The best thing I liked about Loupe is that it has nice options to tweak; you can change shapes and re-assemble your images as you want.
Create Photo Collages Using Pictures of your Facebook Friends Tech Guides About Us Work 10 Feb 2012 Create Collages with your Facebook Photos Create beautiful photo collages with your own Facebook photo albums or using pictures of your friends. Create collages of your choices with this free 309kb application that works on all 3 platforms.
Shape Collage is an automatic photo collage app for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, and iPad.Checkout Loupe, our newest collage web app for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Drive, Tumblr, and more. Shape Collage is an automated photo collage maker that makes collages in different shapes in seconds!
Add photos, or even an entire folder of photos, by clicking File > Add Photos and then browsing to the location where your photos are saved. Select the shape, and use the preview button to see the layout before creating the collage. You can change the spacing of the collage to make the photos closer together or further apart. The great thing with the Shape Collage, is that it exports the image at 300 dpi, so you can print it out and put it in a frame.

I just tried out this app and it sucks because after 7 collage attempts it starts putting the watermark in the middle. It can Pull in your photos from your Facebook Profile to create the collage, the app can also pull photos from the albums of your Facebook friends that are visible to you. If you are not satisfied with the sample shapes and want to use a Text as your collage shape then in the toolbar Scroll furthest to the right for the TEXT option.
You could make her breakfast or take her out for dinner like you do every year… OR you could put a little more thought into your gift and make her a collage! The best thing about collages is that they can be printed out and framed or even printed on a canvas! If you save the collage as a PSD file, you can open the file in Photoshop, and move photos around, change the ordering, rotate the photos, apply filters, and more, as each photo in placed in its own layer.
What a beautiful way to do a gallery of photos – and it was such fun to go to Hong Kong with you! You can select all the photos from the album or alternatively you can pick and choose which ones will be displayed. The best part of this collage is that it has emotive qualities… because I was next to you when you took most of the images! Use Shape Collage to take your photos and make a beautiful and unique photo collage in any shape that you want in just seconds!

Loupe generates a relatively small image of your collage that will probably look good only on a mobile screen. Photo Collages and Facebook Privacy Any photo collage that you create with Loupe is public and currently there’s no option to change the visibility to private. Thus, if you have any private photos on Facebook that you don’t want the world to see, it may not be a good idea to turn them into collages because others may then find them through search engines. Also see: Create Picture Collage in Picasa Tweet Comments are closed but if you want to respond, please send me an email or tweet. He loves building web apps and has also written for the Wall Street Journal & Lifehacker. Save Send web files directly to your Dropbox or Google Drive Listen Write something and save it as an audio file.
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