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My fellow Clashers, Bringing you a list of my personal Top 10 Clash of Clans T Shirts that I like.
When you get paid in coins every eight minutes you go a little crazy.'Christian can name all 500 Dickens characters, the populations of African cities and the number of sets in every Wimbledon final.
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The most striking is on answers with a numerical value - 80% of the time it's the middle one of the three given.
Similarly on dates it's almost always the earliest.There are many different games on machines these days - try and play one which gives you a numerical target to reach for the cash game.

You can then gauge from the target if the machine is being nice or nasty.Always play the same game - different games have different question sets. If you answer the questions and the machine wants to pay, it will.Aim to win small and often - it is MUCH easier to win four fivers than a A?20 jackpot.

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