February 23, 2014 by Jenn If you’re blogging chances are you want to make money blogging, but nothing happens overnight.
I will continue to update places you can make money blogging as I remember & learn of more places! Whether you are jus starting out or been around for a while, I hope you learn of another place to monetize your site.
Sponsored Tweets – You can still join Sponsored Tweets, and you might even get a few tweets, but remember come Sept they will not longer be using the platform because everything will be done using the IZEA Network. Weave Media – Weave is a community consisting of bloggers who only have 7,500-20,000 monthly page views. Bethany House Blogger Review Program – If you are into book reviews be sure to swing by and check it out. Simply Sassy Media – Reviews, giveaways, sponsored posts, and more.  You can sign up or learn more on their website – Simply Sassy Media. Healthy Green Network – Don’t know, haven’t done anything with them, but if you are a green blogger be sure to check them out you never know.
Clever Girls Network – They always seem to have great blogger opportunities, and are great to work with.  Head over to the Clever Girls Network here.
The Niche Parent Network – Social, Savvy, and totally awesome!  I always love working with this group.  They are awesome, and you can sign up with them on their website. The SITS Girls is another group you will want to sign up with!  We always look forward to working with the lovely SITS Girls! Sponsored Reviews – I honestly don’t use Sponsored Reviews much, but I have heard of other bloggers generating income.  Join Sponsored Reviews here. Best Buy Blogger Program – You can earn free products, and Best Buy Gift Cards if you are picked for blogger opportunities.  Sign up here. BlogHer – There is several ways you can monetize your blog with BlogHer, be sure to swing by and check it out.
Blog PR Wire – You can learn more about Blog PR Wire by visiting them on their website here. BloggaBase – You can learn more about Blogger Base and how to use them to monetize your blog on their website here.
Find Your Influence – Another place I have enjoyed earning money with my blog is Find Your Influence. BoostInsider – You can earn money with BoostInsider by writing posts and sharing content on your social networks. There are tons of ways to make money blogging and we’ll keep adding more ways as we find them. Since we are talking about ways to make money online, I am going to assume some of you want to get free images too! If you can think of other places one can onecan make money blogging be sure to shoot me an email or leave a comment.
About JennI have a smart mouth, don't sit still well, extremely opinionated, have a lot to say, work hard, love lots, love to smile and laugh, don't have time for drama, hurting people, or being negative, love animals, & my job as a New Mexico mom blogger! Delicious Granola Brittle Recipe You’ll LoveIf you like Granola and Brittles, you will like this Granola Brittle.
Peach Pina Colada Cupcakes RecipeThese Peach Pina Colada Cupcakes are something new that we have tried at home.
Let me start out by saying that I'm in no means an expert when it comes to making money through blogging. Disclaimer: Just because a company is on this list, does not mean that I have worked with them or can vouch for their legitimacy. We also share all of our best blogging tips and tricks each week – you can find them all HERE. Do you feel like you have something to offer to other bloggers, your readers, or anyone who happens to stumble on your site? The easiest way to do it is to publish it as a PDF file and sell it for a couple of dollars.
Coming up with an idea, then a game plan to finish the eBook, then a marketing strategy, and all the millions of details in-between can be SO overwhelming. I mean, it’s perfectly fine (actually sensible) to recommend a web hosting company that they trust. You can see that every single blogger is recommending a web hosting company and that exactly is the reason why I’m not recommending any.

None of them are hyperactive (publishing hundreds of blog posts per month) and in fact I’m no longer subscribed to a good percentage of them. Well, as you can see my publishing frequency has reduced significantly over the past few months. Actually, I’m thinking about going from a solo-blogger to a duo-blogger as I can no longer create in-depth handbooks, 101 listicles, tutorials, etc.
So, the idea is to partially outsource the content creation process so that I could get my blog posts written in the quickest time possible and then start publishing content in an aggressive manner. You don’t start a blog only to make money, you start a blog because you want to write.
After having so many rumors and leaks about the upcoming Windows 9, Microsoft had an event and they announced Windows 10.
Windows 10 will ship with some great collection of wallpapers but hey, more is better, right?
If you’ve ever looked at the label of store-bought guacamole, you’ll see all kinds of ingredients that you just really don’t need.
And if you see any ingredients you can’t actually pronounce or know what they mean, run the other way.
3.5 from 2 reviews Fresh Guacamole Recipe   Save Print Nothing says Summer like a fresh guacamole recipe!
I agree, it is so simple to make guac without all the extra stuff they put in it at the store. One of the most difficult parts of running a small business is putting together a marketing strategy.
I’ve talked about creating a marketing plan in each of my online digital marketing training videos. Invest in some market research to indentify everything about your ideal buyer including where they live and the products and services they need. Keep following this process with even more accurate goals to reach the greatest possible success. Blogging is something that happens over time; you have to build your readership, your blog, and your name. Because your monthly page views exceed the Weave requirements, we will not be adding you to the Weave community.
If you’re on Twitter why not get paid to send out some awesome tweets!  Click here to learn more about or join TWTMob. The group you work with is awesome, everything is clear, easy to understand, and the platform rocks.  Be sure to join Tapinfluence here.
I love sharing travel adventures, tech gadgets, recipes, parenting struggles (success), crafts, helpful tips, giveaways and sweepstakes, product reviews, and more. I've done a few sponsored posts here and there and have had paid sidebar ads on this little blog of mine, but blogging is no where close to being my main source of income. Once you join, which is usually done through an application process, that network will connect you to brands and companies that fit your blog.
It’s an electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or handheld device designed specifically for this purpose. We took our most popular posts and expanded the topic – for example, one of our most popular posts is How To Make 8 Freezer Meals in 1 Hour. When we sold our first eBook, we set up a PayPal account and would manually email the PDF file to each person who purchased it. Yes, I am absolutely talking about bloggers — professional bloggers to be more specific and not hobby bloggers. Or, he quit (sort of) blogging at ProBlogger and is focusing more on webinars, ebooks, podcasts, events, other online businesses, etc. Because almost all the successful blogs started as hobby blogs (except multi-authored commercial blogs).
I started learning and doing and experimenting web 2.0 stuff back in 2004 and eventually became a full-time computer nerd after graduation. Microsoft said they ditched number 9 for a reason and we all will know when we will see it. The process takes a lot of time, money, and effort, so it’s essential to have a plan in place before you even begin.
Your marketing strategy will be influenced by the values and goals outlined in your mission statement.

It can be done of course, but it takes a lot of work which can involve way more time than a normal 40 hour work week. It connects advertisers to writers like you and me to help them advertise a specific product or offer.
Some will even pay you based on traffic directed to their site instead of solely on purchases.
An eBook is such a great way to establish credibility and expertise in your niche (plus a great way to generate some extra income!). Minterest is a digital marketing and technology journal that I founded in 2007 to feed my super curiosity (oh yeah, I’m a solo-blogger). You can use download these wallpapers for free and use them on any operating system or screen size (probably 4K) of your choice. I don’t usually add salsa, I just go with some onions, green bell peppers, pinch of salt, fresh cracked black pepper, garlic powder and some fresh or dry cilantro.
A detailed marketing plan will help define what you want to accomplish with your business as well as put on the correct path to make it happen. Take into consideration your audience’s age, location, gender and other demographics.
There are tons of places you can sign up with, and here is a start to my list of places to make money with your blog. When I'm not blogging, you'll find me spending time with my family, traveling, cooking, geeking out on tech, plotting the next home improvement, create crafts with the kids, and hang with my pitbull Skittles and newest bunny, Bun Bun. So whether you're looking to make it big, or just looking for some extra cash on the side, here are some places to start making money through your blog. Most pay you a set amount which can range anywhere from $20-$200 per post depending on the company.
Most ad networks pay based off the amount of clicks or impressions their ad featured on your blog gets. Affiliate networks are similar, but often ask you to promote a certain product through posting reviews and current offers. All of them were once getting thousands of visits a day (or perhaps an hour) and they’re all going down. Because there should be only one blog that’s exactly like yours and it must be your own blog.
This will help you see your progress as you go and keep you from becoming overwhelmed by the big picture. I’ll continue to update this for you as time goes on, and I do know I am missing places at the moment, but when I sat down to do this my mind drew a blank. Be forewarned that this is not an easy way to make large amounts of money, but on the other hand, it's very easy to get signed up and rolling. Sometimes they're simply text links, and sometimes they ask you to place an ad banner in that specific post. For a small fee each month (usually $5-$10 bucks), they take care of the distribution of each product sold (meaning you can’t have to email each one out yourself) and collect the money via PayPal. Outside of that, I'm equally passionate about the financial markets and I also spend a lot of time doing random things (see random facts about me).
You can even use them to set up an affiliate program and let other people sell your eBook, which is a great way to sell even more. So we have to wait and see what Microsoft will reveal more about their upcoming release of Windows 10 which promises to increase your productivity. The pit is actually quite soft on the outside, so it’s easy to slice through and end up with pieces of pit in your guacamole.
If your avocado isn’t quite soft enough, you can use a hand blender, but a fully ripe avocado is best.
Add a couple tablespoons of salsa, just for a tiny bit of flavor and to make the end result creamier.

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