salary survey, Canadian Geologists with 5 or less years’ experience, who have studied a Master’s Degree, are earning slightly more than those with just a Bachelors. From what I can see, the main difference between Geologists who have completed a Masters and those with just a Bachelor’s degree, is not going to be so much around what they will be earning, but rather around suitability for job openings. Hi Tushar, it is a great field to go into, and there is certainly a decent living to be made. There has recently been an increase in programs leading to these degrees in the United States; more than twice as many of such degrees are now awarded as compared to the 1970s.
There just aren’t enough mining professionals with 10 to 15 years of mining experience to take-over from baby boomers in management positions that are expected to retire in the next five years!
EduMine provides a solution by offering online training that supports accelerated growth and development of professionals along clearly defined career progression paths. The early part of each year always starts busily for Globe 24-7 with a range of networking events and major mining conferences which their leadership team eagerly plan and prepare for. This year Polyglot Group proudly marks 20 years of providing solutions in Recruitment, Human Resources & Payroll Outsourcing, Language Solutions and Business Services since its foundation in 1995. Tweet Share Pin Share Reddit +1 EmailIf you’ve been feeling like you can’t get ahead due to not earning enough money, turns out you’re not alone. These statistics are based on the number of Americans who actually worked in 2014 and whose income was subject to Federal income taxes. While hourly wages aren’t always relevant I find it extremely helpful to know the numbers so that I never bid my work too low. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’re going to get a sales job and be earning multiple six figures right off the bat, but it does mean that if you put in the work the opportunity is there. If you can build a name and reputation for yourself you can demand a premium price no matter what type of service you offer.
In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics many of the trades jobs will grow in demand at a faster than average pace.
A 2011 report issued by the CEW, aptly titled The College Payoff, shows that over that over a lifetime, individuals with a Bachelor’s degree make 74% more than those with only a high school diploma.
That’s a $9,000 a year gap between those who graduate from high school and those who don’t!

Even going to college without ever earning a degree, median annual earnings will rise to $38,700 ($18.69 per hour). That’s 31% more than workers with an Associate’s degree and, as stated earlier, 74% more than those with just a high school diploma.
It affirms the previous report that showed those with college degrees will earn more over their lifetimes than those who don’t.
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Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. However as is the norm across all industries, generally the best jobs will go to the best qualified applicants.
Salaries also vary tremendously from region to region so your salary will be affected by where you are working. She has over 20 years’ experience in the recruitment industry, having worked for major companies in South Africa where she also ran her own successful recruitment business for many years. Ben is a seasoned recruitment expert with over 15 years broad range recruitment experience.
Stafford, a valued client of CareerMine have renewed their partnership with CareerMine for staffing solutions in the mining industry. And if you’re in the market for a new job that does pay hourly, hopefully these numbers can help guide you. But get an Associate’s degree and your annual income will bump up to $43,200 a year ($20.77 per hour). Salaries are also dependent on the company you work for, with some companies paying significantly more than others. The difference was slightly higher in those on the 75%ile, than on the lower end of the scale. People get to see different parts of the world and have a life close to nature- truly amazing.
There are also other factors that need to be taken into consideration, such as your negotiation skills. I have seen some really highly qualified professionals over the years who are earning very low salaries, simply because they have not opted to ask for more.
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