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A village girl or boy brought to a town to work as a house keeper can be paid as little as 0 to 50 pesos per day.
The official minimum wage in the Philippines set by the government is broken into regions (based on non-agriculture salaries, upper limits). Diplomats earn the same as their civil service salaries back home, plus hardship bonuses (differs depending on origin country). Non owning manager of a corporate overseas business: $USD 80,000 + per year depending on business. Street girl eating someones leftovers on a plate – is her only hope to escape overseas by any means?
What struck me was the salary scale of a call center employee vs a teacher or even a doctor. I am talking about the amount of businesses within the Philippines dedicated to getting people jobs overseas.
Rather than the usual developing country heartache of focusing on people eating nothing but plain rice, children falling asleep due to hunger, or no medical care. From hand to mouth non earners, to teachers earning less than call center staff to Presidents and their entourages eating $20,000 dinners. And, it would be interesting to see if anyone else can add to this, or disagree with my findings, either in the Philippines, or globally.
I just want to know if with PHP22,000 or so, we will also cover expenses for food, transportation, clothing and any other charges. You could live say in Central Visayas for that, it depends on what you have to pay for housing. My wife and I were there for 5 weeks at Christmas and we spent a lotmore than that and stayed 3 weeks with family !
The first thing you need to know about the Philippines is that foreigners are looked at as people who can afford expensive things. The transportation system in Cebu City and nearby places is dominated by a small vehicle called a mutli-cab and it is incredibly cheap. An important reminder, do not, at all costs, invest money in anything unless you are a hundred percent sure about anything that is offered to you. I’m sorry to say that even though you are not rich, the culture in the Philippines is VERY close when it comes to family. Sorry to say but 22,000Peso isnt going to be enough for your monthly expenses unless you will have a home paid for or rent free. I’m earning 40,000 a month and my husband at around 20,000 a month so our total earning is around 60k a month. If you live in Tacloban City which is a tertiary city by Philippines’ standard then you can live comfortably. Book guide to make buy vaporizers that they want to right here in your blog, read this translating industry and the philippines from say angeles city, online on.
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Did you know that you can be a dealer of these products and be able to earn money of your own? The results, while holding no scientific nor Wall Street Journal like quality, are interesting nonetheless. As for a Governor, Mayor or other government officials no one seems to know exact 2014 salaries.
Not forgetting the wealth of political dynasties, perks, expenses, shady business partnerships and corruption the countries politicians have been known for. These are quotes from people either in that job, related to it, from the street or from a news agency and treated as a given average.
Call centers are booming in The Philippines, and many graduates would rather work in a call center, rather than in their chosen profession. One of which was at a steakhouse where the bill was allegedly footed by a nephew of former president Marcos.
If you can eat basic rice meals 3 times a day, live with no air conditioning, in a rural area then yes.
If you can find a place aways from main cities, your rent would be around P3000 – P8000 per month. For a trip to a town called Consolacion just outside of the city for example, the fare is only 24 pesos. The prices in the malls in Cebu are sometimes a little bit lower than in Manila, but they are still more expensive than eating at home. All other things like cable tv and internet connection can be disconnected but just as easily reconnected when you have the money to pay for the bill.
Remember that, as a foreigner, you can only own 40% of a business and you can’t own property. From experience, the easiest way is never the cheapest way to go around the Philippines, nor is it necessarily the best way to get anywhere. Areas around Jolo and Lake Lanao in Mindanao probably best avoided re kidnapping of any nationality.
Most foreigners wind up having to put some distance between themselves and the family as the almost constant pestering for money drives us nuts.
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To make sure that your mind does not go dull, here are some jobs you can enter to earn money at home. Your target audience would be children, stay at home parents like yourself and even house caretakers. Unlike the other suggestions, this one pays a great deal of money and can actually be considered as a full time job.
My Name is Johnny Chua.4 years ago, I've made one of the most important decision in my life.
Living off the land out of necessity and eating nothing but plain rice is considered employed.
See the minimum wage section here for a rough indication on the cheapest areas to live in The Philippines are.
I live in Cebu City-Guadalupe and pay for an unfurnished apartment 7000 P a month + utilities so that brings it up to 11500 a month. Cebu is a good place to live in, you get all the urban benefits of a city but are never more than 15 minutes away from the beach. One way of getting a good price is to go with a local you trust who can help you haggle the price. You can also take an air-conditioned taxi, public transport vans (vans that are shared like a bus by passengers), and of course there are buses.

Cable television for example, you can get the pre-paid cable service where you can buy pre-paid cards for your digital cable television. The cheapest form of entertainment is still of course gong to the movies, walking in the malls without buying anything (it can be fun too!), or catching a band in any of the small bars and restaurants in the city where you can watch the performance for the price of a pizza or a bottle of beer.
Just be careful when you ride in the main roads, watch out for the buses and the motorcycles, they almost always drive very fast. The good thing is, if you have a good family that you’re with, they will also reciprocate the gesture in any way that they can when its your turn to ask for help. Sometimes, a bumpy and dusty bus ride can be more fruitful than paying for a seat on an air-conditioned tourist bus.
I can say 60,000 pesos a month for the two of us is just enough but not too much as we pay our rent in an exclusive village and we dine out regularly. Medicines are relatively cheap, doctors also, but seem to me less qualified than Australian nurses (a doctor qualified in 1974 in the Philippines has very likely not read a single paper or attended any update seminars since graduation. Confused with the forum june, have always using the philippines signal with a few of my local usd bank account.
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Tons of women have actually earned a lot from this kind of business and you might be the next woman to do so.
If you have 22000 P a month, a filipino young wife and a baby ,your life will be a very unhappy one after the first few months of initial happyness. I lived there with my wife even in Manila for P40,000 per month, and that is the most expensive place to live over there.
You also have the option to go to other nearby islands through a relatively cheap ferry service, though not all of them are as well-appointed as other ferries abroad. If you live within the city of Cebu, most places are actually within walking distance, including churches, malls, groceries, and other places. But, of course, as it is with any other country, just go with what your common sense tells you and you’ll be just fine. Unlike other Asian countries the is no market for the usual traveller jobs such as English teaching.
Money making money with the philippine australian relations already existed during the philippines was founded by western union rates and.
The only problem with this one is that, you will have to plan carefully what you need to do so you don’t waste capital. I am also married to a filipina and met many young ladies before and I know of the constant demand for money and other things the ask for themselfes or family . The cost of living here in this town is very cheap with bills and food the monthly cost is 18,000.
Its hard to see such wonderful young men and women working in malls and fast food outlets, earning as little a day as I would spend on beer in two hours. Forum, today isn’t just online philippines using the value and make sure you killed in the philippines. Students, housewives and anyone with a computer and Internet connection can earn good up to 10000 rupees. That’s 15,000 food, 2000 lights, and 1000 internet (broadband)signal is ok unless it rains lol. With such little opportunity it becomes easy to understand how so many young woman chose to make their money befriending foreign men in the bars at night.
Don’t use electric stoves because they use more electricity, also, it would be best to buy a small brand-new regrigerator that is suited to the amount of food you intend to keep per week.
I maybe 38 years old but still play basketball with a bet of 20 pesos per head (man) and we sometimes gamble.
But if we get a child, I doubt if we can afford to send our child to very expensive international schools at this rate.
I have to come back to Texas 1st of every yr to take care of taxes and check on my properties.
Take note, in Cebu, public markets and stores are almost always nearby so you can actually buy a lot of things on a daily basis including fresh meat and fish. So many having come to towns and cities to support families at home in the poorest regions.
The percentage is very high from 10% to 40% on a monthly return and some charge this by the week and you may not get it back.
For the most part I enjoy it here but still wish you could get things just as easily like back in America.

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