Everyone should know that clocks and radios just go together like peanut butter and jelly or Abbott and Costello (OK, I guess I’m showing my age there). But the subject of this post is not clock radios, but instead the other kind of radio clocks: clocks which update themselves to the correct time using radio signals. We often take radio clocks for granted in this day and age, but it wasn’t long ago that people actually had to go through their home or apartment and manually update all of their clocks (and VCRs!) after the switch to or from Daylight Savings Time. As mentioned, radio clocks update themselves by receiving continuous time signals from time transmitter stations that send time information over radio waves.
The kind of radio waves involved are usually extremely low-frequency radio waves of about 60,000 Hz that are sent by high-power radio transmitters and therefore reach long distances. If you’re an extreme geek (and if you are, we love you for it) you can find out more details about the kind of radio signals used for radio clock time transmissions here on the NIST website. NIST stands for the National Institute of Standards and Accuracy and they help determine what accurate time is. So then we come, finally, to the question of exactly how these time signals work, so that your clock can update itself. This is all the information a transmitting time signal needs to send to your radio clock in order to indicate the correct time. The time signals sent are so slow-moving that it takes a full sixty seconds to communicate the proper time to your radio clock!
Oh, by the way, did you think this story was going to be about another kind of clock radio? In England I was given an acctim radio wave clock which does not work here in Toronto, Canada. Very few people enjoy the job search process – the chore of creating a resume, the need to be an aggressive networker or the anxiety of an interview. The resume – defining your brand: A resume must be far more than a document with education, jobs and responsibilities. Social media – promoting your brand: Any social medial platforms you use should reinforce the messages delivered in your resume. Networking –connecting your brand to others: Since you have defined your brand along with your relevant skills, networking should be more seamless. The interview – communicating the value of your brand: This is the time to communicate verbally and visually who you are – it is your brand.

By defining yourself as a brand before you start the job search process, you will end up with a clearer, more consistent, more cohesive approach to the entire process.
Lesley Mitler is president and founder of Priority Candidates, which prepares college students and recent graduates nationwide to get hired for their first jobs. This is an excellent overview that highlights the importance of building your personal brand to help with your job search. During college days students should find their extra personals skills which may lead to branding for them and by the end of when they graduate it could help out to find job.
If you have a radio clock and live in the United States, your clock is surely updating itself by communicating with NIST’s radio signals. Compare that with an old-fashioned internet modem which sends tens of thousands of bits per seconds. If so, visit our internet clock radio right now and compensate for all this geekiness by simply rocking out.
But a truly powerful and effective job search is a by-product of understanding how to successfully market and promote yourself. They must be complete, accurate and showcase your comfort with utilizing social media as a marketing tool. When you get introductions or contact people in your network, it should be easier to describe what you want to do and why you are qualified. With your resume as the script for the meeting, you should be able to speak about those experiences that are relevant to the role and that demonstrate your strengths and accomplishments.
You will have more clarity on who you are and will be more capable of communicating in a way that will make you stand out as a competitive candidate. An alumnus of Duke University who is based in New York City, Lesley has been quoted in USA Today, The New York Times, U.S. Students, in particular, have a hard time with figuring out who they are and what they have to offer besides the degree. The reality is in many cases the resume is secondary to what recruiters can find on LinkedIn, Google, and other social networks.
The truth is that most job-seekers tend to focus on their resume and forget to work on everything else.
In most cases, the signal these radio clocks receive from a time station might come from a connection to an atomic clock…but the standard radio clocks we have in our homes nowadays are actually far removed from true atomic clocks!

Taking the time to refine your brand won’t take all the pain out of the job search process. Any headshots should be consistent across all platforms and the name you use on your resume should be identical as well (for example, not “Robert” in one place and “Bob” in another). When seeking introductions, your brand should make it easier for people to understand your goals and qualifications.
Remember that appearance is an important component of the process and you should dress in a way that reinforces your confidence, professionalism and executive demeanor.
In order to present yourself in the best possible light and stand out from your competition, it’s of the utmost importance to create and promote a personal brand that matches your career goals. It will also make it easier for them to tell others about you in a more clear and accurate way. My employers found me through my digital presence and learned about me that way before asking for my resume for their records. It’s not enough to just make sure that information about you on the internet is work appropriate.
Your online presence also needs to be targeted, career focused, and consistent across all platforms.
That focus and direction will help you to take control of your search and differentiate yourself from your competition – the people who are just scrambling to format their resumes. You need to wear appropriate attire to every interview, be friendly, organized, and present the perfect image of professionalism at all times.
Incorporate key words they use to describe yourself, highlight your superior capabilities and make it easier for a potential employer to choose you over other candidates. Make sure the tone and voice of the resume is consistent with how you communicate in person and across your various social media profiles.

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