April worked in a Paris nightclub to earn money for the gender reassignment surgery in Casablanca in 1960. April Ashley has campaigned for years for a change in the way society treats transgender people.
A year-long exhibition opens at Liverpool Museum on Friday dedicated to the astonishing life of April Ashley. She joined the Merchant Navy at 14 to escape her miserable home life and confusion surrounding her gender.Twice she tried to take her life and was admitted to a mental institution for electric shock treatment. GB claim two Olympic titles to go fourth in the medal table on day seven at Rio, while Andy Murray reaches the tennis semi-finals. Today, I wanted to share with you this great infographic which caught my eye earlier this week. It goes without saying that being in debt is unpleasant at best and downright devastating at worst. This infographic has been put together by Debt Therapy Scotland and outlines the help available for Scottish residents with debt problems. If you have a blog or website, you can also share this by copying and pasting this code into your HTML.
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This traditional, end-terrace cottage in the village of Flamborough sleeps four people in two bedrooms. The face of this charming 45-room country hotel is an interesting composition of Tudor Rectory, Elizabethan Coaching Inn and Georgian House, creating a veritable maze of lounges for guests to enjoy. Britain Express is a labour of love by David Ross, an avid historian, photographer, and 'Britain-ophile'.
It’s a road map to debt recovery for people in Scotland who are struggling with debt. Getting out of debt means taking action in some way to make things change even if the best course of action will take a long time.
I think many of us in the US tend to think we have the monopoly on consumer debt but it’s a universal issue.
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The oldest was built in 1674, and is the earliest known lighthouse still in existence in the UK.
It was built largely of chalk, and was designed to have emit light by way of a beacon fire of brushwood or coal atop its roof. Tours are run by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council under licence from the Corporation of Trinity House, who operate the lighthouse. I like how infographic is effective in communication and contextually used for specific readers. Odell Brewing Company is based out of Fort Collins, and as I love to buy and sample local produce wherever I travel, I decided it was worth a try.

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Unfortunately it is not generaly open to visitors, but the same is not true of its near neighbour, the second Flamborough Head Lighthouse.
90 Shilling is itself a type of inexpensive, easy-to-produce ale popular in England and Scotland (named after the Scottish method of taxing beer), and Odell’s take on it faithfully recreates all the highlights of what I’ve experienced with the original. It has a light, refreshing body and a great aroma that’s neither overpowering nor understated, coming together in a perfectly blended beverage. I’ve seen 90 Shilling tapped in several bars around Boulder, and being a local favorite, it’s been a great choice every time I’ve had the opportunity.
Beers like this really stand on the forefront of the American craft beer explosion, and they are often so much more creative and rewarding than similarly-priced, larger brand beverages.

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