Lincoln College works with local businesses across a range of industries to help them find their next Apprentices. Take a look at the current vacancies- have you got what it takes to become their next Apprentice? More than 120 Cleveland Police officers are working in second jobs or have outside interests, BBC Tees can reveal.Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show that a total of 121 officers - or seven per cent of the force's total - have registered business interests or secondary earnings. What better way to embark on a career in recruitment than to learn, earn and progress within our Academy.
If you are fortunate enough to be shortlisted, you will then shortly begin our intensive six weeks of training. At Total Assist we do not only give you the opportunity to become one of our top class recruitment consultants by the training we provide, but we give you the chance to earn while you learn. You only have to read our blogs or talk to our staff and you will soon become familiar with what an awesome company we are to work for.
The data shows that the median annual salary for all full-time employees in 2010 was ?25,900, which is up 0.3% on the year before. Petrobras, as the Brazilian oil company is known, will get the ships, the Ocean Rig Corcovado and Ocean Rig Mykonos, for 1,095 days, Ocean Rig said in a statement. The Corcovado was expected to earn an average day rate of $464,800 and Mykonos $459,700 in the second half of 2014, according to Ocean Rig’s second-quarter financial statements. Petrobras is trying to secure drilling equipment to execute one of the world’s largest corporate expansion programs.
In September, Petrobras said it had 39 drill-rigs operating in waters deeper than 2,000 meters. Nicosia, Cyprus-based Ocean Rig, which operates 13 offshore, ultra-deepwater drill rigs, is 59 percent owned by DryShips Inc , a ship-leasing company based in Maroussi, Greece. On Monday Ocean Rig also said it had provided DryShips with a $120 million short-term loan to help it pay $700 million of 5 percent convertible notes due Dec.

Ocean Rig also said in the statement that it extended the date by which France’s Total SA can agree to one-year renewals of its lease of the Ocean Rig Olympia, now working in Angola, to Feb 27. Additionally, Ocean Rig said it will pay investors a 19 cent per common share dividend, to be paid on or about Nov.
If you find yourself stuck inside to avoid getting drenched, try these brilliant activities that will get your Scouts thinking about the world outside. Your Scouts will love putting their green fingers to good use by making a miniature terrarium in a jar. Why not plan an astronomy night and bring the planets to your HQ with this solar system craft.
For older sections, use this activity to inspire them to achieve a Scout Craft Activity Badge or option five in the Explorer Science and Technology Activity Badge.
Mark Wallace, The Taxpayers' Alliance's Campaigns Chairman, said he was opposed to a total ban on police doing outside work, but was concerned about officers being tired after working on rest days. Our Recruitment Team will be holding an Assessment Day on the 24th and 26th May, where attendees will then be shortlisted to become a part of our Training Academy. You will not only be taught and trained by our Learning and Development Team but you will be mentored by our top class Recruitment Consultants, who will give you top tips on how to become successful within the recruitment industry. As part of our Training Academy you will be on a basic salary as well as receiving a financial reward for the work you put in.
I am sure that we have made great improvements in our qualifications and skills so why is the gap still there? Yes, we don’t ask for as much money but also jobs that women do in the main tend to be undervalued and underpaid when compared to men.
The period and price translate into an average rate for each of the vessels of $502,283 per day. They are simple to make and perfect for decorating your meeting place; you just need some soil, small rocks and plants to get started, which you can find at your local garden centre or market.

This activity instructs you to paint doorknobs and turn them into planets, but if you don’t have doorknobs to hand, use modelling clay, which is easy to get a hold of.
But Stephen Matthews, chairman of the Police Federation's Cleveland Police branch, said the police are the most strictly regulated out of the three emergency services. I was coaching a very senior and very well qualified woman who found out by accident that her male colleague was getting paid considerably more than her. Trigger your Scouts' creative juices by providing an assortment of glittery and glow-in-the-dark paints.
Women also have to take time out to give birth and this tends to be at a peak time for advancement at work. Voluntary roles, such as acting as a school governor or a trustee of a charity were also on the list.
There was even an officer who had registered as a radio broadcaster, though not with BBC Tees. Mr Wallace said some work officers are known to be involved with, such as property rental, was unlikely to clash with their police work. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so.

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