In my previous article for the series, Areas of the Market, I talked about different areas of the roleplaying market that one could enter to make money.
But let’s switch gears from looking at me and take a look at a fantastic example of a hard-working company putting out quality RPG products. Their game series has funded six successful Kickstarters that have raised over $500,000 total. And these amazing creators still have regular day jobs… This product series has brought them additional income, but it does not pay them enough to quit their day job. If you’re going to follow your passion, be realistic about the type of money you could potentially make depending on the avenue you choose to venture down. If you have any questions about the topic we discussed today, or any of the other topics in this series, please feel free to leave a comment below! Are you doing this as a “side job” to make a little extra cash by writing about your hobby on a website or publishing a setting that you’ve created? The things that I’ve gained by following my passion with roleplaying is a deeper understanding of what I want in the hobby. Over the last five years they have published several books, a board game, resin miniatures, and music all related to the line. But they are okay with that as their passion for their work and the community behind the project drives them.
The Quantum Roleplaying Game was supposed to be a new science fantasy RPG by an award-winning author.

It was initially the tactical play that drew him in, but eventually he expanded into the roleplaying game portion and it was a done deal from there.
Many gamers dream of publishing their own setting or system, creating a blog that the world adores, or simply earning money by actually playing games. Or are you going “all-in” to become an industry artist or by quitting your current job to open up a brick-and-mortar store? If you haven’t heard of it, Shadows of Esteren is a medieval roleplaying game “somewhere between Ravenloft, Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu.” It has primarily been created by a passionate group of game designers from France. In addition, they’ve won numerous awards for their products including several ENnies and other industry awards. His favorite game is Shadowrun, but he’s also a huge fan of Dungeons & Dragons, Dungeon World, Numenera, Star Wars, Warhammer, and many other roleplaying games.
They’ve embarked on several tours to various locations and conventions to support the products. But they have been working tirelessly using every moment of their spare time over the last five years to get where they are now. But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t make a solid living or even a part-time income if that is your goal.
He’s a huge fan of Fantasy Flight Games and numerous other gaming companies and publishers. This is article number four in the seven-part series and discusses if you are earning enough money to justify the work.

I have made money off of my website, though nothing close to the hourly wage that I make at my day job. The most recent information that I’ve seen is that the company, Infinite X Studio, LLC, has gone under and the creator is looking at a class-action lawsuit for failing to release the product as promised. Perhaps the most important is that I finally introduced my family to the hobby because of urging by someone I met through my website (I truly wish I had done it earlier now, they loved it). He likes creating one character, building on that character, integrating it into the story, and seeing how it develops over a campaign.
If he had a specialty, it would be that he’s really into helping other players draw out storylines in their own characters and further their own goals. In addition to that, there is additional time that is consumed maintaining the website, answering e-mails, marketing via social media, and numerous other duties.
He’s never had the privilege of attending a gaming related convention, but hopes to attend two next year.

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