There are many easy ways to make money from home online that anybody with no technical experience or skill can do. Website owners or marketers want to make sure that their websites work properly, are accessible on various devices and are easy to use. Generally all website testing job companies require you to fill out a simple form providing basic demographic information and complete a short sample test. Website testers will follow clients’ task instructions and answer any question the clients ask. Nowadays,many brands,companies promote and launched their product through review websites.The companies pay for reviewing their product and review websites pay to Freelancer writers who writing reviews on their website about product,after reading reviews customer decide to purchase those product. 2.Vindale :Vindale is a website which pay money from reviewing product and survey,Get paid for sharing your opinion to improve products, services, and the world!
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Sponsoredreviews is good but i think they charge like 50 % from you, so you will be making very less if you use it. This blog uses premium CommentLuv which allows you to put your keywords with your name if you have had 3 approved comments. This will help the developers to understand the user’s perspective better and also helps to fine tune technical details by the insight they get from software experts. You can become a software tester by starting as an ordinary software tester and then specialize in a certain field to get highly paid projects. In functional tests your task will be to make sure the software works as the developers want it to work. When you press “Save” and the software doesn’t save the user will have a very frustrating experience. If you want to save your progress in the software, but you can’t find the save button, the developer should consider putting the button in another position. In such cases, the developers should have paid for load and performance testing before releasing their software. The testers will try to make the software crash by increasing factors related to loading time and performance. The final report will help developers to fix issues that reduce the performance of the software. If a software costing hundreds of dollar gets cracked and is spread all over the internet available as a free download, the business could experience massive losses. You can start right now and you’ll get your first software testing project in the next weeks. Choose your language skills under “Language” and set them to the level you are in the language. Don’t forget to tick your foreign language skills even if you are just on a beginner’s level!
Pick, for example, your Desktop computer with Windows 8 64-Bit, your Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone, your PlayStation 3 and so on, until you added all hardware and the software that runs on it.
If you are having Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Firefox you’ll be a possible candidate for nearly every website test a company could run. I don’t want to leave you completely in the dark, so I’m now outlining the general testing process. The subject line will be “You’ve been invited to a paid testing project for [company name]“. When you get such an email and have the time available, click on the link in the email that says “Review this test cycle”. You have to log in your uTest account and you’ll be shown what exactly your task would be if you would accept this job. Read what the scope of the test includes, this means which areas of the software you should test and which not. If you want to participate in this test, you have to press “Accept” quickly because the number of testers on each project is limited. The requirements will usually state if your task is about finding bugs, submitting a test case or both.
Before you can file a bug report, you’d first have to check if another tester was quicker and already reported this bug.

If no one else reported this bug yet, you’d state in your report where you found the bug, how this bug can be reproduced (“1. When participating in a test cycle requiring you to do a test case, your task would be, for example, to sign up for my newsletter, open your email account and verify your email address. You would then have to tell me if there was an issue, like that you didn’t receive the email asking for verification. Often, companies want software testers to file several test cases, so in the example above, I could want you to do a test case with using a Yahoo email address and another one with an Outlook email address. I remember doing a test case for a company that wanted to test if their software interferes with different antivirus software. There are six different levels, in ascending order: Rated, Proven, Bronze, Silver and Gold.
Each rating is always for one field only, so you could be Gold level in functional testing but only Bronze in usability testing.
To increase your tester level, you have to work frequently and submit as many “expectionally” or “very valuable” bugs as you can. Also, you need to reduce mistakes by reading the requirements and filing bug reports the way the customer wants them. Whenever you need help or want to exchange with other software testers, you should visit the uTest forums. After I wrote all the positive stuff about uTest, I also have write about the negative aspects.
I contacted the uTest employee responsible for this test cycle who said there was nothing he could do. I want to make you aware that as awesome software testing is most of the time, you are always dependent on the customer. However, this was just one experience out of many test cycles, so this does not happen often but can actually happen. I love software testing, as I feel it’s a straight-forward, serious and well-paid way to earn money online. I passed Sandbox test(got my test case and 2 bugs I had to found approved) around 1 week ago. Do I need to do something more before I can start receving some jobs or just have to wait now? I’m very lucky because there are a lot of projects for the German market but not many German software testers. That being said, the more experience you’ll gather the more projects uTest will offer you anyways.
Usability testing jobs like website testing jobs are an easy way to earn some extra cash on the side. You will need a PC, either desktop or laptop, or a Mac, sometimes a webcam (most laptops have in-built webcam), microphone and high speed Internet connection.
If the sample test is approved, the companies will notify you about website testing jobs via email.
The tests are awarded to those who accept the invitations first, so it is a good idea to accept the invitations that you are interested in before others grab them. If you provide honest feedback on each test you have taken, the clients are likely to give you the highest start rating for each test.
They test various different features of website, such as ease of use, clarity, design, page download time, whether navigation is easy, whether links on the given site work and other useful features based on the client’s instructions. If you are looking for some extra spending cash, you can make it by completing website testing jobs. I will take a look into User Testing to see how it works and how long does it take to earn the first $10. Kraut Before you get to see a desktop software, mobile app or web application developed by a big company you can be sure that it has been tested before the release. The reason is that software not working correctly will have a big impact, either external through unhappy customers or internal because of employees that cannot work with the software.
On a website, when you navigate to “About Us” you surely don’t want to be redirect to the homepage.
A software aimed at a non-technical audience should not provide descriptions with dozens of technical terms. The company website gets hacked, user data gets stolen and this occurrence is on the news, worldwide. When they are successful, they tell the company how they did it, so the company can close the loophole before a bad guy finds it. Some features of the software may only be available in specific countries while the software is being sold internationally.

For the following guidance I’ll assume that you have no previous knowledge of software testing.
Security and load testing require special skills, so as a beginner you should tick functional, usability and localization only. If you get a job like this, you’ll have to write a small report (with guidance), whereas everything else requires special experience.
It’s very easy to quickly install an additional browser, however, this will make you the right candidate for way more tests! This has nothing to do with playing in sand, rather this is an example testing project very similar to a real software test. You have to read exactly what they want you to do and follow their instructions, then nothing can go wrong.
This is related to NDAs software testers often have to sign (means I’m not allowed to share any information about the companies running tests or I have to pay a huge fine). They will also determine how critical this bug is, as critical bugs usually will have a higher payout for the tester.
My task was to download and install the software while having an antivirus program like Avira Antivir running. The reason is that you’ll even get paid if everything works correctly, whereas you have to find a bug to get paid in the bug finding test cycles. Also, if you know you are not available for testing, decline the test so others can jump in. You might want to specialize in a certain field, write better reports or just learn more about the uTest community.
The interface of the browser had already been translated to German and our task was to make sure that the translation was accurate.
If they are idiots or want to abuse the system, you’ll might not get the payment you deserve.
Wow, I would have been able to do my first test soon after registering, but because I had holiday plans I didn’t accept it. How long it takes depends on the demand for testers with your profile (devices, testing expertise and location). You test websites and give feedback on your user experience to the website owners or clients. Many website testing companies offering website testing jobs provide step by step instructions on how to test a website via example videos. Website owners or clients usually target their audience or testers based on specific locations or demographics, so if your profile meets with their requirements you will get notified when any job is posted.
If your rating is higher, you will get more invitations for performing website testing jobs. Colors can also reduce usability, a blue font on a blue background will make text nearly unreadable.
These are the tests you can do without special experience and I recommend every beginner to start with them.
I’m native in German, so I’ll obviously tick that (although it took me ages to understand German comma rules ?? ).
When I was back from holiday I did receive a new request where I had to test a website in my own language. The clients want to make sure whether their sites are user-friendly, are accessible on various devices, and have any other good or bad feature.
That is why they hire website testers to test their websites in order to get honest feedback on the user experience. You can test websites on iPads, iPhones and Android phones and tablets too, depending on what the clients want.
However, the customer might have special requirements for the bug reports you should know by now. This article will provide you with a step to step guide to making money with website testing jobs.
I give my commands in a detailed step-by-step way and don't write about money making methods that aren't working.
If your demographic information matches more with what clients are looking for, you will get more opportunities. Additionally, I write reviews and provide internet marketing content that could be useful for the mission of conquering the internet.

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