Time, Focus and Money – 3 things we never seem to have enough of.  So what is the solution? Here are some tips to get you started on finding more time, focus and money in your life and business today. One of the questions that I’m asked most often as a business coach comes from those wondering about the challenges of owning a business. A Time Map is literally going to create boundaries for you in order to help get your daily requirements done.
As business owners, we need to constantly be reaching out to our clientele to find a way to create more sales and revenue.
As the Mom Biz Coach, I am a speaker, business coach and mentor to mom entrepreneurs and small business owners. For instance: When you created your Time Map with us at MomBizRetreat in February, it was still winter.
Testimonials:"I had felt stuck and needed someone to provide some focus and direction in my life and help me zero in as I was in a constant state of overwhelm. Mom Biz Solutions PodcastClick to listen below or subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher so you can listen from your phone whenever and wherever you are! 3 hot and humid miles with Tuck (practicing all his obedience training) and two of my 3 kiddos, who were on bikes ahead of us. Animators, the 1938 ad claims, can earn up $20,000 a year, which would be the equivalent of nearly $700,000 in today’s money. We welcome thoughtful comments on articles, but please read our community guidelines before participating. Amazing what adjusting for inflation can do and how upside down things are these days when it comes to who gets paid the big bucks.
Maybe you should stop to think of yourself as extremely talented (that’s the fourth time I see you using those words). No thank you, I’d prefer not to be harassed or buried under thousands of nutty messages. So quit trying to make yourselves feel big by talking sh*t to me when you don’t even know what you are talking about. Cartoons back then were more complicated to make too, but at the same time you had far more time and freedom to make them on top of a bigger budget.
Its a shame how animators have gone from making a good living to having to drown themselves into debt to even HOPE to make an honest living in animation.
Did anyone else click on this article hoping to find the identity of the “Former Walt Disney artist” involved in this school?
It’s pretty remarkable to see what Art Babbit risked in the Disney strike, knowing how much he himself was pulling in. I think animators should continue to produce their own stuff (when they can) and find ways to make it more of an opportunity for them.
But instead, they just grab people to do the same thing of Adventure Time, just a little different. Unfortunately by 1929 his cartoons had degenerated into gag ads for the likes of “Dainty Maid” feminine hygiene products. Yes, I thought I recognized the cartoon character in the ad, and so I searched the Web and found information on that famous old comic.
Sad to know that illustrators in the ’20s were making more than I make now illustrating. Unfortunately there are many scammers out there just ready to take advantage of people trying to make money online.
Never let yourself fall for these scams in your zeal to make the weight loss industry work for you. Below you will find some of the most common lies that scammers tell to get their hands on your money. You may have heard that all you need to do is create a weight loss blog that has an impressive name and all the latest features in order to make money. Steve Karoul is a recognized casino consultant with 35 years of hands-on experience with the best casinos both within the United States and internationally. Many readers are probably old enough to remember a very famous “advice column” that was around for years titled “Dear Abby.” Readers used to write to the newspaper to ask Abby’s advice about numerous different subjects, but mostly related to their love life. I did, however, notice that on most of these junkets I have been on, there is very limited interaction between the rep and the player. In real terms, a junket rep is a hybrid cross between a salesman or a saleswoman, a casino host, an adviser and a gaming resource. They also provide marketing services, because they are informing qualified players about upcoming casino special events, gaming or golf tournaments, headliner entertainment or shows, etc. Casinos expect that anyone invited by the junket rep will be a “qualified” player, meaning that the junket rep knows the player personally, as well as his past play history at other casinos, and therefore knows that his level of play will qualify for an invitation to such an event.
Casinos almost always set criteria for each event, which may include a certain level of casino credit line or cash deposit, a certain number of hours play per trip at a minimum-level bet or higher, a past history of documented wins or losses at similar-size casinos and possibly some background on the customer’s skill level or playing style for the game played. In the case of slot players, the casino would also want to know if the customer plays slots versus video poker (since poker holds less money for the casino), coin denomination played and average dollar amount of coin-in during a normal gaming trip.
Most casino management systems compile all of these details and summarize them in reports, which reveal the player’s ADT (average daily theo, or theoretical win). Players expect to deal with a junket rep who is very familiar with the host casino and its staff, so they may receive VIP treatment upon arrival as well as throughout their entire trip.
In other words, they want a stress-free trip, other than from the win or loss on the gaming tables or slots.
Most casinos in regulated jurisdictions require junket reps to be licensed with either the state or the gaming commission.
One concern of the gaming regulators is obviously to keep organized crime and criminal elements out of the casino industry. In the old days, many of the junket reps were actually bookmakers who knew who the local gamblers were. One method is to actually try to go on a junket or two and talk to the junket rep to see if they may be looking to hire additional staff. It is important to also point out that the better junket reps who survive and prosper do so based upon their reputations. Many junket reps normally are licensed at minimum in Las Vegas, New Jersey, the Caribbean and in their own state.

Being licensed in more than one casino also affords you the opportunity to offer your players access to many additional exciting events or shows across the country or internationally. Therefore, one has to carefully research the market to better understand if he or she will actually qualify as a junket rep or be able to function successfully as a junket rep. I drop a comment whenever I especially enjoy a article on a site or if I have something to valuable to contribute to the discussion.
Could it be only me or does it give the impression like some of these remarks look like left by brain dead people?
Could you list all of all your communal sites like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?
Vineet Gupta is an Internet Entrepreneur, Network Marketing Coach, Motivational Speaker, Social Media Guide & Blogging freak. Jim Manzi recently wrote an article for Forbes relating three ways to make Big Data make money.
This is one of the most important things that we teach at the Mom Biz Retreat, and it’s one of the most basic, but it certainly delivers and resonates with most of our attendees.
One of the best ways to make more money is to go through your current client base and ask yourself what each person last bought from you. My passion is helping entrepreneurs create and run businesses that honor their priorities and values. Being intentional about how I use my time is so important if I expect to make consistent income. That probably didn’t happen very often, if at all, but animator Art Babbitt did make $11,363 at Disney in 1936, which would be $455,000 today. This problem of time management with the workload is not just a work problem, it starts with the animation schools demanding these fast turnarounds, and it follows them into the industry. Quick work times keeps the budget low, less pay to the crew, episodes are done quicker so they can be revised like mad.
The way I see it, they should stick to user feedback on the internet and episode ratings, free things without the trouble of a controlled enviorment. IMO They have too many Calarts graduates, nothing against the school, they should just look in more spots. For animators (both students and professionals), creating more and more indie content actually is a refreshing product for internet viewers. For Cartoon Network, I feel they have forgotten who they are (Mufasa anyone?) and they forgotten how they got such great content in the first place.
Although still humorous, it introduced the idea of having things happen to the characters in the comic from one day to the next, instead of each strip simply being one new gag in isolation. We are at a point in our society in which virtually all people encounter at least one point in their lives in which they want to lose weight or get healthier through diet. It seems everywhere you turn there is a promise of making big money in moments or offering some secret system that ensures you can be your own boss and make more money that you could ever imagine with only a few minutes of work per day. There are plenty of legitimate opportunities for you to make money with your weight loss blog, so be wary and don’t let yourself get taken by one of the much too good to be true offers out there. If it was that easy for a weight loss blog to be profitable only by clicking a button a few times, don’t you think that every person who could type would be making millions? Enjoying wealth requires dedication and hard work, and probably several failures along the way. Each day of experience that you get will teach you something—and that includes your failures.
I have traveled to Atlantic City on a few junkets and feel it could be a rewarding job as well as a fun job. I feel if the reps got more involved in making the trip enjoyable, they could get more repeat business. Therefore, the first thing that one has to learn is exactly what being a junket rep means in real terms as well as in financial terms. In financial terms, a junket rep is usually financially successful because the good ones have the ability to earn a lot of money from lucrative commission programs offered by casinos. Junket reps also provide a special service to their customers in the way of access to these non-public events, shows or tournaments.
Junket reps make it very easy and convenient to book a gaming trip through their junket rep. Therefore, junket reps provide background checks and verifications that a casino would normally have to do prior to inviting a new player to an expensive special event, show or tournament. Theo is a standard casino statistical formula comprised of average bet times length of time played times house advantage per game times number of decisions per hour. Players also expect that their junket rep will be able to get them access to the special events, shows or tournaments as well as VIP seating.
The applications can be quite lengthy and detailed, and often require a full financial disclosure with copies of your past three years of income tax filings. Junket license fees, depending upon the state or jurisdiction, can range from $100 to several thousand dollars. Once you get licensed and accepted by a casino as a junket rep, it is normally fairly easy to get accepted by additional casinos in different gaming jurisdictions. That way, they can develop their own distinctive marketing strategies which may involve direct mail, website marketing, telemarketing and direct sales using recommendations from existing satisfied customers.
We have helped thousands of netizens to have a passive income online just by sitting at Home. First was an unwillingness to be snowed by conventional wisdom, technical jargon or the fairy tales of universal knowledge that abound when everything was still mostly talk and potential. If you feel, like so many of us do, that you’re constantly running out of time, use a Time Map to own your time and how you spend it. Then you can plan according to your prioritized list in order to make sure you’re spending the time you have in the most effective ways. By brainstorming on your client’s needs in the past, you’ll be able to get a good idea about what they may need in the future. I find I need to adjust my own Time Map every quarter, since the change of seasons affects my kids’ schedules, and therefore, my schedule. This makes it sad and frustrating, as they accumulate a lot of debt doing this kind of work for classes, then turn around in the work force and not receive the funds to pay back the schools.
Most of the old guard are either doing independent stuff (as more CGI is taking over for the preferred medium) or moved on to other movie production studios instead of television.

I think more and more animators need to follow Ralph Bakshi’s advice which is to do your own thing and find ways to get paid for it. That or let the writersartists decide things, the people who’ve been trained in their profession.
Networks and executives have yet to grab the product of internet produced animations like indie animators and indie animation studios. It tells of opportunities in the art world and explains the Federal Course of instruction under 60 of America’s eading illustrators and cartoonists. He reportedly was so distraught that he took to drawing square airfields and cartoons of “Whistling Beacons that Mark Airfields for Blind Landings” in a desperate cry for help. This means that the vast majority of them turn to the weight loss industry for guidance, advice, and products. Though it sounds crazy when you think of it this way, logic tends to go by the wayside when you are presented with some sort of revolutionary secret or money-making system that promises you will be rolling in money if you only follow the easy steps—and of course, pay for the information. Did you just get behind the wheel of your first car and take off with all the skill and ability that you have now?
Unfortunately, just building your blog will not make the readers come, or spontaneously cause conversions. Steve has lived in numerous countries and has conducted casino marketing activities in well over 100 countries around the world.   He is an author, a lecturer and an educator who often injects his own hands on experiences and openly shares his ideas and thoughts with fellow industry executives. Many of their questions relate to “How do I become a junket rep?” I think answering questions about someone’s love life might actually be easier to answer than questions related to junkets, but nevertheless I will try.
I have no clue how to become a casino junket rep and could use some advice in how to get started. Legitimate junket reps are not loan sharks, mob enforcers or gangsters preying upon innocent, naive gamblers.
Most casinos recognize ADT, which allows them to then prioritize suites or room assignments, VIP seating or a host of other details that may be capacity- or space-controlled. They also expect that their junket rep will have made all other reservations for the duration of their trip so they do not have to worry about any details, and basically will just go to gamble and have fun. They rely upon their junket rep to take care of everything for them for that particular casino trip. The license fees are used by the regulators to conduct a complete and thorough background check on all applicants. Most casinos normally want to engage experienced junket reps that are already established in their territory or region who have large lists or databases of qualified players. Working at a casino in an area such as the players club or in casino marketing will enable one to learn how a casino actually functions, and also give one an opportunity to work with gamblers or players.
It is not easy, but it can be done, and the rewards or compensation can be quite lucrative. The Online Money Making ideas guide Published on our site acts as an excellent resource for all the opportunities available on Internet that covers both beginners as well as Advanced users. Second was a strong bias to act quickly at low cost, learn what works from experience, and then reinforce strengths… Third was a ruthless focus on profits in excess of capital costs within the foreseeable future as the success criteria for proposed investments of time or money.
When you use a Time Map, you’re almost guaranteed to find the time you need to do the things you need to do.
However, if you can figure out why you’ve stopped using your Time Map, it might shed some light on some shift of priorities, or schedules, or a change in direction that happens every so often. Mutt and Jeff creator Bud Fisher pulled in $150,000 in 1916, or $11.9 million in today’s dollars.
A total unfair situation for animators and students, only the executives and school administrators win. It really shared all the different styles, storytelling, and projects people (not just kids) were willing to watch and demand. Creating a weight loss blog is a great way to get in on a huge market, and potentially make a comfortable living. You need to develop a blog that offers valuable insights into the diet and weight loss industry, learn and implement effective optimization techniques, and actively draw in traffic before you can expect to start making any money. I mostly play slots and blackjack, but never felt the need to gamble more than I set aside for any given day.
Junket reps help to promote the host casino to new players so, in effect, they provide the prospecting aspect of player development (searching for new qualified players) for various casinos. The simple fact is that the best players get the best accommodations, and everything else trickles down by either ADT or a junket rep’s strong recommendation to casino management. Ultimately, the goal is to understand how casinos operate and then begin to build your own database or portfolio of qualified players. Unfortunately, many junket reps self-destruct by trying to steal players while on the casino floor or from other junket reps while attending such events.
Many junkets in Asia actually supply credit to their customers and therefore are also responsible for the collection of this credit. No matter how hard we work or how disciplined we are in our strategies, there will never be enough time to do it all. If you take the time to really think about the people who need the service or product you can provide, you will identify your ideal client. Let Federal training develop your talent and give you the skill to put your ideas on paper. If someone is telling you that they can teach you how to make large sums of money ridiculously quickly, they are only trying to grab your money and run. There are many junket reps who did this and started with as few as 50 qualified players and built up from there. Once you get “black-listed” from a casino, it will be very difficult to get hired by other casinos.
More so than other entrepreneurs, when you put the word “mom” in front of your title, it makes it tricky to manage and priorities your life accordingly. Obviously when you first start something you will have no experience, but if you someone is telling you that you can be super successful at a brand new concept tomorrow just by following their system, they are attempting only to appeal to the laziness in all of us.

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