Brain-training applications, and the science behind them, can sharpen your memory, raise your IQ and help improve your focus so that you can stay on task. Eidetic focuses on a particular area that everyone could use some help with as they grow older: memory. Fit Brains is a project by Rosetta Stone, the company famous for its language-learning software.
Connected Rogers™ is a trademark of Rogers Publishing Limited or an affiliate, used under license. July 23, 2014 By Billa Leave a Comment As the saying goes, all fun and no brain made Johnny a lame lad.
Elevate Brain Training is an app which offers 16 individual brain training games and complies them into a neat package. Adaptive difficulty progression is there to make sure your experience is always challenging. The app is clearly one of the best brain training apps for Android when it comes to flexibility, attention and problem solving games.
The randomly generated lists make sure you are never bored with the game and every instance of the game is unique. The sandbox and free build modes are amazing at allowing you full creative freedom and relaxation at the same time. There are a lot of games in Fit Brains Trainer which focus multiple genres of mental development and up keeping. TED is not strictly among the brain training apps for Android list but it allows you to think. Listening to some of the best minds in the business allows you to gain better perspective of the world you live in.
The 10 best brain training apps for Android work extremely effectively when two or more are combined. About BillaBilla shares knowledge about Android apps and technology in exchange for the right to play video games whenever he wants to.
Brain+ Brain Training (Free) by Brain+ is a brain training app that attempts to improve memory, attention, and problem solving skills. The first thing I noticed with Brain+ that greatly differs from other brain training programs is that, rather than just including exercises, Brain+ actually includes activities that feel much more game-like than exercise oriented.
The three included games in Brain+ are each for improving attention, memory, and problem solving skills. The second is called Remember Me?, and this one is quite difficult, but interesting to play at the same time. The final included game is called Fresh Frog, and will force you to problem solve by getting a frog to his princess as quickly as possible.
Your progress and accuracy within each game will be used to calculate the number of BrainPoints (BP) that you have in each area including Attention, Memory, and Problem Solving each day, so you can see how these skills have improved over time. All of the included games in Brain+ can be played as part of the daily training program which you set up within the app, or on their own in the Free Play section. If you’re looking for an inexpensive brain training program in an app that you can carry with you on your iPhone, Brain+ may seem like the right answer.
To try out the majority of its features for free, you can find Brain+ Brain Training on the App Store as a universal download.
Brain puzzles and games are very popular, you can find people typically exercising their brains with puzzle books, Sudoku from newspapers and tricky brain board games. With the advance development of  technology combined research in neurology, you are able to download various different apps, instead of having the hassle to carry a book or sit uncomfortably on the tube with a pen getting jogged by passengers, you can download your favourite puzzle games straight onto your mobile. One of the most popular Brain Apps is Lumosity this App is split into different sections of three games. Another App called CogniFit Brain Fitness was developed by neuroscientists and focuses on improving memory and concentration with fun and addictive games. Not all the Brainy Apps are for free as some have monthly costs or if they are free they are restricted to a limited amount of puzzles. An award winning app called Relieflink created by Dr.Kaslow, is a app for suicide prevention and can be used as a general mood tracker.
Another App we recommend is Happify this is a great app to have to improve, control and help conquer your negative thoughts, this app can really help you cope with stress and empathize. The brain works in many ways and is a very powerful muscle which should be exercised and stimulated. About UsAs a leading provider of business telephone deals and office phone systems to small and medium sized enterprises across the UK, we pride ourselves on a service which specialises in working closely with each of our clients.

Their service offers over 40 games to improve mental skills, such as memory, mental flexibility and problem solving. It uses a technique called spaced repetition, which tests and refreshes your ability to remember a set of facts or numbers over a growing period of time.
It also focuses on an area that is both useful and not covered by many similar apps: attention. The app tracks your progress across different areas, such as memory, concentration, speed, logic and language. The app comes with games to hone your visual and spatial skills, language processing, arithmetic, logic and memory. Elevate is among the best brain training apps for Android because of its extremely user friendly interface and actual brain teasing exercises.
This is especially recommended for those who lack advanced cognitive skills and fail to make simple connections in daily life. The paid version allows you to enjoy more challenge levels, controllable vehicles and mini games.
To keep things interesting and disabling you from simple opening the door and waltzing out, the game introduces complex puzzles. The app combines the easiest and most enjoyable brain training apps which are scientifically designed to provide a brain stimulating experience. It is a healthy practice to learn from the best and gain knowledge, expanding your mental horizons in the process. Including cartoon graphics, these games are designed in a way that make it harder to pick out what the exercise is, which I think is definitely a good thing. The first one, called Captain’s Challenge, is all about paying attention to where obstacles are on the water, and the items your captain will have to collect. Over the course of six minutes, you will be introduced to various individuals, and will have to remember many small details about them. Also, if you want access to more than six minutes of playtime per day and upcoming features, the Brain+ PLUS! Having these apps on your phone allows you to access them anywhere you are, you could be on a plane, passenger in the car or just walking in the park training your brain everyday. The App focuses on training and testing your memory, attention, problem solving, processing speed.
This App is also free and the entertainment and fun you get from it, it has to be one of the most entreating one out of them all, in this app its very diverse in what you want to work on and really tests how strong your brain is. Personal Zen is another brain App however this app isn’t really the same as the other ones, in this app players follow to animated characters, one is very friendly while the other one is angry. This App has all the essentials needed to help make this happen, the app uses fundamentals of positive psychology and really does help achieve the goal you want to achieve and keeps the user smiling and its free.
There are many parts of the brain and different puzzles and brain games work on different sections.
Lumosity also collaborates with neuroscientists at a variety of universities on a project called the Human Cognition Project, which serves as the basis for the design of their games.
What sets this app apart is that allows users to determine which facts they want to remember.
The app’s games have a variety of levels to focus on your particular needs; the games grow more difficult as your ability improves. I used to be sharp and quick-witted but the tedious nature of the daily grind tends to make your brain a little rusty. That’s not all though, unlike other apps, Elevate allows you to customize your daily brain exercise experience.
I personally rank Lumosity a clear equal to the number one app on our list as it provides similar results via different experiences. The app basically allows you to make simple mechanical structures to move around and play with.
The premise of this brain teasing game is simple; you add numbers up until you get a tile with 2048 on it. Alchemy is one of the unique brain training apps for Android, since it isn’t strictly a brain straining app. The app allows you to keep your brain sharp with just minutes of daily activity and it works. Other than unlimited playtime, any actual difference in features or available games and exercises is yet to come.

The app really works on your visual scanning on how you notice things and also your attention, speed and time. The game reduces anxiety by training your brain to focus more on the positive side rather than the negative. This App really organises your day and keeps track of your moods and was very useful to find nearby help for you if things get very bad.
The different variety of the brainy apps allows different users to choose what type of mind games they like to play so they are not restricted to certain puzzles.
The app, which consistently receives five-star reviews, is free with a subscription to Lumosity.
Students can put away their flash cards and, instead, enter facts and dates for their next test as a study tool.
The app tracks progress and provides analysis on where you are improving, and which areas still need work. Also available within the app are a variety of “brain food” recipes that are meant to promote mental health via nutrition. The app boldly claims that it is designed by neuroscientists who incorporated a unique brain training approach. The free play mode eases the tension a bit, but if you want a real challenge, I recommend the Time Trial modes. That’s not all though, you will also need to find hidden objects like keys and tools. The personalized training sessions combines with virtual tools help you increase your brain’s output. We have listed physical training apps before and now it’s time we make you a much smarter person, both mentally and physically. This will remove the daily limit, and will guarantee access to future games and features being currently developed for PLUS! The developers of the App say that just one session a day can really help improve mental skills. We found the App to be very relaxing and really get your mind off other things and just to relax your mind and I can say it really works and the app Is free of charge.
The App has other great features as well such as safety planning and reminders to help you stress less if you got too much on your plate this app would help you keep organised.
If you have a hard time remembering your family members’ birthdays or phone numbers, Eidetic will help you memorize them so they are always at hand. The app allows you to select from three fundamental brain activities: focus, memory and brevity, making it the most versatile app in the list. With deep seated foundations in the study of neuroplasticity, the brain games in the app improve core cognitive and forcing abilities. You can attach electrical batteries to cables and then attach them to a motor to make a functioning car. Clean and vibrantly colored graphics may put you off from trying the game, but believe me, it is a hardcore puzzle game. All you need to do is combine stuff to make new amazing stuff and then combine some more to make even more stuff. The app also utilizes an adaptive learning system that automatically increases the difficulty according to your own personal level. The App is actually free on the apple iTunes store and we found it to be very fun and enjoying to play, there is so many different games to train your memory and you can really challenge your brain but have fun with it at the same time. Users can also determine the length of time they have to memorize things, from a day to a month.
The app shows colorful patchworks which are built from hundreds of little things and you have to find one among them.
While the app does get a little frustrating when you are stuck (I recommend changing perspective), it is immensely rewarding to find that one pesky spoon.

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