The Transplant Trap #1: The Default Dream: Are You Wasting Precious Time and Energy Chasing the Wrong Passion?
I’ve written my own handful of resumes through the years and have talked to a ton of friends and Primer readers about the process.
Sorry to be demanding but could you add a quick rundown of the pros and cons of each template?
I’m still an undergrad in NZ and I find the hardest thing for CVs and interviews is to strike the right level of professionalism. Professional customs may be different in NZ regarding page length but consider the perspective of the person reviewing it.
There aren’t universal pros and cons for each since everyones situation is so different. As a warning, removing the Objective could really hurt you in old-guard fields and with large companies. The objective line is as much for HR to categorize you as it is for the interview to have a quick notion of what they should expect from you. If you work in a field dominated young professionals or one that requires displays of outward creativity, then it could be worth exploring the Summary over the Objective. Which template would you use for a individual with an IT background with 5-10yrs experience?
Thank you very much for the advice and templates – what a relief to have help making it look good.
Hi is it possible to remove the john mclain email from down on the page on the john mclain resume? I am looking for the right resume for a seasoned professional with varied work experience transitioning from one field to another. Thank you for this article but if you want your resume to stand out from all the other resumes you need a resume template like this!
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The dollar sign image will clearly indicate money and make your documents more attractive to the audience. Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. Converse shoes are a staple item for any wardrobe, recognised all over the world and worn by all your favourite musicians, artists and athletes. The number one complaint about looking for a job (which means using it to delay the process for months) is writing or updating a resume.
Getting everything you need to say down and have it packaged neatly is a trial-and-error design challenge. Differing in structure, style, and tone the resume templates should cover a wide variety of industries and positions for job seekers. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits all resume for every position, even for the same position at different companies. The employer is literally telling you what they’re looking for, so apply your experience to the keywords they use.
If you’re applying to be an accountant, the hiring manager already knows the duties of an accountant.
You may eventually get to the point where your resume will require more pages to list impressive clients or projects, but until then keep it readable with just one page. Don’t feel the need to detail the specifics of a job you had 5 years ago, since you likely had less responsibility and made less impressive contributions.
If it reads just like a job responsibility, ditch it or reword it to showcase your expertise. The formatting may shift or break if used with other applications, though it should be easily modifiable to look correct. If they have 100 resumes to go through I can almost guarantee they won’t read beyond the first page.
It’s really up to the priorities of the individual how much space they need and the design they feel is appropriate for their industry and position.

I am applying for a promotion at work and have to send in my updated resume and cover letter tomorrow. I can’t imagine getting a proper interview without explicitly stating my intended position and role. For me, that info goes in the cover letter and in some form in the profile, relating your personal expertise the position you’re applying for.
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Create a master document, and modify it to reflect the interests of the specific company you’re applying to. If the template looks different than the example it may be because you don’t have the correct font. For some reason my name, on the side, shows jumbled up when sent through an email and google docs.
In only a few short months the next wave of new graduates will be entering a tough job market.
If you’ve been at it for a few years, find a template that allows for greater detail of your previous responsibilities and experience. As a welcome gift into adulthood, I proudly offer these 12 free resume templates to get the new grads and folks looking to switch jobs started.

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