So I finally did a little upkeep, including improving and organizing my Travel Links page (check it out -- it's a compilation of only the best-of-the-best sites that I have found!)  While I was rooting around in there, I ended up finding a couple of helpful pieces about money and financing a trip abroad. 5 Countries to Visit for Under $500 is avery straightforward article with helpful tips if you've never before been to Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Colombia, or Argentina. Price of Travel is a website I just came across yesterday, and I am deciding how I feel.
This is Money is actually a financial website, but this is its helpful subsection on travel. I am always looking for more sites about money -- it is pretty much the top concern I hear about from folks who want to trave more! Supreme Court ruling on campaign money: Are campaign donations free speech under the First Amendment?
Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitCampaign donations are not free speech Campaign donations destroy the democratic process by allowing powerful individuals to control politics. Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitNo, camapign donations should not be considered an expression of free speech.
They say money corrupts, but your favorite candidate will find it difficult to buy a commercial without it. As a result, many people have become concerned with the power that this system can lend to the wealthy.
The most famous legislation meant to uproot financial corruption in political campaigns is the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (BCRA). Although the move to restrict campaign spending might seem like a perfect antidote to corruption, some contend that this cure will make the U.S. Yes, it's a Bain Capital hostile take-over the right, as an author with better metaphors than I once put it. How utterly depressing is the thought of a fall campaign between Barry and Mitt, between fast ruin and slow ruin for the US. Hillary Rodham Clintona??s presidential campaign has been slow to harness the fund-raising power of the Democratic Partya??s legions of grass-roots donors, according to reports filed Wednesday, a weakness that her campaign is racing to combat.
Campaign officials said that operational hurdles and administrative delays also have impeded her outreach to small donors. The 2016 race could be the most expensive in history, in part because of spending by a??super PACs.a?? Legally, the groups cannot coordinate with candidates, but there is plenty of wiggle room.
Relying more heavily on large donors could also present an unwanted contrast not only to other candidates, like Mr. Wednesdaya??s campaign filings underscored not only how small donors have powered insurgent candidates, but how the growing world of super PACs and outside spending have upended conventional measures of fund-raising strength. But super PACs and other outside groups set up by allies or former aides to the Republican candidates have dwarfed the top Democratic super PAC a?? as well as most of the Republican campaigns a?? collectively raising in excess of $200 million and startling some in Mrs.
Jeb Busha??s super PAC, Right to Rise, raised more than $103 million, on top of $11 million raised by his campaign, giving him an effective war chest twice as large as Mrs. The only silver lining, Democrats said, was the knowledge that much of the Republican super PAC money would be used to savage other Republicans, in what is likely to be a long and hard-fought primary campaign. She also has been slow to seize the chance to raise money jointly with the Democratic National Committee. While some Clinton allies say they are not concerned about the campaigna??s potential to excite small donors, the difficulty that Mrs. But an all-out fund-raising blitz, or a campaign built around larger events, could stoke the aura of a??inevitabilitya?? that she is determined to avoid.
As five of the 2016 Republican presidential candidates descended on an exclusive donor conference hosted by the oil-billionaire brothers Charles G.
The candidates who made the pilgrimage to Dana Point, Calif., this weekend to address the gathering of wealthy donors were either pandering to the brothers at one of their twice-yearly seminars (beg-a-thons, in Trump parlance) or simply hoping to woo an influential network of Republicans who could help finance their campaigns through what is shaping up to be a grueling nominating process. Rich donors have emerged as more crucial than ever this election cycle, with the Supreme Courta??s Citizens United decision allowing a tsunami of big money into politics, especially through a??super PACsa?? a?? political organizations that are outside the campaigns but often function as de facto extensions of them.

More than 30 individuals or corporations have given $1 million or more, based on the super PACs that have filed so far. A New York Times analysis found that fewer than 400 families had contributed nearly half the money raised in the 2016 presidential campaign so far, with roughly 130 families and their businesses providing more than half the money that Republican candidates and their super PACs had raised through June. She also said that the news media seemed to worry about the influx of outside money on the Republican side, but not similar donations from liberal hedge-fund billionaires like George Soros, a philanthropist, and Tom Steyer, an environmentalist. Of the six presidential candidates who were invited, only Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky skipped the gathering, citing the demands of the campaign trail. I think that people should be able to express their views and opinions in the form of donating money to a politician who is running on a platform that they agree with, I think that a donation is indeed a form of free speech because you are directly supporting those ideas.
Companies, super PACS, and billionaires represent 90% of campaign funding but are comprised of 1% of voters. A candidate may promise political favors to people or corporations that contribute to his campaign. We're getting our clocks cleaned by a caricature of a man who lies as easily as most of us breath. I’d like to see an ad with him wearing a Pinocchio hat telling one lie after another in his own words (perhaps on Romneycare) and showing his nose growing correspondingly.
This past month, Romney would have 2-3 ads (all negative against Newt) during every commercial. His tactics are do or die, with the dying being done either by himself or by the party he supposedly belongs to. Clintona??s aides and advisers said, of the deliberately low-key approach she has taken on the campaign trail a?? with few of the big rallies and campaign events that can help build voter lists and drive donations a?? along with the challenge in persuading some donors that Mrs. Clintona??s campaign has responded with a new program, the Hillbuilder Initiative, intended to build a more robust online presence and harvest the grass-roots money and enthusiasm that can come with it. Clintona??s campaign has taken in three times more money than any of her Democratic or Republican rivals, according to Federal Election Commission data filed by the 2016 candidates on Wednesday. Under legislation passed in December, the party can accept up to $334,000 from each donor every calendar year a?? 10 times the amount in past years. Clinton has faced presents a paradox of her position as a kind of de facto incumbent in the fight for the Democratic nomination. HeA  criticized fellow Republican presidential candidates for courting donors at a conference hosted by the Koch brothers in California this weekend.
Trump assailed his rivals for behaving like a??puppetsa?? of the Koch brothers, many of the leading Republican candidates a?? including former Gov. Walker addressed the gathering in back-to-back question-and-answer sessions, praising the Koch network and dismissing concerns about the outside money flooding into presidential politics. Walker added, a??and said, a?˜Instead of just being angry about it, leta??s do something about it.a??A a?? On Sunday, Mr.
Money and politics do not mix, and when money becomes a legal expression of your political opinion, the richest begin to have the most influence and the democratic process is destroyed.
This has nothing at all to do with free speech, and it was foolhardy of the Supreme Court to treat this matter as such.
To prevent the rich from gaining a corrupt, aristocratic grip over elections, legislators themselves have stepped up and passed laws limiting how people can make financial contributions and how candidates can raise money.
That is a far smaller proportion than that of her Democratic and Republican rivals who have excited grass-roots donors on the left and right, such as Senators Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Ted Cruz of Texas. The pool of Republican donors willing to write the maximum $2,700 check has grown so large that no Democrat, not even Mrs. Clinton sent out emails in April announcing her presidential bid, a campaign official said, many of the messages bounced back. But the slow start has bewildered some longtime supporters, who recall small-donor enthusiasm as a crucial piece of Mr.
Aside from Martin Oa??Malley, the former Maryland Governor, who reported raising $2 million for his campaign, Mrs.

One leading Democratic donor, who asked not to be identified so as not to damage his relations with Mrs. Without a pitched primary battle a?? like the one she faced against then-Senator Barack Obama eight years ago a?? it is far more difficult for Mrs.
Rubio was asked if he thought the nonprofit 501(c) (4) organization supporting his campaign should have to disclose its donors a?? a question Mr.
All this does is open up the door for the wealthy to have even more power than they already do. United States presidential candidates spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a campaign, and the numbers rise with each election. But BCRA banned soft money -- contributions to political parties for get-out-the-vote initiatives and ads that don't explicitly support a candidate. Some critics argue that since money is a fundamental avenue to getting the word out, limiting it hampers First Amendment rights. Clinton, is likely to be able to match a mainstream Republican nominee on high-dollar fund-raising over the long term.
Fewer than 100,000 of the 2.5 million email addresses collected during her 2008 campaign, it turned out, were still active. Clintona??s allies are struggling to persuade her wealthiest backers to make seven- and eight-figure donations to the group. Clinton has no competition for the Democratsa?? big-donor establishment, which handed out a combined $80 million to a crowded Democratic primary field during the equivalent fund-raising period in 2007, the last open primary. Clinton, estimated that the Democrats could be leaving $60 million to $70 million on the table. Clinton to create urgency among her financial and political base this early in the campaign.
Scott Walker of Wisconsin a?? found themselves trying to walk the fine line between courting the brothersa?? vast wealth and not coming across as their marionettes. The candidates were not shy about flattering the gathered donors, some of whom are already financing their campaigns or super PACs.
Rubio largely skirted, but one that seemed relevant to the crowd, as the Koch network takes steps to avoid disclosing many of its donors. How much a candidate has -- or can get hold of -- can make or break his chances of winning.
In the spirit of putting our money where our mouth is, let's find out how money can amount to free speech.
Do I really want to replace him with another, just because he fakes an "R" behind his name? I am really becoming concerned that we are trading one Obama for another Obama, or even worse to keep the current Obama. In 2012, President Obama and his party were able to match the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, only by raising far more money than Mr. The campaign did not gain access to a huge list of supporters, built over two years at substantial expense by a pro-Clinton a??super PAC,a?? Ready for Hillary, until a month and a half after Mrs. Clinton has attended 46 fund-raisers since she entered the campaign, many of them for donors giving the largest possible check.
Clinton over all a?? about $15 million, including money transferred from his Senate account a?? about four-fifths of that amount came from smaller donors.
I had already planned on donating to Allen West and Bill Posey (our representative), and there is only so much money to go around.

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