This site contains handmade Logic and Sudoku puzzles by the best puzzle creators for the puzzle lovers of all age groups. I say is as Funny Brain Teaser, but this is one of the craziest brain teaser I've ever seen. Finding the faces hidden in the given pictures makes a very good puzzle, which will keep one busy for quite some time. Optical Illusion is something which deceives the eyes and mind by appearing to be different than what it is in reality. Our brain is composed to many different parts and each part of brain is responsible for performing one or the another work. Finding the number of Triangles and Squares in the given pictures is quite good visualization Fun Puzzles.
Easy brain teasers answers - spelling words , You'll love these brain teasers with answers for practice in spelling, vocabulary and thinking!

Brain teasers pedagonet, Brain teasers for teachers parents and school, logic puzzles, brain stimulus and exercises. Puzzles brain teaser worksheets, Printable puzzles brain teaser worksheets promote logical critical thinking skills..
Brain teaser worksheet 2 - worksheets, lesson plans, A brain teaser great deal street smarts.. Promises - brain teaser - pedagonet, Brain teaser week brain teasers stimulate brain cells. In this paragraph even the first and last letters of the words are not in place and still you mind will be able to read it without any problem!!!
If your mind is able to read the previous two paragraphs then you should not have any problem reading this paragraph too.
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If the first and last letters of the word are correct then our mind will be able to fill the gap between these letters with prior knowledge of the word  and you will be able to read that word correctly even without thinking about it.
If not, then step backward to read it from a distance and I am sure that you will be able to read it.

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