Now that the World didn’t end on 12-21-2012, I guess I’ll pick your brain with some more mind teasers!
Below are 6 Fun and Easy, and of course FREE, Brain Teasers from none other than Jewelry Secrets! The solution is easy once you realize that the boxes and stars pertain to the letters below. So guys can you tell me why these 3 fat women did not get wet being under a small umbrella?? Try any of our whatsapp math puzzles with answers and see if you can find the answer yourself. And if for some reason they stump you… Answers and Solutions are at the end of the post.

The Jeweler brought out a bunch of Pendants and told Marge that he believes 2 of them are identical matches.
All but two of them are White Gold, all but two of them are Yellow Gold and all but two of them are Platinum. Whatsapp puzzle, Brain teaser, riddles for kids are puzzling but answers can bring smiles to your faces and also make you sit up and think in various different ways. Here we have collected whatsapp math puzzles with answers so that you can easily solve these whatsapp emoticons puzzles and you can boost up your mind.Here you will also get mind puzzles, word puzzles, mind puzzles for kids, free number puzzles, best brain teasers questions with answers.
John needed to divide the sheet into 4 equal and identical sections so that all the Jewelers would be happy. In this page we have also cover math brain teasers for adults mind puzzles games, brain twister, whatsapp hindi movie quiz last but not the list funny brain teasers and answers.

Any resemblance to real persons, dead or alive, or other real-life entities, past or present, is purely coincidental. The Salesperson looked at the note for a minute, then looked back at Mike who just winked at him.
All information provided in this website is for general information only and is not official information from any source. Try whatsapp Online quiz games messages, interesting mathematical puzzles with answers, puzzles for whatsapp,whatsapp questions and answers funny riddles for whatsapp, whatsapp dares sms messages here.

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