This is a video from the University of Washington documenting a successful human-to-human mind control experiment.
Well, there you have it -- if the government can get us all outfitted with cranial magnetic stimulation coils this game is OVER. Hit the jump for a video of the experiment, but you might want to make a tinfoil helmet first.
Thanks to Unfairchild, JO, alex and Dowdy, who agree ultimate power comes not from mind control, but soul control. Yeah, I believe the setup is as they describe it, but I can't imagine it is any more than some kind of mild shock that makes his hand tense up in a way that is as if he pressed the space bar.
I do suspect that the brain is involved in the process, most likely the cerebral cortex part of the brain.

A healthy, wakeful human brain is a constantly running machine, doing tasks that no computer can approach.
There are probably other threads running concurrently with sensory input and thinking, taking care of keeping the body functioning as intended and minding other housekeeping chores, but forming an intent seems to me to be centered in the thinking thread. If our imagined future is perceived to be unfavorable, or not as favorable as we might like, we can decide in the thinking thread to take action that we believe will improve our situation. There is an open question as to whether or not forming an intent or other activities that involve the consciousness take place entirely in the brain. To fire this canon, Rao would need to use his right hand to press the spacebar on his keyboard. As events stream by us in their passage from the future to the past, our senses sample the information the events contain and the brain immediately sorts that sensory input into "important" and "not important".

They were able to pick up the electric signals from the first guys brain, specifically the signal that said he wanted to press the spacebar to fire at the missiles.
Probably the great majority of our sensory input goes straight into the bit bucket, leaving only traces, if anything, in the consciously accessible memory. This sent a clear mental signal across campus to Stocco who, as if being controlled by strings, dutifully moved his finger to the spacebar and pressed down. That signal went to the recipient, causing him to press down the spacebar instead.What did you not really get?

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