Published on March 25, 2014 by Laura RoederHow much do you think a “like” or a retweet is really worth? Attracting prospects on social media is actually quite simple: it’s about sharing great content. Step #1 was about attracting customers, meaning you’re getting people into your world. The goal of all this engagement is for prospects to feel like they’re getting to know you as a trustworthy, likable person. So you’ve attracted quality prospects on social media, you’ve engaged them and built a relationship with them online. This is how I used to land my private coaching and consulting clients before I switched to only selling online products. I’d ask people to write back to the email if they wanted to learn more about my coaching and consulting services. An important note: people would purchase my coaching and consulting time that had never bought products from me. About Laura RoederLaura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who gives businesses of all sizes the tools they need to make their mark on the web. Want to write a rockin’ guest post for LKR Social Media about running a small business, entrepreneurship, personal branding or online marketing? Most people has their salary monthly but some of them get confused how to manage their budget well. Budget planner is very essential to have because it can make you easier tracing and investigating where you get your income and where and also what you spend your money for.
Budget planner is basically the way how to take notes or documentations in every income and expenses in a certain time. The categories that you can use for your budget planning include transportation, housing loan, insurances, credit cards, savings and other expenses.
People need to feel like they’re getting to know a human being, which takes them that much closer to becoming a paying customer.
It’s simpler than you think: you’re not asking for the sale (yet), but just collecting email addresses. It may seem too simple, but this is actually how I’ve built up my subscriber list to over 80,000 people. This is one way that I’ve used social media plus email marketing to convert people into paying clients.
At this point in my business, I didn’t have to keep hitting the pavement, making connections, and pitching to prospective clients. I’d email all my Dash subscribers announcing that I was opening private coaching and consulting slots.

You’re giving people so many opportunities to get to know, like and trust you that you no longer have to do that slow step-by-step climb. She is the creator of the social media scheduling software Edgar, as well as social media marketing web courses like Creating Fame and Social Brilliant. It is important for you to make budget planning for all the expenses that you spend for your family.
This system will help you to know when you should spend your money or not, so this will make you easier control your budget. Well you don’t worry about this because you can find many software packages of online monthly budget planner. Be someone who’s actually giving people something worth their time, their click, or their retweet.
That’s part of engaging customers, but you also want to have that more personal conversation. This is why I always encourage people to use their own face on social media, not the company logo.
My Facebook Cheat Sheets and Google Analytics Cheat Sheets are two examples of evergreen opt-in content. I hear you, but chances are slim that the same people actually see even 50% of your posts and tweets. My final step in converting your social media followers into a customer is all about email.
It’s a buying decision that people definitely need to think about, probably for a while. Most people found me initially, usually via Twitter, my blog or some interviews I had done. I remember loving how you explained this in Creating Fame – that you can just jump right to the high end offers when you give so much value with your free content.
I remember loving how you explained this in Creating Fame – that you can just jump right to the high end offers when you give so much value with your free content.
Monthly budget planner can make you easier to determine the money that you need for paying utility bills, insurance cost, college fees and vacations. These tools will help you to categorize your income and also expenses that will make you see clearer on how you spend your money.
So long as people associated you with “yes, this is really great stuff for me,” you’ll continue to attract more potential customers. That means a one-on-one dialogue on Twitter, leaving a comment on someone’s blog, responding to a comment left on your blog.
Even if you don’t have something new to sell to your existing customers, use social media to stay top of mind.

I call them “lead lighthouses” because they’re always there bringing in new leads, no matter what else is going on in my business. In general, small biz owners don’t promote themselves enough – don’t hold yourself back just because you’re concerned about turning a few people off. They weren’t just going to see one tweet from me and then decide to spend a few thousand dollars.
The beauty of this community is that we all have something to teach each other, so spread your wealth of knowledge! This also helps you to evaluate the expenses that you have made on the way you spend the money.
You can get everything to make not only good budget planning but one that is the most suitable to arrange your budget. Monthly online budget planner reviews will show you the steps on how making budget planning.
They’ll be more likely to recommend your biz to friends or contacts if you remind them that you’re still around. Change up the language you use to drive people to your lead lighthouses and spread out your posts. For those who did respond, my assistant or I would send out a second email that contained a link to a page with an overview of my coaching and consulting program, the price and the actual link they would use to sign up. You’ve spent such a long time providing free valuable content and communicating with people.
Then I took your advice, and started promoting my product more as well as producing great value content. Free family monthly budget planner can be your alternative way to arrange your budget planning. The incomes can be your income that you get monthly and other funds that are regularly coming into your family. Next step to make good budget planning is writing down all the money that you are going to spend for the whole family. I do that by sharing links to blog posts, to lead lighthouses and directly to the sign-up page.

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