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Getting married early, but don’t want to fall pregnant until I complete my education? I am felling awkward sharing my intimate life but fear of Allah’s obedience is much higher than secrecy of my private life. These lingerie’s very from next to nothing to all cover-up.  At times he even get excited with my hijab and abaya and asked me to dress up in hijab and abayas in different styles in bedroom. I tried to avoid all this but then he talked about his rights as husband and read some internet fatwas to me where according to them what he is asking is very much halal and as wife it’s my duty to fulfill his desires.
My question is: Is it OK to dress-up in such manner for your husband in very much privacy of your bedroom? I think Abayah is meant to cover you up totally so that there is no arousal, I do not understand how your husband enjoys you while you are dressed in Abayah. And he said: With regard to dancing on the part of women, it is an evil action and we cannot say that it is permissible, because we have heard of incidents that have occurred among women because of it. Apart from this, insha Allah, there are numerous Halaal things he can do to maintain a good relation, but I must mention that the relation between a husband and a wife is much more than just sexual. I would like to just say that a wife can dress up as anyone in anything within the privacy of her home to please her husband when they are both alone. May Allah (swt) protect us all from the fitna of this day and age and help us stay on the right path. I am sure, I read it on either islamicqa or Islamonline, or may be sunnipath; and Allah knows best.
Al-Bukhari recorded that Ibn Al-Munkadir said that he heard Jabir say that the Jews used to claim that if one has sex with his wife from behind (in the vagina) the offspring would become cross-eyed. I would have to agree with Muhammad1982 that a person should beautify themselves for their spouse. I can completely understand your feelings sister Naima and would like to say to you that I hope you appreciate what you have because from your post, I would say MashaAllah at your marriage and may Allah protect your marital bond inshaAllah. I think considering what other people face in their marriage--it sounds like you both have a very healthy relationship, mashaAllah.
I think common sense tells all of us that prohibitions on things like wearing seductive clothing, beautifying oneself, and dancing etc are all made to dictate our behavior in a public forum.

For instance, when we say there is "no dancing", does that mean a young girl who is home alone cleaning her house can't bop around while she does her chores? Sister, in my view, everything your husband has asked you to do is permissible (in the context of you only doing it with him in privacy) and actually will boost the connection you have with him in marriage.
As for what you have said,you have nothing to worry about because since he is your husband he has the right on you and you should be content that your husband is loyal to you and wants YOU to fulfill his desires because most men loose interest in their wives and start looking else-where,but your husband did not do that he came clean with you and asked you to do certain things to get excitement back into his and your personal life.
So you should consider yourself to be lucky to have such a husband because believe me I have seen several cases where a husband COMPLETELY looses interest in his wife and starts having affairs leaving the woman in a state of stress,discomfort and a 24 hour tension never knowing what your future with him is and trying to prevent him from seeing other women. Having said all of this, it should be kept in mind that no music (except the Daff) or wrong poetry (such as that of the movie songs) are involved.
After Aayah 224 was revealed, Hassan bin Thabit and other poets among the Sahabah Radiyallahu Anhum thought it was against them. Except those who believe (in the Oneness of Allah Islamic Monotheism), and do righteous deeds, and remember Allah much, and reply back (in poetry) to the unjust poetry (which the pagan poets utter against the Muslims). We can infer from this that poetry that involves praising Allah, sending blessings (darood) upon the Rasool Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, and what does not involve haraam are allowed, while anything that involves Haraam, such as most of the Ghazals, pop songs, songs from movies (all of which involve something or the other which is Haraam). I don't think it would be appropriate to do these types of workouts in public where men and women are mixing freely, like in a gym etc.
I would have to venture to say that if someone were to say that such workouts were forbidden even under the stipulations I outlined, they would also have to say that the practice of martial arts should be forbidden as many of their katas have very dance-like movements to them. What is forbidden is sex outside of marriage, in other words with someone you are not married to. New questions need to be submitted as new posts rather than as comments on existing posts - this way advice stays (inshaAllah) relevant to the original question and so is more accessible both to the original poster and to others who may search the archives for advice. As you'd written quite a bit, rather than asking you to re-write it, I've copied the text over to a new post for you, and it's joined the queue for publication. Shayari Urdu Images,urdu shayari with picture,urdu shayari wallpaper,love shayari urdu,sad love,bewafa dost,sad urdu,good morning urdu images,good night images urdu,latest shayari urdu images 2015,funny images urdu shayari.
And I pretty much lost the argument when he said “he does not want to look elsewhere to fulfill his desires and if I do not cooperate then I am pushing him to look around”.
Don’t get me wrong, I also enjoy when he get excited and treat me like the most precious thing in his life but I do not want to offend almighty with any of my actions.
You bothe can look at each other's body, but he should not be forcing you to wear what you don't like. There is a Hadith that says that the Day of Judgement will not be established, until dancing women will be respected.

Even if she is among other women, the other women may do things that indicate that they are temped by her.
If it is done by men that is even worse, because that is men imitating women, and the evil involved is well known.
Fatwas you are referring to I assume are for women dressing provocatively in public (using scent, high heels, revealing dresses etc etc) which may entice men and same goes for dancing and singing (only prohibition I know is using bad language or words which are in any way disrespectful or may be considered Shirk etc etc).
Does it mean two sisters who are having a sleepover can't do some silly moves while they are enjoying each other's company? There are general prohibitions for them and the scholars of the Ahlus Sunnah approve this position. See you not that they speak about every subject (praising others right or wrong) in their poetry? In a strictly-females class where no men are around or could be around to watch the classes (I would still cover in these cases unless all of the ladies are Muslim). Sexual intimacy between husband and wife is allowed in Islam and is considered a blessing and a healthy part of the marriage.
At the moment, there is a wait of about 3 weeks between submission and publication on the main page. I deleted the post you created, as I went ahead and registered Med Student and prepped her post. If yes, then you should replace it with a loose one which is within the limits of Allah's Law.
I think best thing is as this sister did is to ask and search, in fact this should be done before marriage ideally. Or that a married couple can't arouse each other with seductive dances I think if someone were to espouse that they would be taking a very extreme interpretation of things.
Because through Nikah, you have become Halaal for your husband and you both can enjoy each other in any manner that is not Haraam.

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