The benefits of recycling are not for making some money, but also for helping the environment. The main benefit of recycling then will be for saving the environment, but people have started making some money from recycling these types of materials.
Recycling is at present turning out to be a profitable business, which is at the same time an invaluable service you can do to society. You can recycle computer equipment by taking away old and used computers from customers, stripping and reselling the circuit boards and chassis to others who will recycle those.
You had mentioned Goodwill as place to drop off things for recycling or like I like to say, re-purposing.
We partnered up with Goodwill Industries of Central Texas to conduct a massive cell phone drive in the City of Austin. One initiative that we have is that we are able to work with companies, non-profits and organizations on implementing a cell phone collection tool on their site, branded for them and for their cause.
Don’t forget to click the coupon link again after you print so the coupon will be snipped out for you again and ready to print a second time! You won’t want to miss the rest of the Walgreens Coupon Deals you can pick up this week to get some rewards to roll into next week’s deals! October 6, 2012 6 Comments Share this:TweetFrugal living is not just a buzz word or a cool new trend that OCAAT readers love – it’s a way of life for many of us.
One of the crucial initiation rites so to speak of a frugal lifestyle is committing to days where you do not spend any money. The start of the week means that you need to think about how to keep your food spending down. Believe it or not, some hairdressers are happy to give free haircuts as long as you, the model in this case, will let them try a new style.
Have a look around your local cinema listings or go to independent film houses to see if there are any free films that are on. Depending on where you live, it is possible to go on a night out with your friends without paying an entrance fee. There are loads of ways of getting around paying the high admission prices into art galleries. Despite the digital age that we live in, there are many stunning parks, lanes and lakes that are just waiting to be explored. A week without spending money seems difficult, however, it is a liberating experience that is just the tip of the iceberg in your quest for frugality. LIKE THIS POST?Join our community of 5000+ subscribers to increase your net worth and build wealthWe hate spam. SB is a husband and working as a software professional for a Fortune 100 corporation in Florida.
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For me frugal life sounds better than living a life of high style but stressful because of tons of debt.
While no spend days help curb unnecessary purchases I have a feeling they just delay or accelerate other purchases.
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If everyone would take recyclable materials to drop off sites to dispose of, the environment would have less waste in landfill sites.
Whether recycling clothing and furniture through garage sales or giving to the Good Will, will make some money and help keep these things out of landfills prematurely. You can sell the materials you collect to these centers which will pay you money according to the weight of material collected. You are absolutely right, its amazing how many every day items can be recycled by someone somewhere. Not only does depositing old items to your local Goodwill do good for the environment but also helps but those with barriers to employment to work. That probably explains why on average in cell phone user households there are 2.5 old cell phone stashed away somewhere. We get most of our Free items at the drug store by “rolling” the rewards each week!
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If you can successfully go one week without spending money, you know that you are in it for the long haul and this really matters when it comes to being frugal. Many of us are tempted to tuck into lunch at a restaurant or a cafe when we are on our lunch break. A general rule of free films is they tend to be art house films or they can be older films that might have a cult audience. The key to achieving this is looking for clubs and bars that have free entry before a specific time. Regardless whether you love Rembrandt or Van Gogh, indulge in your passion for art for free by looking at the specific days where there is free admission. The best thing about going for a walk in the outdoors is the freedom in going anywhere you want. Your email will only be used for subscription, and each email will include a link you may use to unsubscribe at any time. No spend days are certainly very satisfying, but you’re still using gas to get to work, eating food that you paid for a couple days ago at the grocery store, etc. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. The opinions expressed herein by him are his own and not those of his employer or anyone else.
This helps the environment because landfill sites are filling up quickly and new ones are opening everyday. Today, you see many communities that have mandatory recycling that requires them to separate plastic, glass, cardboard, paper and aluminum before taking the garbage out for trash pick up. You can sell old clothes, books and household items at consignment shops or flea markets and make some money thereby.
One excuse that I come across quite often in the line of work that I am is that recycling is too much of a hassle.

It is also estimated that there are over 500 million old cell phones in American households and offices.
Keep all of your money in your pocket by making a healthy packed lunch from home with the ingredients and food that you currently have. This choice should only be done by people who are daring to try new hairstyles because there is no guarantee that you would like the hairstyle. Film festivals are a rich source of free films because they appeal to passionate fans of many genres.Our city conducts free movie every alternate Wednesdays in a public park.
Free workshops are also an excellent way to network with people; no better feeling than knowing you are furthering your career without having to pay the price. If you can spend a night out at one venue, this is a good way of saving money on the exorbitant entry fees that many nightclubs and bars are starting to charge. Start easy by going for a walk in a park that is close to your home and take a camera with you so that you can document anything interesting that you see.
Hell, we could take it even further and point out that you’re wearing clothing that you bought at some point in the past.
I do like to stock up on groceries over the weekend and then challenge myself to not spend any more money on food for the week.
If everyone would recycle aluminum, paper, cardboard, cars, clothes, furniture, batteries, stainless steel and copper, there would be less garbage in landfill sites. The good thing is that any old cell phones donated to this drive will help raise funds for their organization. When you take into account that one disposed cell phone improperly can contaminate ten’s of thousands of gallons of water, WE HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM ON OUR HANDS and we must work together. The benefits of this approach are that you don’t spend any extra money buying lunch which builds up over time into bumper savings.
If you have children and you want to save money on getting their hair cut, go to your hairdresser on the days they have free haircuts for children.
It’s refreshing to go for a walk because it gives you time to collect your thoughts and the best thing is, it’s free! A true no spend day would be spent naked, using no gas or electricity, and only eating food you find in dumpsters. Some of these companies accept only digital phones, while there are others who accept all kinds of technoscrap.
The old furniture is given a facelift and resold to customers on the lookout for used furniture. Get up early to have breakfast at home so that you do not feel tempted to join the army of people at coffee shops such as Starbucks where a significant mark up is added onto simple breakfast items like cappuccino, brownies and tea. Some hairdressers like this promotion because it gives them the chance to meet potential new customers. I love a great deal and enjoy helping others learn how to shop smart, save money, and live a life rich with the things that really matter. The good thing about making homemade meals with food you already have is you don’t waste any food; you actually end up saving food that you could have wasted which could have meant applying for quick loans.

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