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The new Medscape Physician Compensation Report identified internal medicine, family medicine, and pediatrics as the lowest earners in medicine (each with an average of less than $165,000 per year). Now that I am in the first year of residency I am beginning to think about landing that first real job.
In light of the new Medscape Physician Compensation Report 2012 that was just released, I thought it was time to compile all the data on physician salaries into one place.
In my opinion, the Medscape average physician salary report is the most reliable data on the internet.
Careers in Medicine (CiM) is a great resource for medical students and medical residents (link to my previous article about Careers in medicine). The Cejka Search Group is a great resource for salary information but also for job openings and employment information.
I recently wrote about how students can compare individual residency programs using FREIDA's various different variables. There are many resources online that report average physician salaries, and many of them offer very different results.

It represents more than 20,000 physician surveys answered by doctors in every specialty in every part of the country. However, you should know that it has not been updated since 2006, so the information is likely a bit off now but the trends are still the same. I speak about their great physician salary database in my Ultimate Guide to Physician Salaries. I recently wrote an article detailing the pros and the cons many of these online physician salary and compensation databases. See my article about the 2012 Medscape report to learn about all the great information they report in their results. They freely publish their salary information in order to advertise the many physician job openings they have available. Very few allied health professionals work the average hours per week worked by primary care physicians in the US (60 hours is a very conservative estimate for our PCPs). However, their database also contains a list of the 20 most recruited specialties in medicine. This means the dollars per hour is vastly different between some allied health practitioners and our primary care doctors.

In this article I will present the physician salary by specialty data from all the reliable and relevant online physician salary databases. Comparing insurance quotes, applying for a free credit card or signing up for free trials, for instance, all earn cashback even though it doesn’t involve spending money. The data about private practice salaries comes from the MGMA Physician Compensation Survey. This is in a stark contrast to the ophthalmology job market that I will face, where starting salaries are low and it is terribly difficult to get your foot in the door. You risk losing all your earnings if you forget to cancel subscriptions once the free trial period ends. This is because banks may assume that you are not a responsible borrower if you keep applying for credit.
But you need to earn A?25 before you can earn a payout, and you might have to wait to be invited to fill out surveys.

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