Moving into The Skilled Care Center at The Cedars is a lot like any move you have ever made – as you settle in, curious new neighbors will stop by to get to know you. The Neighborhood model of care reflects industry-wide changes in how long-term skilled nursing care is provided to seniors. The medical benefits of a Neighborhood skilled nursing care model are well documented, but at The Cedars, the benefits are something you can feel from the moment you walk through the door.
All medical services provided by The Cedars skilled nursing care team are overseen by your personal physician and directed by your personalized wellness plan. Spiritual Care Together is the theme for this year’s Pastoral Care Week and recognizes the role of interdisciplinary care in creating the optimal healing experience. Along with Chaplain Allen Clark, Pastoral Care Manager, a team of volunteer and part time staff ministers work closely with the healthcare team to provide spiritual and religious support for Hannibal Regional’s patients, families, and team members. The Pastoral Care team invites you to stop by the Hannibal Regional Chapel and check out the newly refinished pews and altar which was provided through the Hannibal Regional Auxiliary’s Wish List Fund.
In the middle of getting angry at yourself, did you stop and consider your own side of the story? Give yourself some points if you were compassionate instead of self-blaming for not getting it done. And maybe you shredded yourself for not getting it all done.  Give yourself a minute now to review that with compassion, too.
Some of us grew up in families where praise was carefully rationed, doled out only to specific standards, or completely absent.
I don’t mean anorexic in the usual way—it’s not about restricting food.  Instead, it’s about restricting love—love of one’s own self. Some families can have such harsh censure that we deny ourselves a healthy, reasonable amount of praise and appreciation.

Instead, we look wide-eyed at other people’s full plates, refusing spoons full of praise and love. We worry that giving ourselves credit means we’re full of ourselves, that we’re vain and proud.
When you sign up, you can get a copy of my article, "Ready, Set, NO!!"-- a quick guide to help you start setting gentle limits in your own life.
Ann Stoneson (Stonebraker) is a psychotherapist specializing in people-pleasing and women’s wellness.
2012 Summer InstituteAn Intensive Introduction to and Immersion in the Essential Guiding Principles and Practices of Joel and Michelle Levey’s Wisdom Teaching. Hawaii & Adventure ProgramsPristine natural environments offer many inspirations for transformational experiences. At The Skilled Care Center at The Cedars in Portland, Maine, compassionate nursing care is care centered on you. At The Cedars, your Neighborhood is a care center made up of familiar faces you will know and trust to provide your daily care.
The Skilled Care Center is a warm, welcoming and homelike environment where our seniors feel safe, cared for, comfortable and in control. Our experienced nursing staff provides 24-hour skilled care with specialized expertise in the areas of post-surgical care, medication management, and multiple and complex medical conditions. HRHS Chaplains provide spiritual assessment and compassionate support to people of diverse cultural and spiritual backgrounds that integrates the values of mind, body, and spirit. The members of the Pastoral Care Team have chosen healthcare as a special focus for their spiritual work.
Remember, you are always welcome to attend Weekly Prayer at the Hannibal Regional Chapel on Wednesdays at 7:45 am.

Making sure you are surrounded by familiar faces you know and trust, that you receive services on a schedule that you like best and in an environment that feels like home drives every choice we make. Your Neighborhood care team will look after your social and intellectual engagement, provide nutritional and dietary monitoring, and offer podiatry, audiology, pharmacy, mental health, hospice, lab and x-ray services whenever you need them.
Our seniors benefit from regular interaction with our on-site physician, nurse practitioner, and team devoted exclusively to the medical care of seniors. At Hannibal Regional we’re taking this opportunity to thank our Chaplaincy Corps for all of their hard work and the service they provide. They assist in the healing process by addressing the spiritual and religious needs of patients, assisting in times of trauma and distress, and are available for crisis intervention, pastoral referral, and to help with critical incident stress management.
At a time that seniors often feel the least in control of their own wellbeing, The Cedars skilled nursing care team considers you first when considering your care. We want to know about the experiences you have had, the lifestyle you are used to, the things that make you feel most at home. Your Life Story will help us design a personalized wellness plan that keeps you well, comfortable and in control of your care.
Cary Cancer Center, the Hannibal Regional Inpatient Rehabilitation Center, Hannibal Regional Clinics, and Hannibal Regional Home Health.

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