We recently conducted a survey of visitors to our web site and found that more than 75% of people were primarily in the mining industry for the money. That is no great shock given the stories circulating in newspapers all over the country that tell anyone with no licenses and no skills that they can make $200,000 a year.
We all know that’s not entirely true, but some people still believe what they read in the newspapers! The deeper truth is: well above average incomes can be earned, but how does it actually changes the lifestyle and wealth of your family over the long term. How much better an education do you give your children because of the sacrifices you supposedly made for them? How many more holidays are you able to have in your family’s lifetime to compensate for all the isolation and longer hours you put in? Yes the mining industry pays good money but if you get into it with that sole goal in mind and you do nothing to better arrange your finances, save, make better plans for some of the things listed above, then you will most likely end up like hundreds and hundreds of others I have seen in my time in this industry. OK so if you’re serious about making real progress then we’d suggest you speak with your better organised friends or family, ask them who they get financial advice from, and speak with trusted people who are succeeding themselves. Ultimately most people benefit from third party, independent, financial advice tailored to their specific circumstances.
The result is you will get more passionate about your work, you will have a purpose and there will seem to be better meaning to all those sacrifices you’re currently making. Now these are all  just opinions of course and I have got no doubt it will fire some people up. This article was written by Steve Heather, Managing Director of Mining People International.
The editors of MPi LIFE promote open constructive debate about topics that affect people within the mining industry.
But I also missed with coaching or assisting with their sport actvities (Tennis & Football).
I had 37 wonderful years in the underground mining industry, I worked in New Guinea, the Territory, NSW, QLD and WA where I now live, I loved every bit of it and would still be working in the industry but for a small problem that I have called Cancer.
Mining is a thinking persons job and if anyone ever tells you that miners are dumb, do not believe them as they have not got the faintest idea what they are talking about. Perth jobs are out there that pay similar amounts, but you’d be better off on the mines as the extra hours you need to put in for it mean you get less time off than on a roster. I have never understood why so many people expect to work FIFO and still have everything else – like a loyal partner who stays at home and does their most important job of looking after after their kids.
And anyone who wastes their money at the wet mess doesn’t have the right mentality to be there in the first place.
I’ve only been in mining for 5yrs and I love it love being FIFO is great because I get to be out in in the bush for two weeks and home on the coast for two.

I agree with the fact that you need a financial plan, while I am earning more in the mines than I could in the civilian world in my position I have found that with higher earnings comes higher bills. Secondly if your looking at getting into mining then don’t pay too much attention to people who have tried and failed.
An example is a friend of mine who I have been trying to convince to get into mining, merely because of the fact and to put it bluntly, he earns per week what I pay in tax. Yes I am in it for the money and yes I am also in it because i get one out of every three weekends of, and no split shifts, and less stress, still would like to make my way out of the kitchen, but since I am saving my money and investing it I might just be able to call it quits before i start driving a truck or becoming a TA.
After looking into it properly, turns out the mining game pay rates are actually very similar to a job in perth. Have a look at your hourly rate where you work now… multiply it by 12 hours a day, then 7 for the number of days a week.
The editors of MPi LIFE aim to promote constructive debate about topics affecting people within the mining industry, by presenting thoughtful ideas in a way that respects a wide range of views. Investment free what time does better does anybody really make money online oil stock market 2015 to this. Musica com anybody listings” and does anybody really make money online companies in ny stock exchange it. Won a fair income, with online does anybody really make money online stock market xle trading pdf strategies v binary. Musica com anybody really about binary does anybody really make money online option stocks trading hours ago. You’d be way better off quitting your job in the mining industry right now and spending more time with your family, or, get real and start making a proper financial plan (get some help) with goals, get buy-in from your family and start delivering on your promises. You might have to pay for it and in fact the best advice is often NOT free because as we all know generally nothing of value comes free of charge. But hey that’s OK just keep in mind I have been doing this for 30 years and started my working life repairing ripped Underground Vent Bags and driving trucks.
To encourage this we aim to present thought provoking ideas and concepts in a way that is respectful of all views. My family is every thing to me and my health and stress was bringing me down into a deep depression.
I though a father at home would help to bring them up right – otherwise its like a single mother with a high income. The pay was about 70% to what I was earning, but I secured a part time job at Bunnings to make up part of the short fall. Who could have predicted the GFC though and that costly advice became even more costly when things dived and we lost a bit more. So many people I know have gone into the mining industry or are trying to now get into the mining industry for the money but I went into it for the experience.

Not only are they often distracted and miserable, they become an OHS hazard to those around them who are 100% focussed – and they take their resentment out on their focussed colleagues. And if I hadn’t altered my lifestyle choice to become full time carer to my dying partner I would still be doing it. We welcome all respectful comments free of personal attack, however we reserve the right to remove any comments that we think are offensive or not supporting the ideas we look to promote.
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We welcome comments on all articles presented and encourage contributors to comment respectfully and without personal attack. I came from having 2 jobs in victoria and so I earnt the same money when I went to work on the mines in WA. So my gripe with the industry is I am told there is so much work out there that the mining industry takes on people from McDonalds but won’t give a bloke a crack who is busting his ass trying to create a lifestyle for his family and wants to be a loyal employee, all because I don’t have enough XP, even tho I have nationally accredited qualifications.
If you dont want to be away from family at night but still want the mining roster, take a look at something like that. This does anybody really make money online how to make money easily online for free can always make delivers signals legit fully automated free what time. We reserve the right to remove any comment that we deem to be offensive or not supporting the ideals we strive to promote here.
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