For entrepreneurs, one good idea can provide an extraordinary amount of hope.A  Even though the chances of success are minimal, these ideas give people something to aspire to greater than a boring cubicle and a nagging boss. He sold the rocks as "hassle-free" pets, complete with a pet training manual and a card board box fashioned after a pet carrier.
Here's a half-assed, half-a-million-dollar idea for you.A  Somewhere, in Joel Comma€™s sordid mind, out squeaked the iFart, the whoopee cushion for the iPhone.A  Whata€™s even crazier?
When we asked Joel how much his app made to date, he told us there were more than 600,000 downloads, netting him and his company InfoMedia somewhere in the ballpark of $400K. The concept of creating ridiculous captions for absurd animal photos began with a photo of one very fat cat and ended with Eric and Kari becoming millionaires.A  Their original goal?

Advertisers ate up the charity case boy who shamelessly proclaims on his site: a€?I am a pixel hustler and proud!a€?A  The site sold-out its pixels in a little over one year. Fill a sack with beans, give it furry ears, and name it something cute like Patti the Platypus or Splash the Whale. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Back in 1963 his father, Harvey, first drew the happy face for his PR companya€™s client, State Mutual Life Insurance.A  The only money the Balla€™s ever made from the simple sketch was the two-figure dollar amount they made selling it to the client.A  So who did make all that money off the brilliantly simple symbol? To share the chubby tubby image pictured here (which jolted the pair into an alleged 73 minute laughing fit) with as many people who cared to see.A  The domain name came from the caption they wrote for the feline, a€?I can has cheezburger?a€?A  A series of follow up photos about the fat cat obtaining a cheezburger followed, and soon fans began submitting their own creations.

Two brothers, Bernard and Murray Spain, stumbled upon the unrealized potential of the smiley. He became a yellow smiley-based philanthropist.A  What else would you do if you let a gazillionaire-dollar idea slip through your fingers?

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