Our Budget Plan workbook will also help you negotiate and secure investment financing from banks, investors & corporate partnerships - we scored 100% success for our clients using this approach. Ready to use templates help you forecast SKU volumes, tonnages, prices, semi variable cost ratios and fixed costs burdens.
I want to download a friendly Microsoft Excel file where I can keep a running total of my company money balances without having to go online to look at our bank statement. I need to differentiate money transactions into categories and keep running monthly totals of all my receivable and payable accounts separated and totaled within each category.

Alternatively you can enter receivable and payable items with forecast settlement dates and maintain a forecast cash book.
I want to maintain escrow accounts so that I can “park” money earmarked for future expenses, taxes, insurances etc. Create monthly budgets for each expenditure and credit category to see how we are managing compared to monthly budgets. Maintain detailed records in Excel so that I can look back to previous months and years and create budgets based on historical actual.

Investigate the option of registering as an affiliate to link people to our software, including Home Cash Books and Business Cash Books, My Loans Manager (cloud), Web Visitor Identity (cloud) and All Programs Excel Financial with an eCPM of $1,000 (Google Adsense eCPM $10-20).
Please note that you also may want to purchase our 'Financial Excel Collection' - large collection of financial programs - as it contains this product.

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