Any third party products, brands or trademarks listed above are the sole property of their respective owner.No affiliation or endorsement is intended or implied. I thought it would be nice to have most of the money-making tips in one place for easier reference as a lot of other ones aren’t very detailed.
One of the easiest ways of making money, at the cost of real-life money (USD – United States Dollars).
Selling to others – Nowadays, with a higher amount of uses for DBs, and a higher player demand for them, most server prices for DragonBalls are around 20-40 million (kk) gold, so this could be a very quick way of making in-game currency. Upgrading Equipment Quality – With a certain amount of DBs, you could upgrade an item from normal to Refined, Refined to Unique, Unique to Elite, and Elite to Super.
Exchanging for CPs – Each DragonBall can be exchanged for 215 CPs at CPAdmin in Market (178,182).
To compose most gems, you’ll need 15 gems and a certain amount of money, then talk to Jeweler in (240,256) Market. Note that in making the House Permit, I believe any ores will be accepted by the NPCs, including Euxenite, Gold, etc., while the Upgrade requires CopperOres. Hawkings – Upper right of the map is a portal near the waterfall, which will take you to an enclosed, decent-sized Hawking spawn (Wonderland Cave).
HawKings – Taking the portal behind the Pharmacist (#1 on the map) will take you to a large island with quite a lot of large spawns there. Depending on which server you’re on, there may be a GuildConductress who can take you near MetZone easier.
Water Taoist – Since Water Taos spend a lot of their time getting plvled anyway, you have a chance to pick up the stuff on the ground the person leaves behind.
Bird Island – The home to a lot of archer plvlers, as the spawns are large and very frequent. Mystic Castle – From Desert City, go to the top-left to Mystic Castle (or have the Conductress teleport you there). If you have 27 CPs, then you can enter in the Lottery by talking to LadyLuck at (202, 213) Market. Marketing is requires a lot of thinking, patience, luck, and of course money to start with. With the knowledge of what prices are, you’ll be able to find which items are being sold extremely cheap, very expensive, etc.
There are also things you may not even be prepared for, like how the Lottory skyrocketed DragonBall prices, how last Halloween’s Metbox prize lowered Meteor prices (at least on my server), and how the socketing blacksmith and ToughDrills will lower the value of Sockets in the future.
As you’re legally able to open 2 CO Clients at once, many people choose to create a char just for marketing (a normal account, or a Merchant), that way, while that character sits in the market displaying their items for sale, the main account is free to do whatever.
A simple way of making money, all you need is a level 15 character and a PickAxe which you can buy for 1k from the TC ShopKeeper (or get a free Hoe from the Warden in Jail). PhoenixCastle (Lower-Right across bridge) Level 40 Required – Use mainly for CopperOres (House Upgrade) and gems (Kylin, Rainbow, Phoenix, and Dragon Gems). DesertCity (Upper-Right) Level 70 Required – The money mine, GoldOres are mined more frequently than the others. MetZone Mine – Extremely far away, and hard to get back to normal cities, not recommended to mine here. Nowadays, you can lock your items so you won’t drop them when you unequip them to kill yourself. After a person is revived, teleports, or logs in, there is an 8 second delay time from when you can hit them again, unless they move. When using a Reborn Guard or pet and hit someone, it’ll lock onto them, which may make you flash when they stop flashing, or accidentally hit them when they come back.

Market characters – Although most market chars are level 1 noob accounts (usually logged in TC, since PK is forbidden), you may stumble across one while on your PK spree.
Archers – With low defense and health, but a very good ability to hunt, killing them may lead to ok drops (usually Mets). Miners – Not many people mine nowadays, but killing them can drop ores, and possibly gems.
Because of the chance of being sent back and forth or not, there’s a chance of completing SkyPass in a short time, or a very long time. The aim for most Archers, Water Farming is when you create Water Taoists to plvl and reborn quickly.
Since Warriors are able to level quicker than most classes, with it’s SuperMan skill, you may be able to make level 120 ones semi-quickly to reborn your main equipment.
Now buy gems with the money you made, make sure you buy the cheapest gems possible to make atleast 200k-300k profit, and repeat bluemouse. After you’re done, trade all the mets to your seller, sell them, and keep repeating the process. If you do not spend your money, you can make x2 profit a day (5 Gems from start, then 10, then 15, 25 etc.) and will be making faster money. Learn how to make better videos through lessons, tutorials, and sage advice from industry insiders us, your personal creativity consultants we re home fantastic community moneysavers but anyone post. But, as this is technically a Free-to-Play game, a lot of players consider this form of money-making a bit like cheating (especially the Bulk Pack of 125 DBs). For most gems, it’s 15 Normals + 10k to make a Refined, then 15 Refines + 800k to make a Super. If you used one of the recommended classes, activate their skills and search the left side of each room of the mine. House Permits and Upgrades usually sell for about 20-40kk depending on servers, so although the quest is long, the money is good. It’s hard to get as there may be players logged on in that area to kill it just as it spawns. This form has slightly higher att, def, and hp than the normal ones, and usually drops 4 normal, full durability weapons of the monster’s level. Before you kill yourself however, transfer your Mets (and equipment if needed) to your lvl 1 noob. Course, with all the killing of monsters going on, not many people take the time to pick up every item or scrap of gold on the ground, so it’s a good place to loot. From there, enter the building, and you can lure the Tombats to the Guards for them to kill. She’ll then teleport you into a room full of ItemBoxes, just click on one to get a prize depending on your luck. Missing, or adding too many 0’s are the most common mistakes, so be careful of making these yourself.
With the new Trade Partners and Item Lock features, you can trade between your main and marketer easier. One is to have each noob logged at the entrance to each tactic, so you know which one you’re on.
But, if you have high attack, good aim, and are able to kill them quickly, they could drop something valuable from their main equipment.
When you acquire 6 tickets, you can bring them to David at (444, 290) Twin City, who’ll give you 6k gold in exchange. After you talk to the guard, he’ll either send you to the PrizePlatform where you choose which box you want, or back to the 5th floor.

The coords for Squamas are the exact same every day, so if you find one, you should write down the coords and map you found it on for future reference. For example, a Unique Socketed Archer coat goes for about 25kk on my server, however, an Elite Socketed coat can go for 150kk. As you receive a DB from level 110 promotion, and a choice of a Super Gem with normal Rebirth, this is the usual method for high leveled Archers (usually 121+) for making money. Sell all the metscrolls with your seller and do not spend all the money you earned right away. Blog covers ways extra cash working home, telecommuting, unconventional jobs worldly pleasures financial times. Composing gems to earn money also ties in with Marketing, which takes a bit of thinking and calculations.
Level 1 Characters rarely drop anything when killed by monsters, so your valuables should be save. At the 3rd Stage of the quest, you may also find a SqumaBead, another important quest item you can sell. Although slow, these monsters are very high leveled, so they have a higher chance of dropping good items and gold. You don’t have to carry any money, or buy anything (but I would recommend carrying at least 5kk at all times in market), but by checking every stall in the market, you have a chance to find out the average price of a lot of items, and perhaps find an occasional good deal. A high leveled archer, at least level 80+ is recommended as most of the quest items require a lot of hunting to find.
If you’re lucky enough to upgrade the quality from Unique to Elite with a few DBs with the TwinCity Artisan and resell it, you can make a profit.
Item prices selling to NPCs is based on durability, you can sell these for profit, or use them as spare PK Gear. Once you kill yourself and your noob, you’ll respawn at the edge of map 10 in the AZ map. However, you can’t really put your trust in these, as it may or may not be simply luck.
You may also be able to find a StoneCity Scroll being sold, which will teleport you to what’s labeled as the Backup City. Talk to the NPC (OldExplorer?) to go to Map 11, where you should kill both your chars again. Make note of where the next FireSnakeSpirit is, as it’s an indicator of where the next lily pad to jump to is.
Now go to market with your hunter, sell the refines to a local NPC and trade everything else to your seller. Once you get all 6 Tokens and are teleported to Death Tactic, talk to Ghost and he’ll make a SoulJade from them. Once you get to the last set of lily pads, you’ll find the SnakeKing, surrounded by WaterSnakes which do med-high dmg, long-range magic.
After you’re done, go to General Judd at (396, 233) Twin City to exchange those quest items for your prizes. It’s also recommended for you to bring along a level 1 character, for reasons explained later.

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