June 23, 2014 by Alexa 88 Comments Have you ever wondered if those ads claiming that you can make $100 a day posting ads is legitimate? But then I got to thinking…..wouldn’t it be fun to give this a try so I could legitimately tell you what a big, fat scam this is? So for the past couple of days I’ve delved into the deep, dark world of posting ads for money. So I wanted to check around with a couple different places that claimed you could make money posting ads. I felt nervous entering my email because I thought I was going to instantly get a virus or something. Number one Work From Home Rule: You NEVER (and I mean NEVER) have to pay someone to let you work.
I would go around spamming places like YouTube, Facebook, Craigslist, and Blogs telling people how they could make hundreds of dollars per day posting ads. I was told to post these ads in blogs, forums, social media, google adwords (cost money), or yahoo advertising (cost money). I’m pretty disappointed because I really thought this last one was going to be legit – it at least sounded the most promising of the three, but I was wrong. The consensus of my research is to run far and fast if anyone ever tells you that you can get rich (or even earn extra spending money) from posting ads.
Because if you think about it the company should be making a percentage of what you make by posting ads. I am not an internet marketer I am actually a Digital Marketer and the difference between the two meanings is that I actually work very strategically online with my marketing. Just from blogging since June 2013 we have generated over 300 leads and earned a profit over $1,500 total. Absolutely you can make money online granted you are following the training and testing different strategies with the right blue print with the right system.
You can learn article marketing, you can learn blogging, and you can learn different marketing methods like Facebook marketing and video marketing all very effective if you want to succeed in online marketing.
There is so much more in the back office of SFM and it’s really full of great trainings by actual six and seven figure income earners who already are living the lifestyle of a digital marketer. There is even a CD and E-Cover tool in the back office that you can create branded products to you. The information back there is essential as far as learning the correct fundamentals, education, and packed with the value you been looking for that will help you generate the results in your business. Whoever works with us in our team will learn exactly what we do on a daily basis, and we help you achieve your goals by learning and applying what is taught in Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy along with the great community. So I hope you enjoyed this video and understand why we wanted share with you that it’s really possible to make money online.
This is why so many network marketing professionals and new entrepreneurs doubt if they ever will earn a dime but now you see from what we shared with you how it’s possible. World class training, from people whowalk their talk, real people getting results in their marketing, now, and you can click here for proof. You know me — if it involves promises of online money-making, I’m going to dig in and find the truth.
Have you seen these promotions that promise you can make money by simply copying and pasting ads? If you have been thinking of trying this out as a way to make money online then you will definitely want to read this entire post. Cap Rewards is a company that comes up over and over when you search for anything related to making money posting ads online. The videos and posts are all pretty typical “make $100s per day” complete with screenshots of earning statements and so on. However, what was surprising was the fact that I couldn’t seem to find the official website for Cap Rewards. Frustrated with the dead end I was reaching, I decided to go back through those reviews and read the comments to see if I could get to the bottom of the mystery of the missing Cap Rewards website. Obviously, this website has nothing to do with the company I was looking for, which means Cap Rewards (despite the many “positive” reviews) is no longer in business. I also found reviews from many of the same websites as before saying that Internet Income Source is a scam.
Luckily, I know Google-fu, and in an awesome display of my skill I managed to find an active website that says they are paying people to post ads online. The website, Google Advertise, claims to have software that allows you to automate the ad-posting process. You see, by naming the website “Google Advertise”, the owner has practically eliminated any chance of bad reviews popping up in search results online. In fact, it’s the same cookie cutter design as link posting scam websites and survey scam websites. So in this case I guess the third time wasn’t a charm, but at least we now know for sure that you cannot make money posting ads online. Recently, Facebook has come into the spotlight with their mobile advertising advancements, so some companies are claiming that you can make money posting Facebook ads.
If you don’t know how to create a Facebook ad or set up a sales funnel right now, this is not an option for you! Two, even if you make a sale or two, the returns quickly die out as your network of friends dies out.
Plus, many of these affiliate sites have a minimum payout threshold, which can be as much as $100, so you might not even see the money you earn unless you make a good amount of sales. Although this didn’t turn out to be a great strategy for making money online, there are actually lots of great ways to earn income right through your computer.
Nathaniell I have also come across so many ads claiming I can make buckets of cash just by posting ads and every time I have had a closer look it just looks dodgy to me.
I don’t think that there is any legitimate way to make a decent amount of money like this.
Like you state in your review, if there was an easy way to copy and paste ads online wouldn’t loads of people be doing that?
I started my own business on the internet in 2010 because I wanted to start every day with a relaxing cup of coffee instead of going to a regular 9-5 job.
There has been a huge movement lately by programs promoting link posting as a way to make money online. Hopefully after reading this post you will be able to separate fact from fiction and make an informed decision whether there is a genuine opportunity,  enjoy the read! Link posting is simply the act of posting links for companies on a fee per link posted and clicked on basis resulting in a visit to the vendor’s site. There are many reasons why your chances to make money posting links have all but dried up,  one reason for the demise of link posting as a way to generate income online is the search engine Google.
Links were being dropped indiscriminately throughout Google’s search results by link posters in the hopes of diverting traffic unknowingly and getting paid for doing it, not only did the merchant pay for that click but it had no relevancy to their product,  readers were being led off on a virtual wild goose chase leading to a bad user experience for many Google users. Google put in place Algorithms, programming, that sought out non relevant links on sites,  if  a site was found to be using this back linking technique  that site was penalized by a massive drop in page rankings, basically these sites were relegated to Google’s basement where they would never have a realistic chance of getting viewers. Try and drop a link on a forum these days,  almost impossible, you may get to drop your link once but quickly your forum rights will be suspended by moderators. Facebook is quickly moving towards a paid advertising model already link posting if discovered isn’t allowed. There were many ways to game the system but many creative Affiliates found that the best way to game the system was by using  software that allowed bots to click on links creating false clicks.
Online merchants still use affiliate marketers to promote their businesses and products online but they have implemented strict controls and require all affiliates to have their own websites which they critique to make sure they are in line with what their companies stand for, they actually state in their affiliate agreements that they do not allow link dropping.
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Of course upon seeing this ad, I had never heard of this opportunity before and knew that I had to look into it because I wouldn’t be the only one who saw it. This program is primarily targeted to those who want to make money online without spending a dime. The training that you will receive from this program is in the form of the downloadable eBook. There is no real value in this eBook and I know for fact that it will not help you to make money online. Catch Me On YouTube!Subscribe On Youtube For Daily Make Money Online Videos, Scam Alerts and Reviews!
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There’s a video posted that appears to be from ABC News about the benefits of working from home. I thought it was pretty crazy that they would suggest I pay for advertising in Google which would probably cost me $1 or more per click so that they could pay me $0.10 per click. I started a blog a few months back and for just starting out I think its going ok, but Im a very single mom with three kids under three. Well, I didn’t think this was a good money making avenue, but thanks to your diligent research, we can now safely go back to making money the old fashioned way! You would think that they would give you the leads if they were hiring you for a sales job.
I always wanted to know if there was a shred of legitimacy to this, but now we know for sure it’s all a scam.
I can legitimately say that this is nothing but a scam and the only way you can make money is if you trick other people.
Especially since these types of sites claim you can make hundreds of dollars per day by doing a couple hours worth of work! I’d be interested in doing it for the first one just because its the one claiming you can make hundreds of dollars a day. Well in today’s blog post we will show you the proof that it is possible to make money online just from blogging. There really is no need to go anywhere else to get these kinds of tools as there are over 16 different funnels with capture pages already done for you. The only reason you been struggling with your business and your team is diminishing is because you been taught incorrect information that is heavily pushed with smoking mirrors. Together they share their passion for helping aspiring entrepreneurs develop their marketing skills. A quick Google search revealed several videos and blog posts from others who had supposedly joined Cap Rewards and made money. Do a search for “make money [enter whatever you want here]” and you will see tons of similar looking videos and websites. So no surprise there. Instead, I found loads of mixed reviews — some saying Cap Rewards is legitimate, some saying otherwise.
I wouldn’t feel right talking bad or good about a company that I had no experience with at all.
Unfortunately though, the link they left was an obvious one that I had already tried: Cap Rewards dot com. When I visited that website though, there was nothing there — just a message telling me that the website no longer exists. All you have to do is copy and paste the ads into the software, then choose where you want to post and click the button. And I’m sure that has happened, because whoever runs this website is actually somewhat (somewhat) clever. But if you try to do a search for the term “Google Advertise” you are going to get a bunch of results related to Google’s advertising platform, Google Adwords.
But with Google Advertise I think it would be pretty obvious to most people once they see the website. There’s also a holding period for earnings, so if you do earn money, like through Amazon’s affiliate program, you might not see it for 60 days! But as long as there are people looking for an easy button, there will be scammers who claim to have exactly that.
The basic idea is that you make a small informational website and promote products on your website.
With One More Cup of Coffee I hope to help other people learn online business and achieve their own goals.
Forums have adopted Google’s model and want their users to have meaningful engagement, links taking members off to some sales pitch will and have spelled the demise of many forums. Pinterest allows links but they need to go to an established website which they ask for verification of and the same goes with Twitter so there’s not much opportunity there. I kind of touched on this earlier, link posting was a marketing technique once popular but merchants realized that having people posts links wasn’t profitable or effective advertising for their online business, it actually was quite expensive to engage in because the system was easily gamed. Link posting became very expensive to online merchants and very lucrative to the less than ethical Affiliates which ultimately became the downfall for people wanting to make money posting links!
Outfits are looking to sell Internet money making wannabes on the idea that you can make money posting links all you need is the training and the right connections when in reality there is very little opportunity or demand for link posting anymore. You can easily verify what I am saying all you have to do is go to any online merchant and click on their affiliate icon on their website,  this will spell out their terms that you must follow to promote their products, you will see that link posting isn’t allowed!
Affiliate marketing  can offer a very lucrative and rewarding lifestyle, who doesn’t want to have no boss to answer too, work from home or work from anywhere in the world with Internet access at the same time having the potential to make some sick money. Over the years I have been scammed numerous times by products and services that have claimed to help me build something real online.
The internet changes every year and with it’s change new marketing techniques are created to meet the new changes the only thing that seems to stand the test of time is affiliate marketing which is what I do for a living. You will find this opportunity primarily promoted on classified ads sites such as Backpage, Craigslist and even Ebay classified. Once you pay the price for the eBook itself you are taken to a page where you can download it. However, in regards to this product I can say with 100% confidence that it isn’t worth your money.
I started my online business in 2013 before the birth of my son and now it is my mission to help newbies start their own businesses and succeed online as I have.
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Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking about joining and becoming an affiliate. LeafIt is a company that developed a social networking website that gives people the opportunity to actually earn income by posting pictures and content, and sharing them with their network. And let’s say in the pic, you tag the stroller and describe the pic using some keywords related to “stroller”. The one thing I did find when I researched the company is that they changed the compensation plan recently and it didn’t go over well with some of the existing affiliates. If you’re a social media addict and you have a huge network on social sites like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, then LeafIt might be a good fit since you can now get paid on something you’re probably already doing, which is posting and sharing pics. Sadly, most LeafIt reps will never see the success they desire because they lack the marketing skills to generate 20-50 leads a day.

It actually explained (with screenshots) what you would be doing and stated that there where thousands of companies to work with. The sad thing is that they try really hard to make these scams look legit and I’m sure many people get sucked in.
Since I started blogging I learned (the hard way sometimes) that any program that promises you will get rich with no or little work is a scam. They both share a common interest in beaches, fine dining, shopping, electronic trance music, romance and comedy.
You see them on your favorite websites, in your Facebook feed and even when you are buying something. A quick glance and you see things that were synonymous with online scams in the 90s — it’s a one-page website full of red and yellow highlights and it is incredibly out dated — and most people are well aware of them now. They’re free to sign up, and you get paid when someone buys items through your links.
I have many readers asking for my feedback so I felt do to the rise in interest I had better write a quick article answering questions regarding the opportunity to make money link posting so here we go! You are assigned a link with your affiliate ID programed into it so that when that link is used to visit the merchant’s website or sales page you get credit for that visit.
Google realized years back that their survival depended on their users authoritative experience, getting relevant information quickly for it’s users was paramount, link posting was undermining that experience.
Members who join forums do so wanting a pure learning experience and meaningful engagement.
Affiliates found many creative ways to have links clicked on generating income for themselves that had no benefit to the merchant. One other reason that online merchants went away from link posting as a traffic generating technique was the inability to control where their companies links were being dropped!
Online merchants need Affiliates to bring people to their products they just want it done in a way that is ethical and beneficial to them, link posting didn’t offer that! If you would like to learn how check out the program I started online with, click here to read a review I did on this program. You will not find a support email or even a support phone number to reach when you need help.
You can easily find the information you need to promote affiliate products using classified ads by simply looking it up in Google or even asking around in forums. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course today and learn how to start your own business doing what you love for FREE. People will be able to take pictures, tag various products shown in the pictures, and post it. With that said, it’s not uncommon for new ground floor companies that are new to change their compensation plans, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that the company is bad.
Free Affiliates can earn 10% commissions for every sale made through posting and sharing pics with their networks.
If you want to participate in the network marketing side of the company and get paid residual income, the $40 monthly payment to be an Associate is pretty inexpensive so there’s not much risk you’re taking. To learn how you can generate more leads than you can get to, visit my Online MLM Training Website. But in those situations you always get a free trial or at least a little taste of what you are paying for. I started my first online business in 2010 promoting computer software and now I help newbies start their own businesses.
Google also wanted to encourage online merchants to use their paid ad service Google Adwords. Could you imagine the shock of a company CEO seeing a link to his companies website found on some distasteful platform or website that totally put this companies reputation at risk, this was happening on a regular basis tarnishing online merchants reputations by association. In this third party LeafIt review, I’m going to cover all the essential details you’ll need to know before becoming a LeafIt affiliate.
When someone they’re connected to see the pic on the feed, they’ll be able to click on a tag in the picture, which will redirect them to a retail website where they’ll have the opportunity to purchase the item they clicked on. If someone sees the pic and like the stroller, they’ll have the opportunity to click the stroller in the pic. Of course, if you’re seriously thinking about becoming an affiliate it just makes sense to review the current compensation plan for yourself. My blog needs some cleaning up a little, it dosent look like everyone elses lol, but people like what I write and I see you have a lot of followers, I would love to hear how you make money online, my ship is gonna sink soon, and I would love to hear from you how you do it. What’s difficult, and what companies are paying for, is for experienced people to help advertise their products on Facebook.
You can still use them to make money, but instead of spamming your friends, you attract users through Google, and make sales on your website. In fact, you can join Wealthy Affiliate as a free Starter member and chat with me as well as thousands of other members — some of them brand new affiliates, others, like me, have been at it for years.
Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE! Before proceeding, I do want to disclose that I’m not a LeafIt affiliate myself, so it matters not to me whether you join or not. This feature truly gives you the opportunity to post content and have it go viral, increasing your chance of someone clicking on the pic and purchasing a product. Associates get paid the same way free affiliates do, but they can also get paid on pics posted by 9 levels of people that are in their personal network.
Unfortunately, the statistics say that you’re probably not going to be financially successful promoting a home business like LeafIt. Someone needs to come up with something where you can actually accomplish staying home where you’re needed and still provide for your family. It’s a job, and without a degree in marketing or extensive experience, you are just not competitive in this arena. This is important to note since you can be sure that you’ll be getting a truly unbiased perspective of the company from me. The cool thing is the LeafIt app actually searches the Internet for the cheapest price for them.
From a marketing perspective, it’s a pretty genius idea since statistically people spend hours on social networking sites, and even do research there before buying a product. The good news is you can position yourself among the “few” marketers who actually turn a profit with their business. Most reviews you’ll find are from people who are partnered with the company so their views are biased. Assuming every Associate in the Matrix is paying $40 a month, the Matrix can potentially pay out $118,104 a month. As of this writing, the company is currently running a bonus incentive for people sponsoring new affiliates into the company.
The best way to do just that (especially when you’re new) is to learn Attraction Marketing and leverage proven online marketing systems that will give you access to the tools you need.
It definitely looks like there is a lot of earning potential in the network marketing compensation plan, especially since the cost for being an Associate is a measly $40 a month. If you can get good at Attraction Marketing and learn how to get in front of a highly targeted audience that is already looking for what you’re offering, there’s no telling how successful your LeafIt home business can be.

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