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The first tip I’m going to give you with internet marketing strategies is you need to know the right sites, the right places to market your business. Once you understand where the traffic is at, what you need to do is investigate that site or invest in internet market training that’s going to allow you to master how to market on that particular site. If you've been looking at how to make money online, you've probably heard lots about these terms. Internet marketing is using online methods and tactics like paid search, search engine optimization, email marketing, article marketing, any off these things to capture the searchers online (the people browsing the web) and then selling these people or searchers stuff, either affiliate products or your own goods and services. If you were to guess how many actual internet users there are in the world today, what would you guess? With the economy the way it is, the timing couldn't be more perfect to create a small business of your own. They may tell you to go buy a domain, forward it to the company-sponsored site and send it to all your friends and family. Not only that, but they may look at you as someone that is only trying to sell them something…and people do not want to be sold to.
People will be attracted to you if you are willing to offer them something of value, something they can use, and something that would draw them to your site over and over.
90% have ZERO chance of earning six-figures as long as they continue to "dabble" in this and continue to treat it like some side hobby thing. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Teenagers, generation X’ers, baby boomers, and even seniors (the fastest growing segment online).
The internet marketing revolution will only happen once and everyone reading this will have the same opportunity. That PC you’re on right now is 100x more powerful than the computer that sent man to the moon. You want to attract the ideal prospects, ideal people for whatever product or service that you’re trying to sell. You could conceivably start up 10 or 100 of these businesses and not care if one of them doesn't work because there really is no risk or barrier entry, you just invest some of your time.

Let’s say you started up a website about home theater and you have all sorts of content in there about picking the right TV, DVD player or anything about that market.
Online Publications or Newspapers – Many people aren't even buying papers and magazines anymore!
Affiliate Marketing – If you market a particular company, product or service and someone buys from you, then you get a commission.
And once again, do you think they want to jump over to your company-sponsored website over and over? You can put things on your website that not only builds value for people you know, but attracts hundreds, thousands, even millions of potential prospects! 90% have no chance on Earth of ever producing six-figures-online as long as they continue to NOT treat this like a real business. You see the internet has a problem, there are millions of websites out there and you will never see them all, no one ever will. Are you tired of being passed up for promotions, commuting; are you ready to work your own hours, take a vacation when you want to, drive the car you’ve dreamed about, live where you want to live and retire in style and not in a shoe string? You want to also attract people who you want to be a part of your team if, you’re building one or find business partners for your particular business.
We can use internet marketing to do something that makes sales in affiliate marketing as well. Your website is your store, you have your displays, a nice looking, helpful environment and information, but the difference is that its all virtual.
Out of the total world population according to the Internet World Stats, the number of internet users totals almost 2.3 billion users!
Many affiliate marketing companies and network marketing companies offer their own slick and fancy company websites for you to market. In the case of impulse purchases, only one, but this usually happens where there already is a certain level of confidence or trust or the price is so low that it doesn't really matter to the buyer. Call it network marketing, affiliate marketing, direct selling, referral marketing, call it whatever you want. You’ll be able to find these people in the right places once you learn how to market on there. You can be an affiliate for insurance companies, selling policies over the phone and making commissions. Many times you’re using internet marketing tactics to do affiliate marketing because its kind of the easiest thing to do online.
The big difference with internet marketing is that you don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a store, inventory, advertising, rent, employees, the list goes on and on.

So with that said, I only have one question for you..what are you doing to capture your piece of the market? You can offer subscriptions (people pay to gain access) or offer your information free of service but maybe place advertisements on the site. Which means you are sending all your prospects to their site even though it has your name on it.
Just because this is the internet, you need to remember that people buy from people, not companies.
Well they spend a huge portion of that on advertisements; banner ads, newspaper ads, radio ads, even $2 million dollar Superbowl ads for people to get to their site. What are you going to say 10, 20, even 30 years from now when your grandkids ask you if you were involved in the internet marketing revolution. That’s why these terms are often used together, but I want to clear that they are really 2 different things. Here is the mind blowing part..looking at the US with a growth rate of almost 153% in 2010, there was a growth of 94 million internet users in 2011 alone in the US! If you can wrap your mind around the potential of how profitable utilizing the internet can be, you wouldn't hesitate to jump on the bandwagon. Do you think your prospect is going to want to see the same company-sponsored video or website 7 times? The greatest boom is still ahead, the next few years will make you or break you; you have to make your choice.
Affiliate marketing is a simple concept, you go out and find things that people want you to sell for them and you make a commission for every sale you make. HECK, 90% will never even get a functional squeeze page up and online, much less build a list. 90% will not learn copywriting or conversions or split test (what's that?) 90% will not write, speak, drive traffic, advertise or build key relationships.
90% will not get technical stuff taken care of (it's the Internet, it's a requirement this gets done) 90% will blame everyone else on planet Earth for this not working for them, except themselves. There is the 14% who do take INITIAL action, who are serious, who will treat this like a real business and who will do whatever it takes to succeed (morally of course) but they need help. Anyone who is in the 90% above category currently CAN change into the 10% with help and even progress to the 2%.

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