If you aren’t familiar with AirParrot 2, it is an application that allows you to stream your desktop PC or Mac screen to a few different types of receivers. In addition to the desktop piece, Squirrels has created AirParrot 2 Remote that allows you to control the streaming from your iPhone. With AirParrot 2, you are able to share your screen with more than one receiver so training and meetings are a breeze.
AirParrot 2 Remote also allows you to control the computer screen remotely, which also makes life just a tad bit easier.
Additionally, AirParrot 2 Remote allows you to build playlists from files on your computer. If you happen to be an all Apple home, I would definitely jump on getting AirParrot 2 along with the Remote app. Use AirParrot Remote to begin streaming media files from your media server, or use it to start a presentation when your computer is in another room.
AirParrot Remote was designed to allow you to use AirParrot 2 without touching your computer.

View your selected display before you begin mirroring to make sure the content you’ve selected is what you want sent to your destination.
What is Train Brain?This is a circuit board made by CTI Electronics that brings a whole new meaning to the words a€?layout controla€?!Model railroad computer control used to be very complicated. Another good point is that you can still use your walkaround Digitrax throttle whenever you wish to walk away from the computer screen and follow your trains. Although, I did find controlling it from my iPhone 6+ a bit difficult due to not being able to enlarge the screen. Stream your favorite playlist to AirPlay-enabled speakers at home for continuous background music during a party or get-together. I feel the biggest benefits would be for those using it in the workplace for training or meetings. Having a Mac, iOS device, and AppleTV working together would be the best scenario for personal use in my mind. It will not allow you to send your iOS device or files found on your iOS device to a destination.

Initiate connections, select new destinations, mirror your display, extend your desktop and more.
It is a great way to conduct a meeting or training session in the workplace or watch your videos via Apple TV.
Your computer can be in a different room of the house while you control it form the comfort of your couch. Working together, these two pieces of the whole make life in work and at home easier and more productive.
The remote allows you to switch between using the pointer and keyboard –depending on what is needed.

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