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After going out of their way to prevent boot-to-desktop tricks and third-party Start buttons from working during Windows 8’s development, Microsoft has now relented.
Unchecking these options will prevent the app switcher and charms from appearing when you move your mouse near the top-left and top-right corners of the screen, something that happens frequently when using full-screen apps and games on a Windows 8 desktop. You’ll still be able to open the app switcher and charms with hotkeys (Windows Key + Tab and Windows Key + C) and by moving your mouse cursor to the bottom-left and bottom-right corners of the screen and moving it upwards along the edge. Click the Start button and you’ll see your installed desktop apps first in the list, with Modern apps hidden near the end. This menu also still provides quick access to other frequently used system configuration options, like the Control Panel.
However, Microsoft has backed down on their complete hostility to desktop users and seems to actually realize that keyboard and mouse users are important, too.
For anyone really needing to bring the Win 7 experience to Win 8, 'StartIsBack' is the best thing since sliced bread. So I left it installed and since I was dual booting windows 7 I just up it to windows 8 and reinstalled Start Menu 8 now back to normal.
Just had an idea, most people only used the start menu for search, so, if this is the case for you, just remap the Win key to Win+S.

Does anybody know how to get rid of these annoying new tip window (in 8.1) that appears whenever you start a store application?
DID YOU KNOW?Gauge orphans are out-of-service rail lines that have been rendered obsolete as a result of the rail gauge change (upgrade) on the main feeder lines. Should You Use the Hardware Drivers Windows Provides, or Download Your Manufacturer’s Drivers? Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. Wicked Mike On April 23, 2012 · 2 Comments The evolution of the computer monitor has been rapid, as exciting as it has been practical. At first, they were utilized for laptops but their compact and light-weight attributes were soon adopted by PCs and Macs. Modern houses no longer have awkward television sets but rather computer monitors for both entertainment and work usage. I have it because I had a disaster with my previous laptop on the day after Christmas and I needed a replacement in a hurry. Windows 8.1 includes many features that should have been included with Windows 8, and it can feel much less awkward on a desktop PC. If you really love the traditional Start menu, Start button replacements are being updated so they work with Windows 8.
Windows 8 lovers who defended Microsoft’s changes and were much happier without the Start button will now be unable to disable the Start button and will have to live with it.
When you go to the Start screen, it will look as if the tiles (or list of installed apps) are hovering over your desktop rather than existing in a different environment.
Fortunately, there’s now a way to hide it so you never have to see those live tiles again. You can also opt to show your most frequently used apps first, so it will work like the frequently used apps list in Windows 7’s Start menu. This will allow you to also search your settings and files when you start typing at the Apps screen. Search at your Start screen and Windows will search your installed apps, settings, and files without any clicking through different categories.

I have short cuts for my progs on the desktop and now I have shortcuts for restarting and shutdown as well.
My system has no touch screen and the damn thing stays on screen until I terminate all apps.
Producing a better quality picture that consumed less power meant that computer monitors could increase in size. Dell contracts the design out to whatever Taiwanese or Chinese or Malaysian or Singaporean shop will do it cheaply. Start8 has been updated, so you can still install Start8 on Windows 8.1 to get the traditional start menu back.
You don’t have to install third-party software or mess around with complex hacks involving the Task Scheduler just to boot to the desktop.
You can still click the little arrow at the bottom to go back to the live tiles, but you never have to see them again if you don’t want to. In other words, you can now shut down your computer right from the Start button again — you just have to right-click it instead of left-click it. Perhaps when I build my very own gaming PC, i'll get it for the slightly improved framerates.
Together, we shall kill, first the Start menu, then the taskbar, then the desktop icons, and then the desktop itself! In Windows 8.1, you can simply press Windows Key + S to open the search sidebar and perform searches without leaving your desktop. It would be one thing if the damn battery worked better than other batteries, but mine only lasted 10 months before it started dying rapidly and only held 60% of it’s full charge.

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