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Not just that, but new items can get the installing enthusiasm that the older items may begin missing. Here I am going to share with you about some Video Blogging websites, since videos are getting viral nowadays. There are many categories available in YouTube.  You can upload in any category of your own interest.
Some people use YouTube to share their funny videos, technical videos, tutorials and how to videos.
This also includes events happening that would help to the traveler to take decision about whether they can visit or not that particular spot. If we compare this way of money earning to online data entry jobs and online babysitters club then this will not useful here, because this way is ahead from that. Millions of visitors come here to discover professional documents of the users who submitted them.
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The main feature of Vimeo is high standard and best quality videos, because they are dealing with high definition videos since 2007. Metacafe is a unique video site, where you won’t get any old videos, they are in good quality and it has very interesting videos to watch and enjoy. The service is only provided to individual or corporate organization for uploading and hosting their Docs. In this post I am discussing about making money by sharing your files First, choose the file which you want to upload. If your files are photos and videos, they will show the preview of your files and if anyone clicks to enlarge your photos or watch the videos, you will get one download count.
Obviously, as well all know, business needs physical products, various machineries which will help a businessman to operate his business.
Also it is not an easy thing to make money through video websites as there are many rules and regulations to be taken in to consideration.
After uploading your videos, the Metacafe volunteers take a first look and they ranked the videos.
Strictly you should follow their rules and regulations, other than that you must have PayPal account to get their payment.
My advice-Choose, the files, photos and videos which the visitors feels like downloading as you are going to be paid according to the downloads.
But don’t afraid too much about it, because they will clearly show you about “how to upload” and what are all the basic rules, about the copyrights and file compatibility. And this is one of the biggest video based website with more than 100 million unique visitors for a month.
According to the rank, the videos will expose to the community, thus the best and original videos get rewarded. If your videos or clips end up on one of their feature page, then you can earn smaller amount.
You should write the posts in your blogs so that people get entered into your blog and read the posts.
The users who want to download the files from hotfile have the options of free and premium account. There are various free file hosting sites but remember all of those sites doesn’t help you to make money. If you get more downloads, your account will be upgraded and you will get more money per download. What you are going to blog about?  Some blogs may be about technologies, celebrities, about the weight loss tips, categories of foods etc. There are tons of plugins so that you can customize your blog pretty much anyway you want. I have listed some of the popular file hosting services by which you can get paid as per downloads. Google Adsense is probably the most well known method, you can join the program for free and display the ads in your blog. Do choose the topic in which you are passionate so that you can share your ideas in much more dashing way. Besides, adsense there are also various such as: AdBrite, Bidvertiser, Infolinks, Clicksor etc. Now, when you upload the files they will give you the links, that will be redirected to the download pages.
File factory also have the various reward schemes, you can see all these in the respective site. Now, when you create the blog about the particular topic you are going to write the posts about the topic several times a week.
Uploading pays more than ziddu but it will only pay you when the download is from their listed country.Like others you can earn when you have a certain number of downloads.
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