According to a research carried out by British scientists, brain training games do not increase overall brain power. After 6 weeks of study, researchers found that players did not register any improvements in overall reasoning, memory or visuo-spatial abilities. Scientists asked the study participants to do brain training exercises for at least 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week for 6 weeks.
The tests, which researchers performed before and after the study, unveiled that not one participant registered a boost in the ability to perform daily tasks, though some volunteers got better at playing certain individual games. A mostly free game, it does have the ability to upgrade and pay a monthly membership, works on your English and math skills through games focused on Reading, Writing, Listening, and Math. This game focuses more on memory, attention, problem solving, mental agility, and Language skills with its mini games. Lumosity is a big brain training site and App for both Apple and Smart Phone, and one of the most known sites for its training. An Apple app that features 5 free game categories; it has many different ways to upgrade, from paying and getting new stuff that way, to collecting tokens which can be used to purchase new games and packs.
An Apple app that works on your reading skills, to train you to memorize, read faster, and ignore distractions while working. In a study, set up by BBC, 11,430 participants took part, being examined by scientists who asked the participants to play brain training computer games. It is worth mentioning that the video games developed for the study were designed by researchers from the Medical Research Council and the Alzheimer's Society. All of the volunteers were split in three brain training groups: one group trained reasoning powers, planning and problem-solving capabilities, the other played video games developed to train memory, attention, visuo-spatial and mathematical skills and participants from the third group were asked to do web-browsing that did not aim any particular cognitive skills. A lot of fascinating things are taking place every day around the globe and we welcome you to this world. When you’re in the mood to play a game, you can — all you have to do is open an app and start playing.Brain-training games capitalize on the ease with which we game by offering a wealth of puzzles and problems that can be played for hours or merely minutes at a time.
This game is free to download on Apple and Smart Phone, however you only get 3 games to play until you upgrade to the monthly membership.
It is a lot like Lumosity since it does require you to pay their membership after five sessions of playing, however this one has different games and is less known than Lumosity.

It has significantly different games compared to the other applications, which at least look much more difficult.
The objective is to connect the train to its station without hitting any other trains, easy right?
Simple interface that is free to Apple and Smart Phone holders it uses colour to get your mind moving. Your memory starts slipping or your reflexes waver, or even your English skills aren’t as good as before.
It has a bunch of mini games that focus on different areas and it tracks your progress, it is true that it doesn’t feel like brain training; just random games.
There are so many benefits with playing games like this, they seem easy but it helps workout your brain and helps with your problem solving. It is really easy at the beginning and gets harder as it goes but the game is just supposed to be fun for your brain. The app is free to its users but has courses that you may have to purchase as you progress.
First, it turns out that a lot of the scientific claims supporting the idea that brain-training games make you smarter are based on flawed studies and limited evidence that have been called into question by objective scientists.However, these same objective scientists have not widely doubted the effectiveness of brain-training games in preventing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.Why not? This is more of “I’m bored and want something to do” type of game as its sole purpose is to be a ‘connect the dot’ game. If you’re looking to transform yourself into the next Einstein, playing brain-training games may be a fool’s errand. LumosityFree in the iOS Store and Android Play Store, Lumosity offers an ever-expanding set of cognitive and scientific games designed to improve your working memory and stimulate your brain on a daily basis.
Part of what these games are designed to do is strengthen your ability to pay attention to the right things — that is, the things that help you solve the task at hand — while learning to ignore things that don’t help. Lumosity is one of the most popular brain-training games out there, used by more than 60 million people worldwide.2. DakimSelf-described as a “brain fitness program,” Dakim offers users a set of games and puzzles designed to help you give your brain a comprehensive workout. The program gives you access to more than 100 individual brain exercises, all designed to improve attention and concentration — in other words, the very kind of mental tasks that have been demonstrated to play a role in preventing Alzheimer’s and related symptoms.

Clevermind Find Senior Living Near You Request Info Different from many brain-training games in that it’s specially designed for people already suffering from Alzheimer’s, Clevermind goes beyond merely a collection of games.
As any caregiver can tell you, managing someone with Alzheimer’s goes far beyond just giving them mental exercise.
To this end, Clevermind features social, medical, and dietary tools, all presented in an easy-to-read interface that also has a digital assistant who speaks in a Siri-like voice. Fit Brains TrainerFit Brains Trainer helps you “enhance your memory, focus, and brain speed” by giving you access to more than 360 games and puzzles.
The app is smartly designed to get more difficult as you get better, so that you always have a challenge in front of you and are never wanting for a way to give your brain a positive workout.
Cognifit Brain FitnessAvailable for free in the iTunes store, Cognifit Brain Fitness gives users access to a wide variety of fun, well-designed games designed by neuroscientists. As a user, you have the ability to track progress and even start off with a cognitive assessment. If you’re feeling competitive, you can challenge your friends, too, which is not only fun, but can help you finally prove to your pals that you’re the smartest of the lot.6. Brain TrainerAvailable in free and Pro versions on Google Play and iTunes, this widely used app offers one of the largest collections of brain-training games available — language games, math games, speedy shape games and a load more (including, of course, Sudoku). Brain MetrixA free web service that helps you “train your brain,” Brain Metrix offers a large collection of concentration, color, IQ, spatial intelligence, memory, and creativity games that can help get your brain in tip-top shape. If you have an interest in playing the type of games that strengthen your brain’s fitness in ways that can help prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia, then Brain Metrix has games and tasks that fit the bill.8. By employing a technique called “spaced repetition,” the Eidetic app helps you learn and remember all manner of interesting words and facts.
I’ve not tried them all but some are also interrupted by intrusive adverts which can fox and confuse some dementia sufferers and their carers too some of which are not computer savvy.
I was trying to find a tile matching game and most of them were asking for very sensitive data and account access and they were designed with little children in mind for the better part.

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