After almost a year and a half of waiting, Microsoft has unveiled a new major update for its smartphone operating system. And, just like Windows Phone 8 Update 3 which came before it, Windows Phone 8.1 is available through the Preview for Developers program.
You should know that the release Microsoft makes available through the preview program does not contain vendor-specific updates, features and optimizations, which you will likely see once the official update is released.
In order to take advantage of Preview for Developers you need to have an App Studio or Dev Center account. Because it is geared towards casual developers, App Studio is free and only allows members to unlock a single Windows Phone for the preview program.
I recommend choosing App Studio, unless you need to unlock more than one Windows Phone (alternatively, you can create multiple Microsoft accounts and enroll to App Studio with each one).
After creating the account, you will then have to install the Preview for Developers app on your Windows Phone. After a search, which can take a couple of minutes at most, your Windows Phone will show the option to install the Windows Phone 8.1 preview release.
Once the new windows is installed you can add the parallax effect in the phone settings by setting the background for the home screen.
Commercial goat farming in Kerala can be a great source of income to the marginal people and for the unemployed educated people. Select the Products You Want to Produce: Before starting, determine what type of products you are going to produce. Buy High Quality Breeds: Healthy and high quality goat breeds are must for better production. Feeding: Feeding good and nutritious food to your goats always keep them healthy and productive. If you use your 3 acres of land for producing green feeds for your goats, then you can raise about 300 medium size meat or dairy goats.
Hello Rajesh, it’s really very tough to tell you exactly how many goats are needed to earn your desired income.
Hi RF I am a kenyan and very interested in rearing goats both for milk and meat production on a commercial scale. We have aproximate 1acre land and planning to but 25goat… from where we can buy good goat… ? He was all praise for the new generation of actors, “In our time the audience allowed us to learn on the job, but these actors came for the job after having gone to the right schools and classes.

It was introduced by Microsoft, last year, in order to give developers and early adopters the opportunity to experience the latest iteration of the OS ahead of the public roll-out.
Based on my experience, it should be very stable, but be aware that some bugs may slip in at this stage. Meanwhile, a Dev Center registration goes for $19 (students enrolled in DreamSpark can register for free, however), but gives folks the option to unlock more devices. Especially, the landless women can raise some goats with their other animals to earn some extra income. Malabari, Jamunapari, Osmanabadi, Boer, Saanen are very suitable for both domestic and commercial goat farming in Kerala. Because in domestic raising you can easily keep your goats with other domestic livestock animals like cattle or sheep. But, if somehow happen something wrong then make the veterinary service available within a few moments.
The bussiness has not gone so much into commercial fronts but think it can be a nice venture. And after a few years you will need to change your billy to ensure that you can cover all of your females without any risk of inbreeding. If the reader considers a post to cause offence, then he or she should use the contact page to let the site administrator know. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. Noteworthy additions include support for a wider range of hardware configurations, a much-awaited notifications center, improvements to the browser, calendar, camera and email apps, enterprise-friendly enhancements, and a new personal assistant, to name a few. According to Microsoft, your smartphone's warranty may be voided and you will be unable to downgrade. The app does not show up in Store search results, so I recommend opening this link from a browser on your Windows Phone (you can also trigger a remote install by opening the link on another device, and using the install option). According to the environment and weather of Kerala, this goat breeds are very suitable and produce highly in proper care and management.
But, for commercial production you must have to build a suitable house for your goats with appropriate drainage and ventilation system.
Along with green foods you can also feed them home prepared complementary feed for maximizing growth and production. So, if you are new in this business and want to start goat farming business then take a training on goat farming and visit some farm and producers directly.

My father is retiring from the Gulf next year and and plans to do some small business which could keep him busy and also earn some money. Feeding cost, management cost, availability of drugs, marketing and local facilities are the major factors to consider before starting goat farming business. Please from ur experience in the area what are the chances of incurring priffitable income here.
If you can produce grains and green feeds for your goats in your own land then you will make good profit.
The complaint should be dealt with within 24 hours, but please respect the fact that the moderator may be living in a different time zone. But, for getting higher price of your products, you can make plan for selling your products during an special occasion or festivals.
And it’s also not possible for us to tell the exact cost of feeding till the mature age of a goat. You can see our goat farming project report to have an idea about goat farming income and expenditure.
Everyday there will be truck load of goats exported to Hyderbad and karnataka and some part of Kerala.
But if you depend on purchasing feeds from market or any other source then you will notice less profits. For example, if you sell your goats during EID, then you will get the maximum price of your goat.
Please visit some of your nearest livestock market to know the current price and for purchasing goats. I had to start from scratch like any newcomer”, said Khanna, according to Pune Mirror. However, read this step by step guide very carefully before starting goat farming in Kerala.Starting Goat Farming Business in KeralaStarting goat farming is very easy and simple. And overall, be serious about the business and always try to take good care of your animals. The necessary facilities for goat farming includes availability of fresh and clean water, great source of green food, suitable market for purchasing necessary products, well transportation, sufficient veterinary service etc.

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