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Optical illusions are amazing images that are visually perceived differently from the reality.
From fun to silly, easy to extremely difficult, these witty Riddleswill surely entertain you and your kids for hours!Simply tap on the answer to reveal the answer. In some optical illusions changing the viewpoint continuously makes static pictures seem to be moving. Provide an option for to practice your own answers as application will present your with Riddles.

You can think of his answer then compare how his answer is different from our answer.SAMPLE QUESTIONSQ.
In such cases even objects on the same leveled surface look like they have different height levels. Optical illusions are fun exercises for your brain and they check your brain’s perception level.
In addition, once completed correctly, no row nor column will contain a duplicate number within a white square. If 'it was Brian' is true, then we know the other statement is false, therefore it was Edward.

Hence we now know it wasn't Brian, nor Edward (as 'it wasn't Edward' must be the true statement). Edward's statement gives us that it wasn't Derek, which leaves only Charlie as the culprit.

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