Project Management Tools to Boost Small Business Productivity You are using an outdated browser. Though Building Markets environmental impact is very small, certain businesses we help grow can have tremendous impact on Liberia’s environment. The event will feature presentations and training sessions led by a variety of organizations and companies, which will teach businesses about the way those entities approach environmental issues. The event will also mark the official launch of Building Markets’ USAID Sustainable Marketplace Initiative Liberia’s (SMI-L) Environmental Awareness training modules. With the help of the EPA and Winrock International, SMI-L developed a second Environmental module for businesses in sectors that have a medium or high impact on the environment. Running a business that is environmentally sound is important to businesses that want to expand and turn a profit. Building Markets is looking forward to a high-energy and interactive event where local SMEs can go green, find new business opportunities, and keep Mama Liberia clean. Here are some ideas of things you can do to run a smart—and influential—mini marketing campaign that might even change the way you reach your clients in the future.
Recontact past leads whom you’ve spoken to, that have for whatever reason, in a friendly way, turned you down in the past. Stacy Zemon is internationally considered a leading authority and leader in the DJ industry.
Stacy’s work as a Writer, Author and Publisher have enabled her to spawn the largest number of DJ business owners in the world! Stacy is also the Founder & President of DJ Video Network – Internet TV for DJs, by DJs. Her mission is to provide educational resources for DJs that support their professional growth and financial prosperity. To keep the backsplash tile and grout lines looking great and for easy cleanup of grease or tomato sauce splatters, the tile can be sealed prior to grouting and on an ongoing basis.

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January 14, 2015 by Cheryl Lynch Simpson Have you designed your career vision yet for 2015? Whether you are already in a job you love, positioning yourself for a promotion, planning a career change, or architecting an executive job search, a career vision will help you set and achieve the goals that will get you there. As my gift to you, I’m giving away this simple yet effective planner to get you started. While development often comes with an environmental price tag, this doesn’t have to be the case for Liberia. These sectors include agriculture, automotive, construction, heavy machinery and equipment, manufacturing, oil and gas, business consulting services, food and beverages, dry cleaning, and waste management.
Many international companies and organizations operating in Liberia have environmental standards that they, and the businesses they work with, must meet.
Organizations and companies that are looking for businesses in the high impact sectors mentioned above will be present to meet new businesses to work with.
If people have called you to inquire about your DJ services but have not booked with you, it’s always good to call those people back and re-pitch them (time line permitting). Answer the 20 questions contained in the vision planner by filling out the worksheet, then use your brainstormed ideas to craft your vision for 2015. This module goes into more depth and helps businesses find specific ways they can cut down on their negative environmental impact. When Liberian business owners know and adhere to these standards, they become more attractive to do business with.

These buyers adhere to international and internal environmental standards so it’s important for SMEs to have face-time with such companies to better understand their needs.
They’ve already expressed interest in you, they may or may not have been in research mode when you spoke. If you’re not goal-directed, then nothing I can say will convince you that goals are powerful. Building Markets is trying to bring awareness to the business community about environmental issues with an “Go Green” awareness, training and matchmaking event. Helping Liberian businesses find new opportunities – whether green or otherwise – is what Building Markets does best.
These strategies for increasing your brand influence take hardly any time, and very little money. But if you are a goal-driven person, then you need a career plan with a year-by-year vision.
These questions are all answered in the first environmental training module, which is included in SMI-L’s general procurement training. Such a vision harnesses your hopes, clarifies your intentions, and focuses your energies on the achievements that matter most to you. Use Facebook or blog comments to start a relevant conversation where, at some point, your product can play a role. There are many tools available in the market like basecamp, proofhub, trello, asana, teamwork and many more.Reply Add a New Comment Click here to cancel reply. People will happily talk about things that are interesting to them, and brands are not interesting.

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