Good base salaries and no expenses—those are big benefits for yacht crew working in the superyacht industry.
In my book, The Insiders’ Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess, I devote an entire chapter to discussing yacht-crew benefits and what is to be expected when one goes to work on various categories of luxury vessels. Indeed, tip money on heavily-booked charter yachts can equate to boatloads of extra cash for the crew. This means that, even for entry-level crew who start out at a $30–$43K base salary, if you can land a job on a charter yacht, you could earn an additional income of $10–$20K a year in crew tips… In fact, I once made $18,000 in tips in one summer Mediterranean season alone! Just think: If the boat you work on costs $25,000 a day to be chartered, and you have the guests onboard for, say, 10 days, then that means they paid $250,000 to rent that vessel. I don’t want to give any false illusions that tips are guaranteed, nor do I want you to think they will always be super generous. Try the outcome of a 42-day charter that cost the guests well over a million dollars, but where my 12-person crew only received $2,500 each. To give you the most accurate scoop, I decided to ask one of the top charter brokers in the business, Debra Blackburn Boggio of Fraser Yachts Worldwide, to comment on how guest tips are handled. From my experience working on a heavily booked charter vessel, while the tips can vary from 5–20 percent, we most often found they averaged out to 10 percent by the end of a season.
I wish the crew of Honor better luck in Season 2, where hopefully they’ll get members capable of more hard work and less attitude. I still can’t help feeling like this crew life juxtaposed with guests on these extravagant boats, traveling all over the world, is the most sure bet, killer idea for a show. As a chef, a charter means more fun and being able to showcase the recipes I’ve learned and highlight the food. Julie Perry spent three years as a mega-yacht stewardess, which took her to over 40 ports in 18 countries. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Quitting smoking means giving up the social interactions, the soothing repetition, and (perhaps the most difficult) the nicotine.
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But indeed, where you can make an even bigger financial score is with guest tips on yachts that charter. And that’s before paying for food, fuel, and docking fees; but tips are factored on the base fee.
I’ve received tips that sent me into shock (big ones), and I was tremendously let down on a few occasions. A charter broker is the person who books and handles all the logistics of a chartered trip; he or she deals directly with the guests (or in most cases, the guests’ personal assistants).
Americans are a tipping nation, and therefore the standard of 10–15 percent of the charter fee is what we recommend.
I don’t understand why they are all so shocked at the time of pay out since the charters are so steeply discounted!
They are still getting paid and it is their job to service guests whether they are owners or charterers.
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It has a unique Quit Fund addition to help cover the costs of quitting, including medical bills. I will never forget our voyage back to San Remo the day those charter guests left us in Civitavecchia (Rome). With the tips I made in one season, I was able to pay off my college loans, have some money to play and shop in ports, and I never even touched the salaried income that was wired into my bank account each month by the owner.
That makes sense to me since she’s the sister ship to a vessel I worked on for over a year and a half. Such great perspective from someone out there experiencing this world and all its facets — good and bad. The first edition of her book, "The Insiders’ Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess," has been a must-read guide for yacht crew since 2006. However, you do need someone to tell you that you can do it, that quitting is possible, and that you are fully capable of achieving your goals. If you have a crew of 10, when the tip is divided equally, you EACH receive $2,500 in tips on top of your salary… All for 10 days of work (albeit hard work and incredibly long days).
Therefore, these clients are not prepared to offer this level of tip, so they expect to offer less, and do. My advice to any new people in the industry is expect nothing, and whatever you get will be a bonus.
With the release of her updated, second edition, Julie hopes to continue to help wannabe “yachties” get into this awe-inspiring industry—if not simply entertain those intrigued by such a career path.
Also, as yachts are getting larger and more expensive, it becomes unrealistic to think that a charterer would spend $350,000+ expenses for a week aboard a yacht, and then give over $50,000 to the crew just as an extra thank you.

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