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They loot  innocent internet users in the name of registration fees and in the end, users disappointing quit the job after loosing their own money. CONTENTS Gameboard, 6 movers, buildings, 22 District cards, 25 Chance cards, 6 Reminder cards, 1 Rent Dodge card, 2 dice, 1 money pack and 1 Trading unit. As with all small batteries, the batteries used with this game should be kept away from small children who still put things in their mouths.
If they are swallowed, promptly see a doctor and have the doctor phone (202) 625-3333 collect. If you reside outside the United States, have the doctor call your local poison control center. Use only batteries specified and be sure to insert item correctly by matching the + and ? polarity markings. Do not mix old batteries and new batteries or standard (carbon-zinc) with alkaline batteries.
The HASBRO, PARKER BROTHERS and MONOPOLY names and logos, as well as the distinctive design of the gameboard, the four corner squares, the MR. MONOPOLY name and character, and each of the distinctive elements of the board and playing pieces are trademarks of Hasbro for its property trading game and game ? equipment.
Read through the booklet before you begin because there are some important differences from standard MONOPOLY! The color-coded pages tell you everything you need to get going and the rest of the booklet deals with the details. Before you start playing: Separate the District cards into color groups and put them in the slots in the plastic tray.

If you rolled a double, take another turn, roll again and then repeat steps B and C (you can build on every roll). Any player can call out an offer at any time, including the player that decided to auction the district.
When you hear a sound and the red light flashes faster, you have 5 seconds to close the auction! Whoever has the highest bid when the red light goes off wins the district and pays that price to the banker.
INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS (LIGHT BLUE) On your turn, if this icon flashes when you press the Build button, build a railroad on any district for free! Use railroads to pass GO and collect wages, to get to a part of the board where you hope to buy, and to avoid nasty high-rent areas!
When you land on a district with a railroad on it, on that turn you can jump to any other district which has a railroad. If you use a railroad on a district that's owned by another player, you must pay the rent before you leave! If another player builds a hazard in your district, all industrial buildings in that district still count towards the rent value. The Monopoly Tower COST: a7m Once you own all of the districts in one color group, you can build a skyscraper on any one of them. A skyscraper immediately doubles OR Build a bonus building or hazard in an unowned district (if you are planning to buy it or want to block another player's plans!). IMPORTANT: BONUS BUILDINGS PREVENT HAZARDS FROM BEING BUILT ON A DISTRICT, AND HAZARDS PREVENT BONUS BUILDINGS FROM BEING BUILT! For example, if you have built a school on your district, another player could not later build a power station there, and vice versa. Count how many blocks (not buildings) there are and charge the matching rent value shown on the district card. You can remove hazards from your districts by paying a500k per block to the bank during your turn. There are: 2 residential blocks, which don't count because the hazard (power station) makes them worthless.
To mortgage a district The mortgage value is the same as the district's current rent value. To buy back a mortgaged district later in the game Turn the District card over and pay the rent value to the banker, i.e. While in jail you can collect rent and build properties on districts, as long as they are not mortgaged.

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