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There’s an unfortunate perception amongst people who want to make a living online that you need to have massive traffic to succeed. How much traffic has it taken me to build this business that brings in thousands in revenue every month? Granted, those are much bigger businesses, but I know many of you would be happy earning just enough to support yourself from your website or blog. That’s because the practice of completely satisfying a small audience is what leads to building a huge site. But lucky for you, you can earn more money from your site with far less traffic than you might have thought before. Next, you need to differentiate yourself by developing a compelling unique selling proposition. Once you’ve focused on a topic and audience and differentiated yourself, make sure to also be very clear about why your site exists and why someone should read it.
This is a much lower-risk way to go, and it almost guarantees you’ll have buyers for your product or service. Now that your audience is in place and coming to you for advice on your chosen topic, it’s time to ask them how you can help even further.
Affiliate marketing is another option here, if you don’t want to create a product yourself. If you created a product, to make the most of your efforts, you should get some of your online friends who have sites on related topics to help you do some of the selling.
Then, when it comes time to sell other products in the future, those visitors that came to your site from affiliates might just become repeat buyers.
Offering an affiliate program is a win-win situation, it’s easy to set up and can more than double your revenues. If this article helped you, I’d really appreciate it if you share it with others or link to it from your own site. Corbett is cofounder of Fizzle, a place for creative entrepreneurs, writers, makers, coders and artists, all working to support themselves doing what they love independently on the Internet.
You’re definitely right about the old way of doing business where you build a product and then search (sometimes in vain) for someone to buy your stuff.
While it might take time, I think ultimately you nail with creating crazy amounts of value. This post contains lots of great strategies that those not making money online yet can implement and those making money online can use to make even more money. Hey Corbett, Agree with you most people want to get huge traffic but don’t understand that huge traffic not necessarily guarantee a lot of sales. Hey Caroline, don’t forget that releasing ebooks and products can actually help you build an audience as well. This is a great article that just confitms what I have been reading all across bloggy land the past 3 days.
Great post Corbett, I’ve always believed Targeted visitors are the most important, most of my money is made with them.
I just realized that one of my blogs has 3 more times unique readers than yours and it’s hardly making 100 dollars a month.
Do you find that building an authority site takes longer to start making money with than other types of blogs that start out promoting existing products?
When I first started out blogging I tried only ads and found that you’d need an absolute TON of traffic to make any decent money.
I think if you are just relying on Adsense alone, you would need a ton of traffic to come through to make a decent amount of money. My only question is, apart from an E-book, web design etc what products could someone actually sell from their site?
I am currently on Blogger(with a custom domain name) and as far as I know, you do not have any options apart from Adsense and Amazon Affiliates(Unless you have massive traffic coming to your site, whereas Google will cut you some slack and allow you to sell space on your site to advertisers.
Thanks for mentioning these strategies, you are almost challenging my mentality of making money online with my blog. Can you please clarify the statement you made that you got clients by just mentioning and linking to them via your blog.
Between brainstorming ideas to write about, consistently publishing content, and promoting your content through the use of social media, blogging can seem as if it just one big headache in the making.
On top of all of this, most of us even go through phases where we wonder if our blogging efforts are even worth it all.
Time and time again, you will hear stories about businesses that became huge and multiplied in value because they harnessed the power of their blog. Now, here is the ultimate conundrum: how do you make your blog a success, attract new clients, and increase your sales without overworking yourself and still being able to successfully manage everything else on your plate?
All of these tips will help you to quickly write high quality content, which is exactly what you want.
If all you post on your blog is one sales pitch after another, you are going to have very few readers, if any at all. The first step to creating a following for your blog is to stop thinking like a businessman.
The concept is simple: spread your advice and knowledge to other individuals, and they will suddenly become potential customers. Your goal should be to constantly wow your readers, and to make sure that they stay intrigued and amazed by what you are writing. If your writing doesn’t contain personality, it is just like every other piece of content floating around on the Internet, unread. But, at the end of the day, the key to having a successful social media blog is to simply write about topics that are valuable and worthwhile. As blogging has become more mainstream, more and more people have learned how to make money blogging. At a higher level, you can make money blogging by giving readers consistent, useful content that gets relevant traffic to your blog from the search engines. To get this quality, relevant and consistent traffic from the search engines and have successful internet marketing, you have to do two main things.
This involves giving people valuable content such as something to answer their questions or solve problems, and also to be seen as a kind of authority on the subject matter you are writing about. When you’ve been around a while and have been providing this quality content, people will refer others to you on the subject matter. To get started blogging, you should pick a topic that you are passionate about and that you know quite a bit about.
Once you befriend some of them, they will probably be willing to help you and share their methods with you on how they are making money.
It is quite possible to make enough money from blogging to eventually replace twenty-five to forty percent of your income from your regular full-time job. Most likely, you have a busy life just like anybody else, and you don’t truly have time to take out for a lot of blogging like you’d need to. This means that you might be writing later in the evening until very late at night, especially if you have a family to spend time with in the evening after your regular day job. When you want to know how to make money blogging, the above are all important considerations to keep in mind. Want Expert Ways To Make Money Online?Get 3 Free 'Elite Expert Excerpts' For SUCCE$$ that will create profitable income streams via our (1) Digital Domain Domination (2) Keyword Kings & (3) Freedom Flowchart trainings! The scammer goes on to say that you can learn all of their secrets to online wealth… Just pay $20. First things first, I will admit that I don’t make hundreds of thousands of dollars each year from my website. Like I mentioned before, most sites have a single picture of some random dude walking on a beach, or a picture of a hammock strung between some palm trees, or an ocean view with a few beach chairs.
I blocked out the personal information and tracking numbers in the checks, but I didn’t Photoshop any of the values to different amounts. Once again, I admit that this isn’t a whole lot of money in the grand scheme of the world. I say automatically because it’s $100 that comes to me in the mail regardless of whether I decide to work or not.
After four years of writing, I’ve published nearly 150 original articles, and my site now averages between 1000 and 2000 visitors every day day. Even if you have the technical know-how to create a website, and the technical know-how to add advertisements to it, there is no guarantee that you will be able to attract any visitors to your website. That being said, if you are capable of earning even ONE DOLLAR online, then you are more capable than 99% of all internet users.
Once Google approves your site, they will need to verify your account by confirming your address.
Once again, this is money that is being sent to me each month whether I write new content in my blog or not. With this in mind, I really should publish new content more often so that my blog will attract more readers. So, at this point you may be overwhelmed with the amount of work you have ahead of you, or you may be enthusiastic about the prospect of making money online using Adsense.
If you are serious about making money online, then I encourage you to investigate the many different options for monetizing your website. As a final note, I want to mention that there was a period of time where I had only a small, out-of-the-way advertisement in one of my site’s navigation bars.
If you liked this article, you may also want to check out my series on earning income online, where I explain what I did to start generating money automatically from my website. For anyone that is new to Adsense, read this post and then read it again to get the most out of it. This post was a good read so I posted it on my Facebook to hopefully give you more readers.
Very nice article Shaun: thorough, informative and I applaud your ethics regarding respecting your visitors. Yes, Adsense is a great way for bloggers and webmasters to start building income to help pay for their sites and hosting.
Great article i came across it after doing some research, trust me I got my first two cheques in the mail today from my website, one of which is from Google and the other from Amazon. Instead of focusing on how to make the most of the visitors you have, you might be chasing an unreachable goal of building a hugely popular site.

Just around 8,000 unique monthly visitors (see the left side of the site’s top navigation menu for a current count). You have to start small and build something that 100 or 1,000 people absolutely rave about before you can even think of reaching the masses.
Every aspect of your site, every post, every page, every widget, should provide unmistakable value related to your topic. You want to establish yourself as an authority and show your visitors how much you care about helping them with every word you publish. Survey your audience, let them know you’re planning to create a product or service and ask which one they might be interested in. Affiliate marketing (selling someone else’s product for a commission) is also a great way to find out what your audience is really interested in. Don’t overlook this critical step when trying to make more from your site with less traffic. I think that we get caught in up trying to compete and attempt to be everything to everyone which we both know doesn’t work. One simple one was to post an ad on craigslist, and that resulted in getting hired as a social media consultant for a client on a monthly retainer of $500.00. When I listened to your interview with him and went back to mine, I realized I hadn’t been thinking about the income snowball.
After you’ve tasted a little bit of the money you can make, you will, naturally, want to go on to bigger and better things! Also, the exact number of visitors you’ll need to support yourself really depends on your situation. My revenue breaks down into three categories: affiliate marketing, product sales and consulting. It really shows you are delivering quality because yours is probably one of the most competitive niches out there.
From personally owning a blog for years and being close friends with many individuals who have done the same, I have managed to compile numerous tips and hints that will help you succeed in the blogging industry. The first step to getting anything done is to create a schedule and succeed at time management. Always, always, always take into consideration what your audience would like to be reading.
Give yourself a designated amount of time to brainstorm for ideas, then a designated amount of time to write each of your drafts. Your readers don’t care about how quickly you wrote your post, they care about how well it is written, if it is interesting, and if it is applicable to their lives.
We all love hyperbolic headlines, but they’re really unnecessary and not very useful.
If you are constantly tiptoeing around your readers, chances are that your content will wind up not being interesting enough. The best way to learn about blogging is to read other blog posts and see what other bloggers like you are currently doing.
A passionate writer or mentor wants to educate others and create thought provoking articles. Your articles should be thought provoking, which means you need to write about important issues.
Doing this will show that your posts are high quality, and will make your readers trust what they are reading. What better way to make a solid argument than to show it has previously been correct in a real life example? You do not want the power distance between you and your audience to grow too large, and you want to make sure that you can still connect on a personal level with your readers.
By including questions in your content, you are creating a conversational tone that most readers love.
Your conclusion should contain any last arguments against potential objections that readers may have. Once your email list grows overtime, it will be one of the main providers for your blog’s traffic. Send your new subscribers more automated emails than your older subscribers, but make sure not to overwhelm them. Don’t bore your readers, but instead encourage them to visit your site for more information. Let people post guest posts on your blog, and actively try to publish guest posts on other sites. To be successful in this venture, you will have to put in a lot of hard work, post frequently and spread your revenue potential over a lot of different streams to bring in the money that would let you quit your job. Social media and blogging are a both constantly evolving and changing, which makes them hard to define. To help you really start to make money blogging, try and meet other bloggers online who are already making real money.
You can then optimize these methods and improve on their techniques so make yourself the money you are looking for. The income you can make from blogging can become a great side income, but remember that it will take a lot of work and patience.
This will mean missing out on any regular TV shows that you normally watch, and sacrificing this free time that you’d otherwise have. Someone who spends their money on one of these scams might receive an automated email message with general tips on how to build a website, and how to earn money from it. It’s less than you can earn in a day at a full time job, and it amounts to what you might pay for your monthly cell phone bill plus a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant.
These are all pictures of actual checks that Google sent to me for participating in their Adsense program, and the amounts are all exactly as pictured.
The Adsense revenue is money that is being generated from advertisements posted on my website. A small percentage of site visitors click on ads, and the Google Adsense program tracks those clicks. The amount of visitors you can successfully lead to your site will directly influence the amount of money your website will make.
I would get seriously excited over a single visitor that clicked an ad that made me 10 cents… Like everyone else that wants to create a website that earns them money, you will have to start at the starting line. This process may have changed since I first did it in 2007, but they sent a postcard to my home that had a special web address and confirmation code on it. An ad block is a designated space where advertisements from different advertisers will appear.
Google will eventually adjust the advertisements on your site so that more relevant ads are shown, but it will take some time for their system to understand what your website is about. Here are a few images taken from my Adsense account interface, and the spreadsheet report from the time period I’ve been showing to you. Seriously, if I can automatically earn $100 a month without writing anything, then if I were to focus on writing new content often, who is to say that I couldn’t earn $1000 a month? Personally, I prefer the non-intrusive options like Adsense and Paypal, because I want to treat my readers with respect (allowing them to read articles without forcing them to deal with ads that pop-up, or are similarly annoying). As I create and publish new content, my older articles get pushed back into the content archives.
I hope the entrepreneur in you is feeling inspired, and that you’ll soon be putting your plan to make money online into action. With your skills creating 1000+ visitors a day perhaps you should look at affiliate marketing – the right programs can generate $10 per click rather than 10c and will have better conversion rates!
Trust me after six (6) months of hard work it finally payed off and through all the hard times and ups and downs its articles like these that showed that other did it and i can do it too that kept me going. New clients are contacting me about projects every week, and I’m not doing anything to advertise my services, aside from mentioning them in blog posts now and then.
You start out aiming to build a huge site with tens or hundreds of thousands of monthly readers. Start small, provide ridiculous value to a tiny audience, and don’t lessen that intensity as things grow. I’ve used these steps successfully, and so has nearly every other successful blogger I know. Instead of employing the old economy technique of creating something for sale and then looking for an audience, you’re going to first build an audience, and then create something for sale.
And even if you create your own product or service, affiliate marketing can be a good way to supplement your income from your site. If you haven’t been following these steps, take a look at your site and consider if this might be a better way to go. Instead it’s far better to find a market of buyers who are hungry for something and then build it. Just getting a small product built and launched is a huge hurdle that most people never cross. I’m at around 1500 unique visitors a month so your example of making a living from 8000 feels so much more achievable than thinking I’m going to need 30,000 visitors a month! I’m working on a free ebook that will share all the detail you might be looking for about my business (along with hard numbers). Many of us need to be reminded about the purpose of having a website and you have done a great job in helping us to keep this in mind. Companies can set up fan pages to share information (companies can’t have individual pages, called profile pages).
In fact, I’m sure some of you are sighing and wondering why you cannot simply attract customers the old fashioned way. Think of all the amazing things that you could do with your free time if one day you didn’t have a blog to maintain. The effort and determination that you invest into your site will result in an increase in traffic and a boost in sales if you play your cards right.
You want your blogging schedule to be realistic, as you are only setting yourself up for failure if it isn’t. If one of your readers asks a question on a post, add that topic to a list of future subjects to write about.
But, when it comes to the structure of your articles, I strongly suggest finding a few classic styles and sticking with them. This will give you plenty of time to edit and re-write, which is exactly what you want if you want to blow your readers’ minds.

Instead, become closer with your diehard readers, and let go of that fear that you may wind up alienating someone. You need to create a quality blog that is considered to be an authority in whatever niche you are.
Express your opinion, even if it means that others may not agree with you or wind up liking your blog. If you merely write about topics that everyone knows about, or that are full of common sense, what is even the point of your article? Posting free tutorials is a great way to show that you are dedicated to your readers and not just trying to take their money. When readers trust your posts, you will eventually become the authority figure that you would ideally like to be. Make your posts comprehensive, and don’t just throw in thesaurus vocabulary for the heck of it.
If you have amazing content but not-so-great subheads, your great article will go unnoticed, and that’s the last thing that you want.
This reminds your readers that you too are human, and reestablishes the connection that you have with them. It makes your articles more personal, and it creates a sort of fluid banter that is quite effective. Additionally, it should also neatly sum up the main point of your article, and provide your readers with a solid closure. Instead, become someone memorable who has readers jumping at the bit to get their hands on more content.
Your readers may wind up turning into future customers, but a few posts here and there by no means guarantees a huge jump in sales. You do not want them to become annoyed with the quantity of your emails and instead choose to unsubscribe. There are countless ways to monetize your blog – the biggest problem is getting the traffic to begin with. It should be something you feel comfortable talking about and that you are passionate about as well.
The advertisements are the source of my online income: the more people that view my website, the more money I make.
I had to type the code on the postcard into a verification box online so Google knew my home address was legitimate. When creating ad blocks you can select certain preferences like width and height of the ad blocks you’re using, and you can customize their style using different fonts and colors. For example, since this article is about making money online, any ads on this page will likely link to other sites discussing how to make money online. You’ll notice that some of the earnings values for the months match the numbers from my checks in the images shown previously. Although there are many other programs similar to Adsense that allow you to earn money through online advertisements, I can’t speak to how they work or how successful they are. I understand you are doing this for a little longer then I do and I can see I can learn a thing or two from your article. It is indeed simple, but it all requires lots and lots of work to be successful, at least in the biginning. You don’t have to loose your morals either, there are plenty of genuine affiliate merchants. On the other hand, it’s not really that much in the scheme of things, when you find out sites like CopyBlogger and ProBlogger have well over 100,000 and 200,000 monthly unique visitors, respectively. Your goal is to build the site up, and then start earning money from your site, figuring it will be easy if you have enough readers.
Decide who your audience is and what you provide them with very specifically, and you’ll find your audience growing much faster than if you had started with a broad audience. By breaking it down into something small and more achievable, you make it much more likely you’ll continue on to bigger and more profitable things. Because I was doing exactly what you said at the beginning: trying to get monster amounts off traffic! I’ve also been channeling a lot of energy into preparing materials to teach classes related to my blog in hopes of building a reputation, driving traffic and marketing my coaching and consulting. With Adsence I earn $4 per day and when I tried a range of affiliate programs that are aimed at everyone and anyone that uses the internet, they got clicks but no sign-ups.
You can give it a go, but I promise you, if you do not set up a blog and consistently update it, your efforts will be futile.
Whether we like it or not, blogs have become a vital aspect of business, and they are here to stay. It is also important to keep in mind that you don’t need to be posting new pieces of content every single day. Also, put yourself into your readers’ shoes, and imagine what types of content you would like to see if you were them. Use the same tactic with your blog posts, as it will allow you to stay on topic and write a cohesive, flowing article that will make sense to readers. Feel free to be creative with your actual content, but stick with writing structures that you know are appealing to readers and simple to follow.
Plus, it will attract a lot of traffic to your site, and that’s exactly what you want. Your subheads should be intriguing, and they should make your readers want to read more of what you’ve written. This is a great way to connect with your readers on other platforms in addition to your blog. I’m just going to explain everything the best that I can, and you can take that info and run with it. Then, at the end of each month, if my Adsense account has more than $100 in it, Google sends me a check for the my total earnings. There is a limit to the number of ad blocks you can add to a single page (3 ad units, and 1 text link unit). Paypal also lets me accept transactions from direct advertisers, who often contact me to add text links or sponsored image advertisements that appears on specific LifeReboot pages.
This way none of my subscribers or constant readers get aggravated by ad placement, but anyone visiting my site from a link or a search engine becomes a greater source of ad revenue.
Let me know if there’s anything that you need me to elaborate on, or if you have any questions!
I’d be very interested in a post explaining what the sources of revenue are that you referring too outside of advertising and affiliate programs? I also want to create a platform to build off, which includes the site design and adding on services as I feel my readers are ready for them. You can go here for a better understanding of how to use Facebook groups and fanpages for building traffic to your blog.From a business perspective, you can get users to “Like” you — become a fan of your company — or join your group.
It’s time that each and every one of us starts embracing blogs and taking advantage of the benefits that they provide, rather than treating them as if they are nuisances. Once a week should suffice at the beginning, and if you think you can eventually handle more, increase your volume accordingly. Creating a list ahead of time will let you stay organized and on track with your blogging schedule, and will prevent you from becoming stressed. Keep in mind that the conclusion is the last thing that most of your readers will remember. I have Adsense only on my blogs so far but I’m thinking of puting it on my main site as well. I’m still a little uneasy with turning the blog into a revenue generative tool, but will keep experimenting as I discover – I will be back! Then, everything you post might show up on their wall to view and share with their friends.
This will help you to determine what types of articles that you can write that they will enjoy and want to read. I say might show up because Facebook decides you’ll be bored if you see everything your friends and companies you like post, so it only shows you some — those who do a good job of engaging users. So, a key element in any social media strategy is building engagement.Twitter – the second largest social platform is a micro blogging site with a 140 character limit. Once a user has a large number of people they follow, the twitter stream (flow of tweets) is so fast users can’t possibly read everything.
Users create lists to manage the flow and may only read tweets from users and certain lists.When users find something interesting or valuable, they can Retweet it to their followers. Thus, messages sent through Twitter can spread pretty far, pretty fast — Just ask Anthony Weiner.
You can cultivate relationships with these influential tweeters to build traffic to your blog. Much like Twitter, these sites are open meaning anyone can see everything others have posted (a small number of videos and images are only distributed to select users). As with Twitter, there is the potential for videos and images to go viral — and spread far quickly.OK, enough for today.
I’ll post more about using social media to build traffic to your blog in future posts and I’ll flesh out other elements in my diagram. I would like to observe, however, that this method is characterized by a high degree of versatility and the volume and quality of incoming traffic can fluctuate a lot. There are some important aspects in using social networks successfully: 1) Active and regular participation in various groups of interest related to the content of your website is the cornerstone of a strong social media presence 2) You have to follow a highly targeted strategy in terms of your social media updates. In this way, you will be recognized as an authority in your field and your followers and members of your social media community will look forward to your future updates.
As Facebook being the forefront of the social media craze with more than 80 million users, I also like to focus on Youtube to get traffic from social media. Google ranks Youtube videos VERY high in organic search especially if they are regarding a company.
Very few companies have the same name so there is low competition and more often than not, videos get ranked within the top 5 of search results.Have a great day!Reply Add a New Comment Click here to cancel reply.

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