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Dora is back, and this time she is off to explore the frozen places of the world so she can rescue the Snow Princess from a really mean witch.
It's time to go at the beach with Dora coloring the surfeuse.Also, you can play online game, puzzle Jigsaw Dora Beach. The Grumpy Old Troll was mean to his friend Mouse -- and now he needs help from Dora and Boots for Mouse to forgive him. Nick Jigsaw offers all the great features of our Super Jigsaw games and includes images from some of the most popular Nickelodeon cartoons such as Dora the Explorer. All dressed up and ready to move, adventure some Dora is set to explore the fantastic and fun world of dance. This Officially Licensed Dora the Explorer costume is sure to be fun for your child all year long, feeling ike a real explorer and using their imagination to learn.
Grab your gloves and hat and get ready for a wintry journey with your favorite character Dora the Explorer. Jump rope with The Backyardigans, go river rafting with Dora the Explorer, Diego, leap over hurdles with Kai-lan and much more including an all character relay race.
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Dora is one of those phenomenon's that really hasn't be duplicated or understood to any extent. I don't recommend that you turn over the mouse until the game window is open and maximized. This is our first Dora games review and we will preview and review all the Dora the Explorer online games that we have listed on our Dora games page.
This Dora the Explorer online game has a cast of Dora characters including star which give Dora special help like making bridges to pass over canyons. The game starts on the beach and after cleaning it up and accumulating a score, Dora finds a crown which turns her into a mermaid. As you can see above, this game makes it as easy as possible for your child to spell the word. So if your child is a bit older, this is one of the best Dora games that you can play in my opinion. Aside from the many free online Dora games, you might want to buy Dora the Explorer video games. A greedy King has taken the crystals that make Crystal Kingdom colorful Help Dora and her friends find them and bring color back to the world. Nintendo DS is a popular hand held gaming device and there is a good selection of Dora games.
Tica and Boots play a game where Dora says a word in English and Tico says the word in Spanish.
This game is available on Nick Jr and on occasion your child will be stuck watching a 30 second advertisement. Share peppermints with Benny and lollipops with Isa, but watch out or the pesky Swiper will try to slow you down. Your litte girls can practice new looks and hairstyles on Dora, then give themselves a beauty makeover to match. Four-wheeler with cargo rack on the back is the perfect vehicle for real driving adventure. At fiesta time, she dons a purple and pink satiny two-piece dress with fluttering sleeves and dances the festive merengue.
Just fill the Dora the Explorer Bath Squirters with water and have a splish-splashing good time. Find Dora, Boots, Swiper and others by flipping over cards, two at a time, to try to make a match.

Each character will give you a different game so let your child tell you which character to click! Click the expand button (the square symbol located at the top right corner of the window beside the red X symbol. You know your son or daughter best so hopefully these mini Dora games reviews will help you pick out the games that your child will most enjoy.
This is a mini adventure game that will help your child learn some listening skill as Dora will make suggestions along the path of the game. If Dora stops moving in the game, a voice from Dora will tell you child what they should do or what button they should press. Fly with Butterfly Wings, perform tricks with a magical wand, soar over giant flowers, and bounce off sparkling crystals.
In typical Dora the Explorer fashion, your child will navigate Dora through various levels including the Dancing Forest, Wizzle Mountain, Sea Snake Lake and other areas. Without going into great detail, below we have listed some of the best Dora games for the Nintendo DS system. As you might expect, there are a wide variety of board games that feature Dora the Explorer and her friends.
They all feature Dora and her friends, their voices and are a great way for your child to learn words, letters, and following directions.
This game is super short and appears glitchy because it will end without your child having to do anything! In this game your child gets to move the mouse and click on various images and the words then Dora says the word! Benny needs help finishing his chores and Dora the Explorer is a great friend who will help out! Yes it's a free game but your child may have to sit through a 30 second ad from time to time.
Just make a few precautions like setting up their own account with limited access, remove most if not all the navigational buttons, keep the mouse buttons to left and right clicking only, and remember to turn off the printer! Your child can control Dora the Explorer by using the arrow keys for moving left, right, up and down.
The game is all about adventure and Dora can climb high and up to the clouds where there are more stars and goodies! On completion of the underwater level of the game, Dora shows to total score from both levels and the mermaid castle is saved from the garbage! Nintendo Wii isn't a new video game console now and as a result, these games are pretty cheap. With help from new friends like the Snow Fairy and everybody's favorites Boots, Swiper and Pirate Piggy you'll need to build a snowman, paddle a canoe, steer a dogsled and ride Pegasus. Of course there are many challenges along the way that includes squirting honey, flying monkeys, slippery bananas, and sneezing tree holes. This game has 72 cards and features Dora and her friends including Boots, Diego, Backpack and Swiper the Fox.
Your child will control Dora using the mouse and click the mouse button to activate the vacuum. If your child has the Dora Saves The Snow Princess movie, it will make the game even more fun for them! What's best is that at the end of the game you can print out the costume that either Dora or Diego is wearing! Your child is really going to enjoy the chicken game where Dora has to catch falling eggs in her basket. We are going to expand our section for tablets and smartphones where we will review apps and movies. Encourage your child to collect stars in the game and give them little hints about how to get those high up stars in the Dora game. Your child can click one of the buttons, like the shaker and it will be placed in front of the twins. They use the mouse to move Dora around the beach and ocean and click and hold the mouse button to activate the vaccuum.

The game involves Dora the Explorer and her friends having to save the Snow Princess and the Magical Snowy Forest while they try a defeat the Mean Witch. During the game Dora must find all the color crystals in parts of the game including a butterfly cave, dragon land, and cloud castle. Using the Wii Remote, your child will be required to climb, jump, slide and run through various obstacles in this game. Realize though that the DS version will be much less fancy than the Wii or Playstation 2 or PC version of the same game.
This game has the following Dora friends that your child can play as: Dora the Explorer, Diego, Boots, Backpack or Map. A nice tutorial at the beginning of the game will make this easier for your child to play and enjoy.
There is also magic grow dust which Dora can add to plants which makes them grow even faster.
This game is very enjoyable and is longer lasting than most all other free games available online.
There is no speed control so that simplifies things and they just have to be concerned with aiming at the hold. For 2-4 players.What could be better than a candy-themed fiesta with Dora, Diego, and Boots? Most of all, let them have the freedom to explore because they can and will grasp the concepts of surfing the internet and playing Dora games and most of all, learning at the same time! If you haven't checked out Dora for iPad apps, we recommend you go to the Apple iTunes store and check out the selection there. Certainly games which combine fun with learning are going to get a better rating in my reviews. Yes, that rascal fox steals those letters and your child is left to figure out how to spell it.
Just a warning that children can get very frustrated with the big slides down to the bottom of the board. You may want to seperate some of the games like Bingo because there are many chips that can make a big mess. These Dora the Explorer games are excellent and authentic experiences that feel just like the television show.
The game is made easy by Dora saying hints and the various items will hilight indicating they require an action by your child. This game features impressive graphics and gameplay in comparison to some of the other Dora games. During the game Dora gets hints with flashing items which if hit correctly, will end up with a hole in one! It's not impossible and during the game you don't have to enter actual keys from your keyboard.
The Dora and Swiper figurines for the checkers game also have crowns which need to be put away so they don't get all over your house. This game required mouse movement and clicking and holding mouse while moving clothes onto Dora the Explorer.
Kids need not know how to read to enjoy the game because counting and color recognition guides them along this sweet path.
You will pretty much need to keep track of your children if they are playing the Dora Game House.
I say this computer version is better than the board game because there is nothing to clean up afterwards and you won't lose any of the game pieces! If you want, you can find a simplified and shorter free online version of the Dora matching game on websites like Nick Jr and Treehouse TV. It's not that big of a deal and the advertisements are suitable for children although they are targeted to you the parent!

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