However, it is widely agreed that both entities gouge their customers and generally provide poor value for money.
A budget outlook released by city staff last week marked the TTC’s 2014 fare hike at 10?, adding $35 million of revenue, though TTC chair Karen Stintz insists that won’t be happening.
But fear not, Torontonians are used to rising costs despite few, if any, improvements to the product or service. Why just last year, ESPN named The Toronto Maple Leafs the worst sports franchise in North America.
Despite a shortened season where Toronto misses out on participating in the Winter Classic, prices this year are not expected to get any more reasonable.

With all of this said, in your opinion, which organization gouges Torontonians more: The TTC or The Toronto Maple Leafs? You can meet engineers that can help you with your app or vice-versa and it can even be a great place to showcase your talents to get a job.For networking in the Apple-world WWDC is a must as it pulls in all the top developers from across the globe. And if the latest rumors are true, you might get to see some new hardware in the form of a 12-inch Retina MacBook Air.4.
There’s quite a bit of fun to be had too with the concert at Yerba Buena, the Apple Design awards, guest speakers, and partying with other Apple fans. Let the actual developers have their conference.1) No, you will not receive personal training on how to write apps and make millions.

If you really must download and install a semi-functional beta, and maybe screw up your Mac, get it from bit torrent.4) San Francisco is nice.
But the devs are there to get as much information out of the Apple firehose as possible, not sightsee.5) An Apple logo will get you laid? OK, I’m sure there are literally tens of hookups happening in the 5,000 people in the building.

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