If you are curious about how to do it but are hard pressed for time – here is the info in brief. It does not need you to be an entrepreneur, you can be in a job and get started but somewhere along the path you may need to switch gears more on that below.
Went to my bank there and requested the branch manager and his colleague to help me get a cheque book. While it was being done, we struck a conversation and started talking about work, dreams, and life. I thought I had some insights to share about making a lot of money in comparatively smaller time frame and doing it without selling your soul.
So I sat down to elaborate it further and share how you can increase your income 60 times in 6 years. If you double your income every year for 6 years, you will earn 64 times of what you made last year (at the end of 6th year).
Best way to negotiate is to make a list of the good work that you have done for the company you work for. Make an attempt to help your boss shine; because when you do that your boss will grow and when she grows. Same sentence shared in a fumbled voice will have less impact than when said with poise and confidence.
If your boss or client is a lousy communicator – insist on getting inputs in written form (via email). This will help safeguard and make sure that you deliver on what is expected of you and some more. When you do more than what is expected of you and create wow experiences for people who work with you, you create an aura that helps you grow and earn more.
If you are in a job and your target earning for next year is USD 100,000 and the total earning of your CEO is USD 100,000 there is no way you are going to earn more than that in short term. If you have a hard time finding the salary of CEO then talk to employees at your level of work and ask them how much you make. Do not get settled in your cushy job or the safety net of your lifestyle business (if you want to earn more money). Once you are a bit settled, get in pursuit of something that less people are working on right now.
My friend James Altucher used to charge more than ten thousand dollars for a 15 page website back when having a website was a novelty. You will not have to walk on fire to achieve this but there may be some tough days in between. I started learning to code when it was not cool to do it, and started blogging when it was not mainstream. People spend a ton of time buying grocery, going to a drycleaner, fixing door knob and generally running errands. For God sake, do not be fit like the CEO who looked in great shape, and hit the treadmill every morning after barely sleeping for 4 hours every night. Only a fool complains of not having any time for exercise, and needs to know that ? hour spent on exercise will bring more clarity and higher energy levels.
Do you come to work before everyone else does and you leave after everyone else leaves the workplace?
Then you suffer from time waster’s syndrome.( I just coined this term for people who are always at work and then they bring work home.

Arriving early is good but in that case finish your work, be super productive and leave early. When you work to a fixed schedule and work smart – you can be more productive than average Joe by working on a fixed schedule. A person worth missing is – one who leaves a mark and makes things work when she is around.
Money will follow, but first get your hands dirty and give your whole being into creating positive impact, so one day when you will gone, you will be missed. I believe that if you are starting on a small base compounding is possible for 6 years – this is based on personal experience. I totally agree that world needs human beings who care ?? But what If we have millionaires and billionaires who care. I loved the articulateness of this.Its real,hard and comes with the only condition that applies. All the points you have covered are quite practical and in fact I have well experienced most of them. Just one point from my side, is it really possible to double your salary every year (for salaried) considering the kind of global economic crisis we are going through since 2008? But I stronlgy believe this multiplication could well be achieved for a enterpreneur (though not that easy). If a person is in a job and wants to give it a shot – first step will be to move past the expenses mark and get into the saving zone. Also, I agree once you set a goal post each year for the next year, you end up being better and nearer to the goal (which is a good situation to be in). This 5 channel video installation documents the journey of small Origami boats, fitted with national flags of various countries, as they travel along the gutter of a street in Brooklyn’s low-rent neighborhood of many South American immigrants, Bushwick, where the artist used to reside. The title of the piece references a common early 20th century colloquial farewell at the Okinawa docks as ships carried family members away to foreign lands in search of a better life.
Money is always interesting and necessary but often carries a different connotation to every individual. You may have a great idea that is worth fetching you millions but if you do not make use of it at the right time, it may not fetch you even a dime whilst you are in possession of it. Cleaning toilets, mowing lawns, affiliate programs, teaching, painting houses, braiding hair, Google ads, washing cars, winning food design contests. Read, watch a new movie, go out for a concert or just sleep early so that your batteries are fully recharged for the next day. This will make people expect a response from you they send you late at night and also to those that they send you at night. You can start by emailing this post to your friends.  Share on Facebook or twitter if you like. Most of the times, they are in a position to make a bigger impact without asking for people’s permission.
But here you will have to do add so much value to yourself by doing remarkable work that people start seeking your expertise. Changing job (when things are not moving as expected despite of your best performance), walking on a parallel path and most importantly moving to saving zone would certainly help multiplying your wealth. While some attach least importance to it, some others take it to the zenith of significance.
Having a wonderful lineage full of material wealth and prosperity does have its own share of benefits, especially when your objective is to become a billionaire.

But multiplying with the asset into different properties can assure you a life that is king size.
Donna Maria teaches Makers and Creative Entrepreneurs how to use technology and community to build a profitable, sustainable business. You also need to negotiate, communicate well, let go when things do not work out, “dig your well before you are thirsty”, take help, take care of yourself and HAVE FUN.
Bill Gates with his foundation is doing remarkable work in India and Africa and also funding research to help humanity.
However I do completely agree with your response to Ivana which in a way concludes that if we follow these principles we will certainly end up with better compensation than many professionals around. Then start saving and deploy these savings to earn for you – while you are working in a job. But the moment you see ‘believable’ and ‘workable’ coming in the next few lines, you are actually compelled to put the thinking cap on. I am pretty sure that this can be done – with a mix of belief, courage and discipline. One video shows a team of firemen opening a fire hydrant to flood the street, a neighborhood substitute for air-conditioning.
The conventionally rich are mostly those who have been inheriting property and wealth from their ancestors and add more to the list before transferring to their offspring. Unfortunately, many times, these ideas may have been conceived by someone but put into practice by another because of some twist of fate.
Real estate is booming in every continent and land and property prices are soaring beyond comprehension. Some people earn lots of money doing these things, some earn people a little bit of money doing them.
Creating art and shipping it without asking for permission +1 It is solid recipe which never fails to work. People conventionally have been making money by working either for someone else for by running their own business. The fortunate are those who managed to make small investments in their early years and now take home millions because they were simply at the right place at the right time.
Those lively little boats carry the life stories of the immigrants, and also the artist himself’s history of moving from Japan to the United States. Seattle Computer Works may have been the brain behind the development of MS-DOS in 1970s but IBM leveraged the idea when they should and gained from it. Some options fetch you adequate money and other options may end up giving you more than you can imagine.
Times were never better to make it work ?? For a few it will be 60 times, for some rest it may be 30 times.
Just jump in and bring in some light, connect, be fit, help, and all the other excellent points which you have mentioned.

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