Lynn Rose is a TV Host and Celebrity Media Trainer, speaking or performing for hundreds of thousands of people around the world. This comprehensive package includes over 12 DVD’s and mp3 audios that will create the shift to have a WOW breakthrough to YOU speaking fearlessly, authentically and powerfully to magnetize your ultimate ABUNDANCE in all areas of your life and create life-changing impact. Your Defining Moment – 15 minute Daily (or weekly) Process THE Visioning Process that has you connect to the power of who you really are, with out all the walls, without the fears and fully standing in your power, fully connecting with your audiences, or those around you, in full confidence, alive, on fire for life and the feeling of having achieved a Defining Moment that is part of your biggest VISION for yourself that you now LIVE inside of.
LIVE Coaching in Process Part 1 and Part 2 – Learn from seeing the transformation and how it happened before your very eyes.  What tools might YOU use that you can implement next time you speak?
LIVE In Person Coaching and On Camera Coaching – See an actual On Camera session, shooting Shawn (the gal in the Before and Afters) and how we got her from Hopeless to Hallelujah (and anyone else might have deemed her truly a hopeless case). An ENTIRE One on One Coaching Session via Skype See how a client in Italy got his coaching (via SKYPE) that within that one hour transformed him from a boring, monotone, dead presence to one full of life, engaging and compelling!
WOW Distinctions – personally taught on the spot by Lynn Rose Learn about The 3 C’s that are the ESSENTIALS you must know to be a powerful speaker and make the impact you want to make whenever you open your mouth.

The Amazing WOW Shifter – This ONE tool and distinction can have you know how to shift any disempowering thoughts in an instant so you’re no longer held back in any particular moment and how you can eliminate fear or doubts that does a harmonious dance with them where YOU are empowered so that you’re always at your best, no matter what you’re facing. All of us – even the most talented – get stuck from time to time and can’t breakthrough a creative block. These hypnotic audio CD’s work on numerous levels, which include building confidence, generating new ideas and motivating you to maximize your creative and artistic potential.
No matter what type of creative inspiration you are looking for – in the arts, business or your personal life- Hidden Wisdom will set into motion a series of new ideas that will change the quality of your life in a very positive way. She has shared the stage with well-known celebrities ranging from Mariah Carey, Sheryl Crow and Jay Leno to Paula Abdul, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins and more. Formula – The 5 Essentials for POWERFUL speaking that will make you Unforgettable and Unstoppable EVERY time you go to speak, whether that’s with clients, an audience or in front of the camera -even in your relationships!
Here you’ll see how fear, stiffness, over-seriousness, being stuck in your head and more is obliterated and how you can show up powerful, playful, connected and amazingly compelling.

This demonstrates the power of pushing through and letting yourself explore and what happens when you give yourself permission to break FREE. Many tricks and tips are included throughout this session that you can see happen IN ACTION! Lloyd Glauberman’s revolutionary HPP (Hypno- Peripheral Processing) method to remove unconscious blocks and allow new ideas to breakthrough into consciousness. The changes you experience will be spontaneous and fluid as you seamlessly integrate these new creative patterns into your life.

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