One of the most important things I have learned about selling crafts online is that the quality of your photos makes a huge difference.
You don’t have to have an expensive camera, or be an expert photographer, to take good photos of your craft products. When you use an inferior camera, you run the risk of not being able to get clear, focused photos.
The best way to ensure that you get really good photos of your crafts is to shoot them in good, direct light. The easiest way to get good lighting for your photos is to take your camera outside on an overcast day. Further, if you want to ensure good lighting but the weather isn’t cooperating, or you need to take photos at night, you can build a light box very inexpensively.
When photographing your craft products, you want your creative work to be the star of the photos. The concept of using a limited number of props in your craft photos goes hand in hand with the simple backgrounds.
For instance, a good prop to use when photographing a handmade ring is a metal ring sizer or a mannequin hand. When you’re selling wearable handmade products, such as scarves and hats, jewelry, or sweaters, you should have these items modeled in your photographs.
You don’t have to hire a professional model to get good photos of your wearable items. Models wearing simple clothes , neutral colors and minimal makeup and jewelry will help to keep the focus on the items you are trying to sell. Once you have taken a good selection of photos, upload them to your computer and use an editing program of your choice to make them even better. With these simple tips, you can easily learn to take great, high quality photos of your craft products. Note: Some links in this post contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase. October 2015 Income Report – How I made $7,495 from my blog even before I added a product line in December…goes to show even if your primary motivation for starting a blog is to sell a product,  you can also earn money many different ways from the content! 12) Letter Crafts – This weekend I was out and about in a nearby small town, and I came across this cute shop that lets individual vendors set up booths and sell their crafty creations. If you give one of these crafts a shot at a local craft fair or flea market, let me know how it goes! Note to bloggers: I will close this linkup once it reaches 50 or more entries, so link away!
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Making stuff yourself is a lot of fun.You might remember when you was young how fun it was to make arts and crafts at school or at home with your family. Lanyards are something that people of any age can do and have a lot of fun at the same time. There are many kinds of lanyards you can make like: plastic lanyard patterns, beaded lanyard patterns, gimp lanyard patterns and so on.
Step 4: Just keep on adding beads and loops like this over and over until you get somewhere around 27-30 inches in length. Step 6: Now just take the last loop you made and pull it through the 3rd loop from the hook end and pull it up nice and tight.
Now that you have made your first output using basic lanyard patterns, you can practice and master it before you move on to the next level.
After you make a few lanyard patterns yourself, you should have a good idea in making one that works for you. Many new craft business owners make the mistake of using lower quality photos because they are in a hurry, don’t own a good camera, or simply are not aware of how much of an influence the photo has on how many things you sell and what prices you can charge. You need to be taking good, clean and attractive photos in order to succeed at selling handmade products online. Basically, you need a camera that will take sharp photos that show off the detail of your work.
Photos with lots of shadows, grainy backgrounds or that are out-of-focus will detract from your work. There are a number of ways that you can accomplish this and you won’t need any fancy or expensive equipment. A slightly cloudy or gray day will give you direct light that’s not too bright or glaring, which usually results in stunning photos. A white windowsill with no curtains or blind makes an ideal place for taking pictures of your crafts.
Shooting photos with a very simple background will ensure that the focus is on your handmade products and not on whatever’s behind or underneath them. Sometimes a prop or two will help enhance a photo and show off an item but other times props just get in the way and distract. Bad props, which might distract the customer from the main attraction, might be other rings that are not for sale in that listing, piles of other jewelry or a full mannequin figure.
This way you can ensure that potential buyers will be focussed solely on the item for sale and not on the props. Being able to see what an item will look like on someone really helps to sell the garment or piece. Brighten photos a little to enhance the colors, especially if they appear different in the photo to how they appear in real life.

Remember to take your photos as seriously, or even more seriously, as you do your descriptions, pricing and everything else involved in selling online. Thanks for supporting my blogging adventures!23kshares Share on Facebook Pin to Pinterest+What's This?
A lot of people have been asking me lately where exactly you should try to sell your crafts online. There were tons of customers going in and out of this place, and I left with something myself.
I write blogs posts about my favorite things, say, the best books I’ve found to encourage my kids to eat veggies. Here are some helpful tips and guidelines on how you can make a simple lanyard with loops and beads.
You might as well list the item for sale without a photo rather than list it with a poor photo, because a poor photo will absolutely discourage a customer from buying. But avoid busy and complicated backgrounds like colorful flower gardens or patterned fabric that might distract customers from the real purpose of the photo.
Think about all the clothing catalogs and Web sites you have used in the past to purchase items. You want your photos to offer the most true-to-life presentation of the product as possible.
I love the fact that you can make something in your spare time (during naptime, while the kids are playing, etc), have fun doing it, and profit from it financially! Join me as I write about fun kids activities, family finances, and losing 50 lbs after baby #3.
Once you got into something really you love, letting it go is something you would never think of. There are basic lanyard patterns and more advanced lanyard patterns for people with more patience and skill in making lanyards. It is one thing to follow someone else’s ideas but it can be a whole lot more fun coming up with nice looking lanyards on your own. With a blog, you are able to push out your images and sales pages to all sorts of platforms, including Facebook and Pinterest.
There are many cool designs out there that you can find online that require more work but better lanyard patterns will surely stand out more. There are millions of people shopping for handmade items, and if you have your own blog, you can call the shots. Lanyard patterns or lanyard designs are very popular in terms of making different accessories from bracelets to necklaces and everything in between.

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