If you work online from India, companies abroad cannot directly send money to your bank account. Once you’ve created your new paypal account, the next step is to verify it, so that you can receive payments. I do have a paypal account and is also verified with my bank account but paypal is not accepting my debit card. My age is 17, paypal doesn’t allow to create an account below 18 if i’ll use my age as 18 will it create any trouble? This post is a must for all the Indian online earners & so I gave it a link from one of my posts.
I want to know earning money from this site and money transfer in our account is legal in India. The information provided is really helpful.I m looking forward to work as soon as possible.

I am completed all my tasks , but now the sites says ” To receive payments as per Indian regulations, please complete your tasks”? Exercise and diseaseMost chronic diseases and risk factors for diseases are associated with physical inactivity. PayPal Money Generator 2014 is latest version which will help to generate or add money in your PayPal account. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Free money adding in your PayPal account is not a big deal now, so you just need to have PayPal Money Generator which will help you to add money according to your desired.
Because the procedure for opening a paypal account is different in India due to government regulations. Our team work hard and make best tool for you that allows you to add money in your account for free and easily.

You don’t have to wait days or week to get your money, just wait few minutes and check your account after generating money with this best PayPal Money Generator 2014.
You will be very happy that you have to download this best or latest tool, after process you will be amazed after seeing the amount you have just received on your account. One most important information you should know is that you should not generate more than 1500$ daily.
Surely you will think that why there is a limit, the reason is that they could be suspicious that there is something wrong with the transaction that’s way we generate a limit on adding money.
PayPal Money Generator 2014 totally virus free and one best feature of this tool is that it is undetectable tool completely safe and secure.

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