Like most victims of cyber crime, Ritu Taura, a housewife and mother-of-two from Hertfordshire, is still not sure how her computer became infected. The scale of the damage is huge - cyber crime is estimated to have cost the country A?35 billion last year. These account details might be used straight away or sold on, to be used at a later date with your money siphoned off and transferred through the accounts of criminals known as a€?money mulesa€™, who are paid to move money from place to place.A recent survey by non-profit organisation Get Safe Online found that more than 56 per cent of Britons have been victims of cyber crime. Corrupt internet service providers often host the machines used by cyber criminals a€“ the notorious a€?Koobfacea€™ gang, which at one point made $1 million a month from disseminating viruses through Facebook, is largely comprised of webmasters in the pornography industry.
Cyber attacks still often begin with your PC being infected with a virusCyber attacks still often begin with your PC being infected with a virus. Facebook links are often used by cyber criminals a€“ with a€?funnya€™ videos designed to con people into clicking a link that will infect their machine. 9 USE EXTRA PASSWORDSa€?Two-factora€™ passwords, such as a password plus a secret code where you only hand over one or two letters at a time, offer an extra layer of security.
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After seeing all these really bad charts I had to make a pie chart that represents the pie chart menace while the chart itself being bad.
I've ruthlessly destroyed all dashboards at my company that contain a pie chart based on your (and Stephen Few's) comments about them. Here is another example of a Pie Chart from the Oracle Hyperion Splash Screen - fortunately, it is not trying to tell us anything, which makes it even more useless!!!
Pie charts are a good example of one of the often least effective forms of data visualization. A reader of Pie Charts should be very wary but a producer of Pie Charts can use them to great effect to make an argument (valid or otherwise).
MISSISSIPPI (WITI) — A Mississippi mother says school officials told her her young daughter was injured on the playground. Police are apparently not investigating the incident — saying there is no indication anything criminal took place, and the school says no other children were involved in the incident. Harris says her daughter has told her she was attacked, but because no teachers were there to witness it, there is no proof another student was involved. I sure hope with all this attention that the police will be forced to get to the bottom of it. Since a criminal investigation needs to take place before Lacey can go over the abusive child’s parents in a civil suit to cover those medical expenses, and bill collectors wait for NO ONE, a recently-divorced, working mother of 3 who has to take off work to meet with school officials, legal counsel and medical professionals, with an unemployed ex-husband, has limited funds to pay these continually-increasing medical bills.
Instead of making your ignorant, snarky comments about what you THINK is someone else’s responsibility, how about you join us in our fight to force the school to provide better playground supervision for our children, and our urging that police investigate the other child’s home environment to find the cause of this brutal, violent behavior? Just because you are a single mother with a deadbeat baby daddy doesn’t mean you accept govt assistance. Why is there an assumption that single mothers whose children have deadbeat fathers are on welfare? I Notice that some commenters said that the mother with the injured child should pay medical bills for the entry of her child.
Please stop accusing the mother or someone that was not at the school of doing this and read the story. The school claims this happened on the playground, they also say no other children were involved. If the police department does not do any thing…turn it over to ACLU this child has had her civil right ignored ! This is just terrible for that child i sure hope the Mother hasn’t sent her back to that school. Despite being named last year, and having pictures of their offices circulated, all are still at large. These are spread in familiar ways a€“ usually by email a€“ but the attacks are often now cleverly disguised as invoices or even as deliveries scheduled to arrive at a home address. Often a a€?videoa€™ link will try to fool people into visiting an infected site or downloading something in the guise of video software. Many sites offer this as an option, but people tend to resist except when theya€™re made to do it a€“ eg, by their bank.
So we will pick on some of the plump, overloaded and visually disgusting pie charts featured on various extremely popular websites. I believe pie is best used to represent less than 5-6 categories or so when they have good data strength (so that we can clearly distinguish individual categories)!.
This blog is started in 2007 and today has 450+ articles and tutorials on using excel, making better charts. Lacey Harris says her daughter’s injuries indicate something far more sinister occurred.
Why don’t you let my five year old kick you repeatedly in the face with some hard shoes? Lacey has every intention of taking every cent not spent on legal and medical necessities and donating it to an anti-bullying charity.
People are actually saying the mother had no right to seek financial help for medical bills! As soon as my kids bump their knee there’s a bruise cuz their bones aren’t as strong as an adults they bruise easier n quicker than that of an adult!! Now that baffles me because I was under the impression the school was now in charge of the welfare of the children in their care. A majority of these people do not have children, and the rest send them to expensive private schools that would not allow this thing to happen for fear of a tarnished reputation and multi-million dollar lawsuit.
She can say what happened to her and she said someone kicked her constantly until she fell off the slide.
I’ve seen for myself in high school where a guy was hit in the face and in a matter of minutes his face has swollen up like crazyy. From what I read, the school called the mum as soon as she fell, the bruising was not as bad at the time, she took her to hospital, where I am sure they ran CT and probably asked her to follow up with her pediatrician, which I am sure she did. Then, slowly and stealthily, money began to disappear from her own bank account.The infection probably arrived via a spam email.

Crimes often go unreported a€“ up to one in five people say nothing because they feel it is somehow their fault. When your credit card details are stolen, ita€™s usually by well-trained groups of about a dozen people. Once a victim clicks a link or opens a document with invoice details, the infection has begun.
Your only defence is to think, a€?Would my friend really post that?a€™ So be careful about people you only half-know.A 6A  BE CAREFUL ON PUBLIC WI-FILaptops and phones both a€?remembera€™ Wi-Fi networks they a€?knowa€™ a€“ so hackers can use this to break in. Other banks provide customers with a device that uses your password to generate a random code number that allows access to your account.10 SET EVERYTHING TO UPDATE AUTOMATICALLYMessages such as a€?Windows is downloading updatesa€™ can be irritating a€“ but if you dona€™t set every piece of software to auto update, youa€™re leaving yourself open to attack. Every week you will receive an Excel tip, tutorial, template or example delivered to your inbox.
If the facilities are such that the children are not protected from harm then it stands to reason they should be responsible for those medical bills. I honestly think that the matter happened at school, the teachers obviously see how bad the situation is, and are sticking together because they don’t want to face the consequences. There is a type of trauma that it looks like she received to her forehead, a rather large hematoma, which usually takes a day or two to spread into the soft tissues around her nose, giving her that raccoon like appearance. But the first sign of it was when she became a spammer herself, bombarding friends with emails offering once-in-a-lifetime deals.
These can often be found from someonea€™s main email address, in past emails where someone has sent a sort code, an address, or an account number.
It can be hard to tell whether a network is real a€“ orA  is being run by a hacker who wants to steal your details. Attackers actively look for vulnerabilities not only in your operating system but also in your browser and other software. What more, as a joining bonus, I am giving away a 25 page eBook containing 95 Excel tips & tricks.
Why would mom make a big stink about it n why would the school confirm it happened at school?!
This mother and child did not ask for what happened and it seems to me that they really aren’t being given any answers. Then the money started going from her account, first in small amounts a€“ A?10 or A?20 at a time a€“ so it wasna€™t noticed.
Emails can yield everything from passport scans to addresses a€“ ita€™s a tool kit for identity fraud.If someone can get into your email, they can probably get access to your Amazon, Paypal or eBay accounts, too a€“ anything that can be used to transfer money or make purchases online.
A report issued by the intelligence services recently estimated that Britain is subject to as many as 1,000 attacks every hour.
Attacks often spread as videos that fail to play, instead popping up with a message that you need to a€?upgrade your video playera€™. If youa€™re going to use public networks for business, use a laptop because the browser will warn you of security breaches a€“ your mobile wona€™t. But I know down here if someone’s child comes home with a scratch, we asking questions and the stories better match. Not saying that another child may have kicked her off of the slide, unintentionally, but really a bloody beating?
Then the withdrawals ramped up, with hundreds of pounds being taken at cashpoints across the UK. The scale of the damage is huge a€“ cyber crime is estimated to have cost the country A?35 billion last year. These people are launching millions of attacks every day.a€™The lower ranks have few IT skills, having been taught one simple part of the a€?tradea€™, which they repeat over and over again for pay a€“ such as simply sending out thousands of spam emails that, when opened, can infect your PC. 7 DONa€™T TRUST PEOPLE YOU DONa€™T KNOWSecurity experts recommend doing an a€?offline testa€™ a€“ ie, would you do the same thing if you were offline? If u do hav kids n ur saying this then maybe u urself hav a bully for a kid or maybe ur a bully?? Once a PC is infected, it will be handed to another a€?juniora€™ criminal who will infect it with more malicious software, then pass it on to their bosses, who reap the profits.a€?Some groups of hackers will just buy a kit that provides all you need to launch a fairly sophisticated cyber attack,a€™ says Cox. If you are chatting to someone online and you tell them something, would you have handed the same information to someone you were chatting to in a bar?A  In a bar, you at least know who you are chatting to a€“ online, you can never know whether someone isA  who they claim to be.
I think you people are missing the point, that this child was OBVIOUSLY beaten by somebody (that cannot happen from a fall, not like that) and whomever is responsible should have to pay the medical costs, as well as compensation for the emotional trauma this child has endured and will have to live with for the rest of her life.
So now mum goes on FB, with the encouragement of her friends, not just to get justice but to ask for money. Then the stealing will begin in earnest.Cyber criminals a€?renta€™ access to infected PCs for $2 a day. 8 USE ANTIVIRUS SOFTWAREAntivirus software is not a Holy Grail but it helps you to deal with known problems a€“ although machines can still fall victims to new attacks, and will be easy prey until the antivirus companies respond to the attack. And yes, even though I fully recognize the lack of funding for school, I do think that the school is AT LEAST partially responsible, as it is their duty to act as In Loco Parentis (I know this because I’m going to school to become a teacher).
Which, until you know exactly what will be needed to cover expenses, how can one ask so soon? Perhaps she had clicked on a cleverly disguised attachment a€“ a€?Your invoice is attacheda€™ a€“ or visited an infected website.
For spammers who can send out billions of attacks a day, ita€™s a business with unthinkably huge profit margins.A WHO ARE THE HACKERS?a€?Hackers arena€™t just one type of person,a€™ says Cal Leeming, a former hacker responsible for a A?750,000 theft who now works in computer security.
Then the attackers will get paid for every time they install this infection on a computer.a€™ A software package that could be used to infiltrate a bank or similarly well-protected target used to cost about $8,000 on Russian cyber crime forums a€“ now it can be bought for $380.
They sell time on it for use in spam attacks (which is when your friends notice that youa€™re sending them all kinds of unwanted emails).Infected PCs no longer slow down or crash. What this means is they are to act as the parent in the absence of the student’s real parents. Not sure what if any justice will come from this, a little girl more traumatized than necessary because of all of the publicity, people accusing teachers without proof of negligence, police being called disgraceful. Once one infection has a€?breacheda€™ a computer, more will follow, with the original hacker selling on details to other criminals and installing more and more software to steal credit card details, passwords and private information.
Cyber crime is no longer for a hacker elite.a€?We are at a tipping point for the power and reach of organised digital crime,a€™ according to a report by British Aerospacea€™s cyber defence wing, Detica, which has begun to offer its expertise in bulletproof defences against hackers to ordinary companies. They are responsible for ensuring the safety of their students through supervision and nurturing care while those students are at school.

Obamacare had affected so many people negatively, God knows what this families insurance issues might be. This is why things like this should not go straight to social media before all avenues have been investigated.
Ita€™s probable that the criminals who tricked their way into her computer were based abroad and simply sold her account details to criminals in the UK. For hackers, the man on the street is a more tempting target than a well-defended bank or government website. Often, criminals will steal information with software that logs every keystroke typed on a computer, or by implanting software into web browsers such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. So all you people who jump to your conclusions without knowing your facts, you are what is wrong with this world. The malicious software used to effect this sort of crime has evolved rapidly, from crude viruses that used to be easy to spot, to a€?stealtha€™ programmes that can sit on a PC, monitoring keystrokes and even intercepting communications with a persona€™s bank.
It is spreading soA  that a lot of it now comes from countries that already have a high level of violent crime a€“ developing countries with large computer populations such as South Africa and Brazil.a€™In the past year, cyber crime has become dominated by organised, professional gangs that operate like legitimate IT companies. In terms of damage caused, the global cyber crime industry has already overtaken the global trade in heroin, cocaine and marijuana, according to figures from Norton.The Government is taking the threat seriously, too. Banking a€?appsa€™ on mobile phones can seem like a gimmick but they are usually safer than accessing a banka€™s site from an unsecured PC.
Not the single mothers, not even the ones who do need financial assistance to get by, it is you that is the downfall of society because of your continued arrogance, ignorance, and lack of education. In the cyber crime heartlands of Russia and eastern Europe, the criminals often are professionals. If you are unsure, phone the bank direct.By another sleight of hand, banking attacks can now infest your internet browser, bringing up a fake page that a€?reassuresa€™ you that nothing has happened, whereas in fact, money is vanishing from your account. The fake page shows only the real transactions youa€™ve done yourself.a€?For a criminal, ita€™s a lot safer than grabbing a bag in the street,a€™ says Haley.
Mexican drug gangs have begun to diversify into cyber crime, kidnapping IT professionals and forcing them to hack into peoplea€™s bank accounts, or directly into banks. There are groups of people who have decided they are going to make their living this way.a€™ A THE DANGER OF PASSWORDSA fundamental weakness is still our use of passwords, and the sheer number of websites that require one. Your email account, your Amazon account, eBay, Paypal, buying a plane ticket, booking a hotel room, signing up for a mailing list, playing an online game, trying to trace your family tree or find old schoolmates a€“ to do all these requires a username and password.
As many of us have at least a dozen user accounts, some of which we dona€™t use very often, we tend to use the same or similar passwords every time. For simplicity, many sites now use your email address as your username, as ita€™s easier for you to remember. Passwords are much more vulnerable now than they used to be, even so-called a€?stronga€™ passwords with numbers and symbols. If theya€™re not being broken one by one, theya€™re being hacked en masse, as happened to Sonya€™s database of PlayStation users, which ended up costing the company $171 million.
If you avoid your password being hacked, leaked, stolen by a virus that watches keystrokes or re-set by a con-artist pretending to be you (after all, he knows your first pet, maiden name, primary school and favourite artist), then there is an excellent chance it will just be guessed.
Despite the warnings, surveys continue to show that a€?passworda€™, a€?123456a€™ and a€?12345678a€™ are the most commonly used passwords.The trouble is that a ready solution is not forthcoming. Biometric data a€“ iris scans and fingerprints a€“ was thought to be a possible answer, but few will be willing to invest in a home fingerprint scanner, and therea€™s no guarantee that these personal identifiers will be any harder to steal.
Ever-harder passwords would be inconvenient, cumbersome and, in the long run, just delay the inevitable. At the moment, systems such as Googlea€™s dual-identification process are probably the best compromise around: a€?lost passworda€™ resets are accompanied by a text message to your phone to check that ita€™s really you that needs to get into your email account. The Crown Prosecution Service has no figures for how many people have been prosecuted for cyber crimes, as they fall across divisions such as fraud and theft. Last month Commissioner Adrian Leppard, the head of the City of London Police, said that online fraud a€?is rising exponentiallya€™, and warned that a quarter of the 800 specialist internet crime officers employed to tackle the problem could be lost as spending is cut.
In the absence of rapid responses from the police and governments, tracking and fighting cyber crime often falls to antivirus companies and small groups of ethically minded hacking experts. Beale has worked in a€?penetration testinga€™ for a decade, trying to find weaknesses in corporate and government systems. But while technology changes, the weaknesses dona€™t.WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT ITPeople who have fallen victim should contact their bank immediately, run a virus scan on their PC to check for the root of the infection a€“ and contact their email provider saying they have been hacked. Todaya€™s infections are built so they can instruct your machine to download new software at any time, so it can be months before money suddenly begins to vanish, or your machine is used as part of a spam campaign or hacker attack.As Tom Beale says, a€?The human factor is alwaysA  the weakest link in the chain. People are easily distracted a€“ and others are going to prey on that.a€™ TEN WAYS TO PROTECT YOUR PC FROM A CYBER ATTACK1. USE DIFFERENT USERNAMESThe sheer number of passwords and usernames required to live a normal online life mean that people often recycle.
Cyber criminals can simply use Google to a€?join the dotsa€™, connecting them across all the different online worlds they live in. 2 DON'T RE-USE YOUR EMAIL PASSWORDYour email password is the a€?keya€™ to all your accounts a€“ if hackers want to access your Facebook account, say, they can reset it via your email. Even if you DO reuse passwords, the one that you should never reuse is your email password.
If you do, youa€™re handing out the keys to be breached, giving hackers access to the information theya€™ll need to hack your bank account and other networks you use.
3 DON'T ADD STRANGERS AS FRIENDS ON FACEBOOKFacebook is full of information that can be useful to hackers a€“ including the names of family members, addresses and email details that can fill in crucial a€?blanksa€™ for identity theft.
People still a€?frienda€™ people they dona€™t know a€“ not realising they are handing over the a€?keysa€™ to their online life.
4 DON'T BE FOOLED BY 'CRIES FOR HELP'Some of the most effective attacks are a€?cries for helpa€™ from friends a€“ such as emails saying that someone is stuck abroad and needs money sent by wire transfer.
If ita€™s someone who travels a lot and their email is hacked, ita€™s more convincing when you get an email saying that they are stranded abroad and need money.

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