Why I value this day so much is that it helps our children understand how we earn money to give them all of those luxuries.
Taking your child to work is a start and helps them begin to understand the path that it takes to accomplish their goals. Our articles, blogs, vlogs, events, films and series cover areas such as parenting, fashion, style, travel, entertainment, kids, health, wealth and more. Most of all it plants a seed into your child now to begin thinking about how they can be successful at working. Your child can be inspired by your own workplace to think about what they can do to join the workforce. Today Olive Garden is offering a FREE kids meal with the purchase of one adult entree in celebration of Take Your Child To Work Day.
I definitely want to inspire my daughter to think about what she wants to do when she grows up.

Whether you work behind a desk, stock shelves, clean homes, cut grass all of it can be a inspiration for your child. But more so, I want to inspire her to think and believe that she doesn’t have to wait until she grows up to begin to earn money doing something she enjoys.
These may be the seeds for your child to start their own landscaping business, housekeeping company, store and more. Starting now small things like having a lemonade stand, garage sale, delivering papers, heck even starting a Youtube page can let kids see the benefit and even the fun that can be had working.
She has been there and survived that from near death, losing 100 pounds and Motherhood not necessarily in that order.

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