Moving Illusons are static images where you can see illusory motion due to color contrasts and shape position. Valentine pictures for all illusion lovers should include the following moving hearts (by Anh Pham). Do you like these brain teasers and wish to bookmark them on your Google +1 or Facebook profile?
I have to admit that I’m a lover of the English language, and a good word brain teaser can just suck me right in!

The paragraph above is so unusual, because it does not contain the letter E, which is the most common letter in the English language.
If you liked this word brain teaser, head over and see if you can solve this math brain teaser! The whole thing is pretty self-explanatory; just read the directions and try to figure out why this paragraph is so unusual. Try writing more than a few sentences without the letter E, and you’ll see what I mean.

I have little time for the fun wordy stuff these days, but I still love a good word puzzle from time to time.

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