Have you been keeping up with the changes coming to the FASTPASS program at Walt Disney World? Still only 19, the talented second rower, played three of the four games for Queensland in the drawn series with NSW, as well as the 39-36 win over the touring American All Stars. He played 10 matches for Queensland and was still playing with Ayr when he was selected at age 20, for his first Test.
Kel should of played in the 1958 Grand Final and the 1962 Grand Final but due to serious injury he was replaced on the morning of both Grand Finals. Let me take a guess at it.The standby lines will almost certainly be longer, given the number of FastPass+ rides you have access to throughout the day could drop dramatically. That’s everyone’s fear, right, that you will pay all this money for a vacation to stand in huge lines? Also here today: Internationals Harry Wells, Ken McCaffrey, Tom Raudonikis, John Elford and Dennis Ward plus former Wests captain, Warren Boland. KEL O’SHEA WAS A GENUINELY BIG MAN AND IN THE RUGBY LEAGUE FRATERNITY WAS DEFINITELY ‘LARGER THAN LIFE’…he certainly had very large hands…a VERY BIG HANDSHAKE. IN KEL’S ILLUSTRIOUS RUGBY LEAGUE CAREER, HE FAMOUSLY TEAMED WITH NORM ‘STICKS’ PROVAN TO CREATE ONE THE GREATEST SECOND ROW PAIRINGS OF ALL TIME. KEL PLAYED 20 TIMES FOR AUSTRALIA BETWEEN 1954 AND 1958, inclusive… STARTING WITHTHE WINNING TEST SERIES versus GREAT BRITAIN AND THE WORLD CUP OF ’54, KEL PLAYED AGAINST ALL RUGBY LEAGUE NATIONS AS HIS ‘CV’ INCLUDED THE 1956 KANGAROOS, THE VICTORIOUS 1957 WORLD CUP TEAM AND ALL 3 TESTS versus GREAT BRITAIN IN 1958.

Save Money on Park Hopping?If the rumor is correct, that you will only receive three FastPass+ rides per day, and for only one park, this could save money for those people who will no longer feel the need to visit more than one park each day. If there wasn’t a FASTPASS available, we usually skip the ride and do other less popular rides. DURING HIS 3 SEASONS AT AYR, KEL DEBUTED FOR AUSTRALIA…one year, NAMED AS ‘QUEENSLAND PLAYER OF THE YEAR’, HE RECEIVED A DRESSING GOWN AND A PLAQUE!! HE MOVED ON TO SOUTHS, BRISBANE FOR A SEASON, IN 1955…PLAYING ONLY 5 GAMES OF LEAGUE, DUE TO NATIONAL SERVICE DUTIES. I have a special chair with my name, written in invisible ink, on the Carousel of Progress. Staying On Property a Must?Getting to the parks early was important before, to beat those in-coming crowds, but it could be even more important now.
We have stayed off property, and depending on traffic, the drive in could take up to 40 minutes during off-season, and there were those reports of two-hour traffic jams during the week after Christmas. Pools and Water Parks Become More Crowded?As people realize their  faster entry on rides is used up with that third FastPass+, they may head back to the resorts faster for a dip in the pool. Plan Rides Around Meals?The lines for counter service meals are long during high volume vacation times like Christmas and Spring Break. You may have to plan your meals around and in-between FastPass+ times, which could mean snacking more as you wait. You May Need Planning Help?Best days of the week, Advanced Dining Reservations, FastPass+ times, parade and show schedules…can you feel them all swirling around in your head?

People seem to forget that on busy days, with the old system you could get 1 fp at a time, you may only get 1 or 2 passes – it happened to me and my son. Anyway I think ANY change that Disney makes scares people, and I personally like the fact that I can guarantee we will go on 3 rides we want when I have no idea if we will be able to go back to WDW in at least a few years.
But if we go into a park in the morning when we cannot get any passes, we’re not the type to stand in long standby lines for hours.
However, I plan to be on my couch that day, and any other holiday when the lines are crazy. Also a Tribute to the late Bob Burns (Fishy) Amazing Lost Scrapbooks found Great Rugby League Web Sites. About Us Contact Us A Tribute to Ben Fisher and Jack Thompson Bill Keato the Lad from Liverpool Old Newspaper stories and photos from the 1960's VALE Laurie Bruyeres VALE Nev Charlton. VALE Bill Keato VALE Vince Karalius VALE Bob McGuiness VALE Denis Meaney VALE Johnny Mowbray Vale Kel O'Shea Vale Mark "Snow" Patch VALE Bob Sargent Vale Ken "Nebo" Stonestreet. VALE Doug Walkaden 1966 Season 1967 Season 1968 Season 1969 Season Noel's Dream Team What a game Wests Photos from the Old Days Case of the Missing Goal Posts A Visit to Old Pratten Park Peter Dimond Book Launch Interview with ------ Noel Kelly Interview with ------ Tony Ford Interview with------- Mick Alchin Interview with Jim Cody Interview with ------ Colin Lewis Interview with ------ John Mowbray Interview with ------ Noel Thornton Interview with ------- Bill Owens Interview with John "Chow" Hayes Arncliffe Scots 1969 Un-Defeated Premiers Arncliffe Scots 85 years reunion 2003 Pratten Park Reunion 2007 Pratten Park Reunion 2008 Pratten Park Reunion 2009 Pratten Park Reunion 2010 Pratten Park Reunion 2011 Pratten Park Reunion 2012 Pratten Park Reunion 2013 Pratten Park Reunion.

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